Review: BONVIVANT Sheet Mask Fiber 101 Kit from Memebox


You know, I was never really a huge fan of sheet masks until I’d fully plunged myself into Asian skincare a little under a year ago. Now I’m addicted. These things are probably the single best part of my routine, leaving my skin so incredibly hydrated and fresh.

They can get expensive, though. This was my initial issue with sheet masking. It wasn’t very wallet friendly. And if you’re an every day masker, that can be a routine that costs you anywhere from $30-100+ every month, depending on what kinds of masks you’re using, and that doesn’t even include the rest of your skincare!

I amĀ so not the kind of person who wants to spend that kind of money, so I look for the best masks I can get at the cheapest price point possible. Continue reading “Review: BONVIVANT Sheet Mask Fiber 101 Kit from Memebox”


Merry Christmas to Me!

Every year, the holiday season provides the opportunity to get some good deals on some great makeup. On top of the sales, there are value sets that include deluxe samples and minis and even full sizes. Expensive products become more affordable. It’s a great opportunity to expand your collection. There’s a healthy chunk of my own collection that is made up of these sets.

This year, I decided to go with a palette set and some lip colors, and while a few of these are no longer available, I thought it’d be nice to talk about my thoughts on these. (I also got a free Urban Decay Naked 3 palette with my VIB coupon and a Swagbucks gift card, but you guys have probably seen enough of those reviews.) Continue reading “Merry Christmas to Me!”