Beauteque Mask Maven May 2017 Review


Now well into July, believe it or not I’m just now finishing up the May bag from Mask Maven. As I mentioned in my review for the April bag, Beauteque has started shipping out their bags on the last day of the month, so my May bag didn’t arrive until about halfway through June, and my June bag arrived just this week. Add to that, I’m saving reviews until after I’ve actually had the opportunity to try all of the masks.

Each Mask Maven comes with a pretty sheer drawstring bag and a sheet detailing the masks included that month. You’ll get anywhere from 9-11 masks (usually sheet masks, though there can occasionally be some variation) to the tune of $15 plus shipping. If you live in the U.S., your total will come to about $18.95. If you’re interested in subscribing to Mask Maven (or their beauty box subscription), you can do that here. Continue reading “Beauteque Mask Maven May 2017 Review”

May 2016 Ipsy Review

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It’s that time again! Normally I do a reveal, but this time Ipsy threw me a bit of a curve ball with sample sizes on their listings, so I wanted to be a little more sure of what I was getting before I tossed this up. I’ll explain in a little more detail below.

May’s theme is “Destination Chic.” These bags come in a variety of colors according to spoilers. I’ve seen red, blue, purple (above), and pink. I got the purple one. These aren’t the usual zipper closure bags, and I’m happy to have something different with the button closure. That said, I’m a little worried my makeup will spill out of it. I guess we’ll find out. This is also waterproof, which makes it nice for traveling. Ipsy has sent waterproof bags before, but I just felt like it was worth mentioning. Continue reading “May 2016 Ipsy Review”

December Julep Unboxing & Review

20151205_145113Julep Maven is fairly new for me. I’ve only be subscribing since August, but they’ve already gotten me hooked with a few of their products. I did just finish raving about them in my November favorites. I like that it can be either customized or skipped from month to month. I can even choose to gift it, and it’s an affordable way to grab some otherwise pricey products. A box of three items that you can customize pretty much any way you want is $24.99. The face cleansing oil that I like, for example, costs $28 by itself at full price. Just one of those pays for the box all by itself. Their nail treatments are about $18 at Sephora. By snagging them in my Maven boxes, I get them for about $8 each. Continue reading “December Julep Unboxing & Review”