Tide Ultra Stain Release Free

Full Disclosure: Influenster sent me a free sample of this stuff to try out and review. That said, I’m not being paid for this review, and all opinions are my own.

As I mentioned yesterday, a nifty new VoxBox full of fun things to try showed up on my doorstep. These aren’t beauty items, but I’ve not necessarily limited myself to that, so I thought I’d go ahead and review them here as well as in other places. So here’s the sample I posted over on my Instagram:

Here’s the claim, lifted straight from the product description on Target’s website:

Tide Ultra Stain Release FREE is supercharged with specially formulated ingredients to help remove up to 99% of everyday stains; including greasy food stains. Our new addition to the Tide Plus Collection delivers superior stain-fighting power and is free of dyes and perfumes so it is gentle on sensitive skin.

We have formulated it with HE Turbo Clean technology for 6X the cleaning power in half the time. Unlike many HE compatible detergents that can slow machines down with over-sudsing, this turbo-charged formula quickly collapses suds and targets tough stains. So you can be sure you save time without sacrificing results. Tide Ultra Stain Release FREE HE Turbo Clean works with all regular and high efficiency washing machines.

Tide Ultra Stain Release FREE Liquid Laundry Detergent comes with Zap! Cap, a unique pretreat cap with scrubbing bristles that bring a deep-down pre-treat option. As part of the Tide Plus Collection, it gives you the amazing Tide clean you expect plus more of what you love!

I don’t know about the HE claims. I honestly don’t pay that much attention to these things. I just want to know if my clothes will be clean or not. I also don’t care one way or another if it has perfumes. (Dyes are another story, as they can ruin my clothes sometimes.) Stain-fighting… Well, we’re going to see just how accurate that claim is.

I really wish they’d sent me a bigger sample so that I could test out pretreating with the product and such. Since I only had this little packet, I decided to be downright evil.

I put my daughter in a white shirt that I got for $1 at the local Dollar Tree and then told her to get it as dirty as possible. I had her roll down a hill and slide belly-first down her slide. Once it was pretty dirty, I took it off of her, and we did some more damage to it. We took it back out into the yard and stomped it into the grass really good. (I’m pretty sure there might be a little dog poop on there, too. I honestly don’t know) We poured pretty much every liquid we could find on there, including Kool-aid and grape juice and a little salsa. I also added bacon grease to the mix.

Now, I didn’t let everything set, but I didn’t give it the benefit of a pre-treat or oxy boost, either. And since I decided to add my running clothes that had been marinading in my laundry pile for three days, this perfume-free detergent wasn’t going to get any help from fabric softener. I wanted to see just how well this worked and if it got rid of the smell all on its own.

So here’s the results:

2015-10-07 12.36.27

It looks like Tide got everything except for the grass– which I think could be taken care of with a pre-treat. Not bad at all. And the running clothes? They didn’t smell like anything but clean clothes. I’ve got to admit I’m a little impressed, because I was really trying to make this not work. If Tide sends me more samples (or, more likely, when I end up using the nice coupon they sent me), I’ll probably unleash some supervillain-like abuse and let the stains set to test this further.

In all, I thought it was a good product. Is it an exceptional product? Well, I’ve gotten similar results from other laundry detergents in the past. I managed to keep a lot of my daughter’s old clothes in pristine condition so that they could be passed down, and that was before this product existed. I’ve used all kinds of detergents, some of which were Tide detergents.

This is a little pricey, though, compared to regular detergents, and I honestly like having some scent to my laundry detergent. If I get this, I’ll probably get the regular as opposed to the “free” version, and it will probably be reserved for those times when I have some tough stains to deal with.

But Tide does go on sale a lot at the stores around me, and I get a lot of coupons for them that I can stack on top of sales, so while I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase it, I’ll definitely buy it when that opportunity inevitably comes along.