Sephora Play! August 2017 Unboxing


This is going to be a fairly short review/unboxing post because I’ve actually already gotten my September box and am ready to write that review up, but then I realized that I forgot to write up my thoughts on August. (I blame “back to school.”) Continue reading “Sephora Play! August 2017 Unboxing”

Unboxing: PLAY! BY SEPHORA The All-Star Edition


August has been a really good month for my makeup and skincare addiction. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but in any case, I’ve spent some money this month, and I’ve gotten some pretty good stuff. I had a spectacular e.l.f. haul, which added to some brand new essences and first cleansers, which I can’t wait to test out. I got the Naked Heat palette and discovered my love for red and orange eyeshadows. My Sephora Play box for August (which will be reviewed shortly) had some fabulous items that I loved and had a retail value of over $50.

And then there was this. This is only the second time I’ve seen Sephora offer a super special Play box (no subscription required), and the last one was only available to Rouge members. This one is now available to anyone who wants to buy it. I didn’t get the last one because I wasn’t too excited about the products they mentioned. (Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is okay, but it smells weird on me after a while. Plus, it included a second perfume sample.)

This time, I saw mention of a Tom Ford makeup product, which is a WHOLE other situation, in addition to skincare products from two brands I adore AND a bonus Victor & Rolf fragrance (and I knew what it had to be), and snatched one up on Tuesday. It was on my porch the next day– not my typical Flash shipping experience lately, and I’m definitely not complaining. Continue reading “Unboxing: PLAY! BY SEPHORA The All-Star Edition”

Sephora Play! July 2017 Unboxing


Yay! Another Sephora Play box is here!

For anyone who might be wondering what this is, it’s one of the many beauty box subscriptions out there, this one being from Sephora. So as you’d expect, it features deluxe samples of products sold by Sephora. It’s nice in particular if you’re like me and have been around the block a bit with other subscriptions, and you want to see familiar premium brands. Honestly, I like discovering new products, but after a while I did start to yearn for something I was more likely to actually buy, and since I’m a frequent Sephora shopper (a little more than I’d like to admit), this is perfect for me. If you think it might be for you, I’ll provide some info on how to subscribe below. Continue reading “Sephora Play! July 2017 Unboxing”

Sephora Play! June 2017 Unboxing


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Sephora Play! April 2017 Unboxing


Sephora Play! March 2017 Unboxing


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Sephora Play! February 2017 Unboxing


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Sephora Play! January 2017 Unboxing


I think I looked forward to this more than anything once the reveals went up, and I started to get nervous because quite a few folks ended up getting theirs broken. Thankfully, mine was intact. This is a nicely moisturizing tinted balm, and it comes in two shades, one that’s light and pinky. This is more of a dark berry, and it’s pretty universally flattering. I’m not surprised that I love it. I’ve loved every Clinique lip product I’ve ever tried.

It’s really great for a no-effort look. You can put it on without a mirror because it’s so sheer, and it goes with just about anything. And at $17 for a full size, your wallet isn’t taking a huge hit. I was really impressed by this sample size, too. At 0.04 oz, it’s a little over half a full size. Here it is next to my full size ABH tinted brow gel for reference:


This will last me for a little while, and it’s definitely my favorite item in the box. I might be repurchasing this in a full size as soon as I’ve used up my sample.


Treatment Masque Link

I can get behind a hair mask. This works like most. You put it in after shampooing and then rinse it out. My hair gets so dry that any kind of intensive conditioning treatment is always appreciated, though I think this might only be one treatment’s worth of product. We shall see…


Youth To The People
Kale + Spinach + Hyaluronic Acid Age Prevention Cream Link

Admittedly, I haven’t tried this yet for obvious reasons– I only add new things once every week or two. This has been added to my testing schedule. I did patch test it on my arm, though, and I was surprised at how moisturizing and hydrating it managed to be for something so lightweight. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what this does for me. I’m a little careful with hyaluronic acid, because sometimes it can dry out my skin if the air around me is dry, but a good occlusive product and a humidifier is usually all I need to keep things in check.


FRXXXTION Stick Exfoliating Cleanser Link

Here’s where the duds begin… I’ve started backing away from physical exfoliants, as I find chemical ones to be far more gentle on my highly sensitive skin. And as this reviewer points out, the tarte FRXXXTION Stick ain’t gentle. At all. I might be able to use this on my arms or feet, but it’s going nowhere near my face.


Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Link

Here’s where things went really, really wrong for Sephora Play this month, and it wasn’t just me. Sephora made a huge deal of telling subscribers this month to make sure they filled out their profiles and specified their skin tones. Everyone was so excited, because that could only mean that foundation samples were on the way! Now, Sephora Play has done foundation one other time, but they basically just included a sample container for subscribers to take to the store and have filled there. This time, it would be different, and it would go horribly, horribly wrong.

None of the foundation samples, including the ones above seemed to be a good match for the people they were sent to. The fairest subscribers received the box I got, with two shades that are way too dark. (There was another sample, too, that also was a bad match for those who received it.) Not to mention, this amounted to pretty much getting a foil packet. The people that these samples would have been a good match for ended up getting boxes with no foundation samples at all.

I mean, come on, Sephora… Get it together.

Ah, well… I guess every box has to have a miss on occasion. This was just a comical miss.


Tory Burch
Love Relentlessly Link

Even though I’m not much of a perfume gal, I’ve been looking forward to and loving my monthly fragrance sample. (Sephora does not include this as one of your five big deluxe-size samples, so this is considered a bonus.)

This is officially the first “miss” for me in the fragrance department. I’m not a huge fan of florals, but I’ve enjoyed florals done right. This was a really strong floral– so strong that one spritz was way too much. I literally gagged.

This month’s box was valued at around $35 retail, which is about the same as last month. In terms of personal value, I’d probably rank this as breaking even on my $10 for the three items that I do like. It wasn’t a complete miss, but it was pretty bad. Let’s hope that next month is better.

If you’d like to subscribe to Sephora Play, you can do that here. Be warned… There is a wait for new subscribers. That said, they seem to open up subscriptions pretty frequently, so my best advice is to bookmark the page and try entering your email address a couple of times per day. You should eventually find a window.

Sephora Play! December 2016 Unboxing


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Sephora Play! November 2016 Unboxing


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