Review: BONVIVANT Sheet Mask Fiber 101 Kit from Memebox


You know, I was never really a huge fan of sheet masks until I’d fully plunged myself into Asian skincare a little under a year ago. Now I’m addicted. These things are probably the single best part of my routine, leaving my skin so incredibly hydrated and fresh.

They can get expensive, though. This was my initial issue with sheet masking. It wasn’t very wallet friendly. And if you’re an every day masker, that can be a routine that costs you anywhere from $30-100+ every month, depending on what kinds of masks you’re using, and that doesn’t even include the rest of your skincare!

I amĀ so not the kind of person who wants to spend that kind of money, so I look for the best masks I can get at the cheapest price point possible. Continue reading “Review: BONVIVANT Sheet Mask Fiber 101 Kit from Memebox”


Unboxing: Memebox Halloween Box



There were hiccups, folks. Lots and lots of hiccups.

Over the past two weeks I’ve had three separate packages from three separate companies lost by the USPS. Two of them eventually ended up showing up, but one of them was so late that I ended up losing hope and got a refund before it finally showed up this morning. The other was this one, which was lost on the first try and then, after finally getting in touch with Memebox, they sent me a replacement super duper fast. I did get my box, but since I don’t necessarily sheet mask every day, I’m going to be wearing monster-themed sheet masks well into Thanksgiving. Continue reading “Unboxing: Memebox Halloween Box”

Memebox Summer Masks Bundle

While I’ve talked about how I’ve pulled the plug on a lot of my subscription boxes and been on a low buy due to product overload, I’ve also mentioned that I do plan to keep certain other subscriptions– primarily due to the fact that I’ve transitioned to an Asian-style skincare regimen , though I’m not exclusively using Asian products. While I’m using up my other skincare products, sheet masks are one of those things that I don’t have a heaping collection of, and right now I’m in the mood to try out a nice variety of them, so I’ve been trying out services that deliver curated mask bundles. I’ve also spotted a few bundles on Amazon that I’ve ordered or put on my wishlist for later purchasing. (Right now, I have this one in my collection, and so far I’m loving them.) I’ve already talked about the Beauteque Mask Maven subscription and the bundle of masks I received in June. I skipped July because I got the Memebox bundle, but I’ll be getting another Mask Maven in August. Paying roughly $2 per mask is within the range I’m willing to go, particularly if I’m getting good masks, and I like the curation. Continue reading “Memebox Summer Masks Bundle”