December Favorites

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Yeah, that’s about how I felt about December. It sucked for the collection of cute sweaters and pretty scarves I got back in September, but at least January is looking a little better for cold weather. Here were some of my favorites from last month.

NUDE Skincare
Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash

I already did a full review on this product here, and you can purchase it from Sephora here. Continue reading “December Favorites”


Monday Musings

Is it Monday again? Is it? I can’t tell, because I DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT THE TRAFFIC, TODAY!

As I mentioned last week, we’ve decided to start homeschooling starting, well, now actually. That’s why I’m late getting this up. I’ve been Teacher!Mom for the first half of my day. So how is it going?

Well, it’s not too bad, actually. I think my daughter and I are both trying to find our groove right now, but I figured that’d be the case the first couple of weeks, which is why I planned out this week as more of a review. That way, I can get a feel for where she is and what we maybe need to go over again (or could skip through, even). I’m also getting a feel for the textbooks and how each lesson is presented.  Continue reading “Monday Musings”

A Belated Monday Musings (on Tuesday)

Welp, the Christmas holidays are over, and I’m in recovery mode. Now if I can just get myself through New Year’s, I think I’ll be good. There’s really not much to report. It was finally decided that I shall be allowed a kitchen blow torch, so that’s what I got for Christmas along with some other things.


Hubs and I came to the decision that we’d need to homeschool our daughter, and rather than wait until the end of the school year, we decided to make the transition over Christmas break. It was less painful than I figured it would be. I called the school on that last Friday and let them know I’d be by to formally withdraw her. They had everything ready for me, and it took my maybe a few minutes just because I wanted to say my good-byes. It was emotional more than anything, but I know my daughter won’t thrive in a large classroom, so I have to do what’s best for her. I don’t expect it to be easy, but I think I can do it. I do have a hell of a lot of respect for teachers. Meanwhile, my daughter is so excited she’s telling me how she’s going to learn Latin, German, violin, and about a gazillion other things. I’m pretty set on just covering the basics and making sure she’s caught up in Grade 4 before we move forward. And of course, we’re both going to have a learning curve. Continue reading “A Belated Monday Musings (on Tuesday)”