Plated vs. Blue Apron vs. Hello Fresh

I’ve talked in the past about how much I adore┬áPlated. Well, lately I’ve been sampling some other very similar services, and I thought I’d break down my experience with each of them and let you guys know how they differ and what I like or don’t like about each one.

What is this box of food?

All three services have a similar concept. For a set price per serving, you can experiment with new recipes. You select the food you want from their menu for a particular week (or skip it if you don’t want anything that week), and they will ship you the recipe and the food used to make it. There’s no buying a whole bunch of something you’ll use once and then have tons of leftovers that inevitably end up in the trash. When I say they provide everything, I mean EVERYTHING. They typically will only assume you have salt, pepper, oil, and the occasional egg on hand. Continue reading “Plated vs. Blue Apron vs. Hello Fresh”