Review Process

Typically, I’m buying my own stuff here, whether I’m buying items individually or in a subscription box or grab bag. Unless I specifically mention it, nobody is sending me this stuff or compensating me in any way.

Occasionally I will get things sent to me for free, and that’s fine. I will happily review those things, but when that’s the case I will l disclose that. I might also occasionally have someone pay me to review or talk about something, and if that’s the case, I will disclose that. (See disclaimer here.) All opinions on any topic are 100% my own.

I’ll of course test how a product works and post about it. I’ll take value into consideration, and I’ll want to test it’s limits. This means I might do things to the product or in testing of the product that most people might not do under normal circumstances (like hit it with a hammer) just to see how much abuse it can take or how effective it is.

What I will NOT do: 

I absolutely will not post an opinion that is not my own. Every rant, rave, love, hate, critique, or compliment is going to come straight from me regardless as to where or how I got the item I’m reviewing. I despise dishonesty, and I will always give my honest opinion. I will absolutely NEVER accept compensation to post a favorable review or recommend a product that I do not support.

If you would like to send me something to review and I haven’t scared you off yet, feel free to contact me here.