Review: Urban Decay Afterdark Eyeshadow Palette



Life has a few important questions: What do I want to be when I grow up? What kind of person am I? What in the hell was I thinking with that outfit in the 90s? Does anyone really understand what’s going on in Sense8? Is it possible for Urban Decay to make a bad eyeshadow palette?

The answer to that last one, by the way, appears to be a no for me so far, but only because I opted out of purchasing the Spectrum palette that everyone seems to hate.

I’ve been doing good with my low buy, but I did decide to catch a few things over the holidays. There are also a couple of palettes I’ve been taking a hard look at, so don’t worry… I’ve not lost my damn mind or anything.  Continue reading “Review: Urban Decay Afterdark Eyeshadow Palette”

Sephora Play! December 2016 Unboxing


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Merry Christmas to Me!

Every year, the holiday season provides the opportunity to get some good deals on some great makeup. On top of the sales, there are value sets that include deluxe samples and minis and even full sizes. Expensive products become more affordable. It’s a great opportunity to expand your collection. There’s a healthy chunk of my own collection that is made up of these sets.

This year, I decided to go with a palette set and some lip colors, and while a few of these are no longer available, I thought it’d be nice to talk about my thoughts on these. (I also got a free Urban Decay Naked 3 palette with my VIB coupon and a Swagbucks gift card, but you guys have probably seen enough of those reviews.) Continue reading “Merry Christmas to Me!”

Sephora Play! November 2016 Unboxing


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Skincare Diary: November 27, 2016


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As you can see, these past two weeks have been a little… scattered. I was on cruise that first week in the Bahamas– where it was nice and cool but also rainy and comfortably humid. I was also limited on space and didn’t need an army of skincare, so I was stripping myself down to the bare minimum for a few days there. When I came back, laziness kicked in on a few days, so what you see here are a few days where I did practically nothing and other days where I felt like I needed to make up for it. Continue reading “Skincare Diary: November 27, 2016”

November 2016 Kira Kira Crate


In case anyone has been wondering about my wherabouts, I’ve been out of the country for the last week. And of course, when I came back there were freshly delivered boxes on my doorstep. This was one of them.

I’ve been subscribing to Japan Crate for a while now, and they have plenty of variations. I love my Japanese snacks, which is what the original box sends. When I heard that they were coming out with a Japanese beauty box, I had to at least order the first one and give it a shot. Most Asian beauty boxes are strictly K-beauty, so it’s nice to see a Japanese option out there. There’s also the skippable factor to the box. I only add a new product every 1-2 weeks, and I have to get through my stash, so being able to skip rather than contribute to a growing mountain of products is a nice option to have. There’s also a feature on Japan Crate’s site to switch between boxes, so I can get a snack crate one month and a beauty box the next. Prices, however, do vary between boxes.

Kira Kira Crate costs $29 a month and promises a 6-8 full size beauty items directly from Japan with a value of $50 or more. (Normally, with Asian beauty boxes I tend to judge them more on curation than value, but since this has a promised value, I’ll be holding them to task on this claim over the course of this review.)

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Sephora Play! October 2016 Unboxing


Much like my Memebox order, this month’s Sephora Play also went through some bumps here and there. After a full week of waiting for it to arrive with no updates on the tracking information, UPS straight up told me that it had been lost. Since Sephora doesn’t have extra boxes laying around to send, that meant that I wasn’t going to get October’s box. I called up Sephora’s CS and explained the situation, and they promptly issued me a discount. Two days later, the box mysteriously arrived.

I called Sehpora and told them as much. They’re letting me keep the box and not re-charging me for it, which is swell. I’m tickled pink, since there were a couple of items here that I was looking forward to trying out.

Sephora Play is just $10/month for five deluxe samples and one bonus perfume sample. As you might guess, the box includes items sold at Sephora stores. The samples can be tiny, but if you’re a Sephora shopper, they’ll include brands you might actually be inclined to buy. If you’re interested in signing up, you can click here to do so. Yes, there’s a waitlist, but you do see them open this up quite frequently these days. Just keep an eye out and keep trying, and you should eventually find a window.

This month’s theme was “The Cool Cut” and is supposed to include “breakthrough formulas, indie brands and products that truly stand out from the crowd.” Continue reading “Sephora Play! October 2016 Unboxing”

October 2016 Ipsy Review

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Ipsy is a $10 subscription service where each month you will receive a featured makeup bag and five beauty items customized to your profile. These items can be deluxe samples or full size, and they can range in value from drugstore items to higher end. They can be well-known or indie brands. You can get hair care, fragrances, skin care, makeup, and/or tools. It’s always a mixed bag, but they do try to tailor what you’re sent out of that month’s items to what you have selected in your preferences. It’s rare that I’m disappointed, and I almost always find some new thing that I love in these bags. 

You can also review the items you receive, which helps them to better determine what to send you in the future and also rewards you points that you can later redeem for other items. This month being my last month for a while due to product overload, I went ahead and redeemed about 1000 of these points for a couple of items that I’ll get to here in a bit. Continue reading “October 2016 Ipsy Review”

Unboxing: Memebox Halloween Box



There were hiccups, folks. Lots and lots of hiccups.

Over the past two weeks I’ve had three separate packages from three separate companies lost by the USPS. Two of them eventually ended up showing up, but one of them was so late that I ended up losing hope and got a refund before it finally showed up this morning. The other was this one, which was lost on the first try and then, after finally getting in touch with Memebox, they sent me a replacement super duper fast. I did get my box, but since I don’t necessarily sheet mask every day, I’m going to be wearing monster-themed sheet masks well into Thanksgiving. Continue reading “Unboxing: Memebox Halloween Box”

Skincare Diary: October 26, 2016


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There’s really not a lot to report at the moment. The Vitamin C serum is going great. Love it. I will likely stick with it for a while, though there’s another brand I definitely want to try– particularly since the other brand is more easily available through Amazon Prime. The It’s Skin serum is easy enough to find on Memebox, but I’m a little antsy about depending solely on them for my K-beauty needs. Their inventory changes a lot, and shipping has been a little slow. Hopefully they’ll get that hammered out.

I’m not 100% sold on the Mizon pink powder. It absolutely works better than the EradiKate, but now that I’ve had a bit of time to work with it, I’m not convinced that it works any better for me than my cheap CVS benzoyl peroxide cream for spot treatment. It CAN however be used alongside retinol treatments, so that might be enough to keep me from ditching it.

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