Deals on HauteLook Right Now

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As always… You DO need to sign up for HauteLook to view these deals and make a purchase. (Don’t worry. It’s free.) Here’s my referral link. Shipping is free on orders over $100 or a flat rate of $5.95 for jewelry and beauty orders. (For other categories, shipping is a flat rate of $7.95 for orders under $100.)

Martinni Skin Care Masks
Through Tomorrow, 5/7/16

These have been featured all over the place. If you have as many subscription boxes as I do, you’ve likely run into them. The gold ones are the most popular, though I think I like the caffeine collagen mask best. Also worth noting is that a lot of these come in two pieces instead of the usual one. That way you can get a better fit.  Continue reading “Deals on HauteLook Right Now”

Thursday Beauty Deals

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There are some excellent deals going on, and three of them are over on Hautelook. Signing up is free, but you will need an account to look at or purchase anything. You can use my referral link by clicking here.

For orders in jewelry and beauty, shipping is a flat rate of $5.95 and free on orders over $100. Continue reading “Thursday Beauty Deals”

Tarte Cosmetics on Hautelook

Right now, Tarte Cosmetics is on sale on Hautelook, and the sale includes some great prices on products I haven’t seen in a while. You can take a look here.

You do need a Hautelook account to view the sale, though it’s free to sign up. You can use my referral link here. Shipping for beauty and jewelry is a flat rate of $5.95 ($7.95 in other categories). For orders over $100, shipping is free.

e.l.f. Free Shipping

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Today only, e.l.f. is offering free shipping for any purchase— no limit required!

If there are any new items you’ve been checking out but were waiting to fill up your cart with $35 of goodness to spare yourself the shipping, well now’s the time to hit the checkout button!

The new duo sticks look interesting. I might get a couple of them.

Target Beauty Box On Sale NOW

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I always say this, but just in case anyone is seeing this for the first time… If you want this, get it NOW. Do not wait until after lunch. These sell out within hours of going live.

Now that we have that very important statement out of the way…

To those unfamiliar, Target has a beauty box full of samples and usually one or two full size items that goes on sale roughly once per month for around $7. Sometimes it’s more. Sometimes it’s less. Sometimes there’s more than one. In any case, they’re almost always spectacular– full of things you’ll actually use and can find at Target and worth considerably more than the price tag of the box itself. With a Target Red Card, you get an additional 5% off and free shipping. And if you’ve purchased the previous box, you’ll have a $3 off of $15 coupon that can be used toward purchasing the next box. (You can buy the limit of two boxes and a small additional beauty item.) Obviously, since you’re paying $7 for roughly $25+ worth of items, this is a great bargain. And with that, here’s the box currently up for grabs: Continue reading “Target Beauty Box On Sale NOW”

About (Seemingly) Huge Price Slashes on Certain Products

While I’ve never used this stuff, I’m finding myself intrigued due to the heavy markdown, which is something I see often. How much of a markdown are we talking about? Well…

Yes, that’s a $849 skin cream for $42. Thing is, I also see these products on Groupon and other discount sites at around the same prices, and I do wonder about brands that have HUGE price markups and then go “on sale” at what should be the regular price for something like this. Are they ever really purchased at their “full price” price tag, or is this just a way to make people think, “OMG! This is a HUGE deal on a luxury brand! I must have this NOW!” when they’re actually purchasing it at full price. It tends to be an automatic turn off for me when I see it, and I just lose all interest in the brand at that point. (I mean, honestly… If you were selling a skin cream that was truly worth nearly $850, would you sell it for $42?) Then again, it could just be product that they’re phasing out. Continue reading “About (Seemingly) Huge Price Slashes on Certain Products”

HauteLook Deals

Right now, there are three great brands on HauteLook. You will need an account to view sales, but it’s free to sign up. Here’s my invite link.

First up we have Stila. I’m happy to keep seeing them pop up on HauteLook. Earlier this month I tried out their smudge sticks on my waterline, and it seems to hold up well. There are some great deals here, though for once I don’t see any of their popular lip glazes available.

Next, there’s Morphe, and there are some brushes and palettes you can grab on the cheap.

Finally, Embryolisse is available through the end of the day. The Lait Creme Concentre is up there and seems to be a huge hit with a lot of people as a multitasker. I got the sample for this in my January Birchbox. It’s okay, but it’s not my favorite, and I definitely don’t understand the hype. Still, if this stuff is your jam, it’s currently 29% off.

Monday Deals

Instead of boring you all with my usual Musings post (because, trust me, my life really isn’t that interesting), I’m going to let you guys in on a couple of great deals.

The Balm is on HauteLook RIGHT NOW

Go take a look. I’m a HUGE fan of The Balm, and there are some wonderful items for 50% off. You’ll need an account to shop, but it’s free to sign up. Here’s my invite link.

Some items I personally love and already own:

Balm Desert is actually one of my favorite bronzers for contouring (along with one I use from NARS). There’s a lot more, so definitely check out the whole collection.

No Ipsy Waitlist

Today and tomorrow ONLY, you can subscribe to Ipsy and not have to bother with the waitlist. Here’s my referral link. Ipsy is a great deal, in my opinion. It’s just $10/month, and for that you get great products that are personalized to you. My bag for this month was worth over $80, and it was all stuff I’d use, so it’s well worth it. You can use the search bar on the right to look through my previous reviews of Ipsy if you’re curious as to what type of items you’ll get.

A Happy ROLL TIDE Monday Musings!!!

…and to be honest, I really should just leave it there. As I’m typing this, I’m watching my beloved Crimson Tide play against Clemson, and I’m hoping we snatch another national championship. It’s just what we do.

Yes, I know people hate us. No, I don’t care.

Roll Tide! Continue reading “A Happy ROLL TIDE Monday Musings!!!”