The one where I terrorize the neighborhood children

I really need to take pictures, and I probably will, but I’ve been using a product called Baby Foot that many are already familiar with. And yes, I should have used this back in May, but whatever…

I used this on Monday or Tuesday of last week. I can’t remember which day exactly, and yesterday was the day my feet finally started, um, showing signs that I’ve used it. Today, my daughter has one of her friends over, and I’m so tempted to start soaking my feet and unleash the horror. (I won’t spoil anything just now for those of you unfamiliar with what is going to be seen. I’ll let you Google it.)

Yes, I’m evil. Like… mustache-twirling Tom Hiddleston evil.

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Sprout VoxBox Review

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After weeks of being sent survey after survey from Influenster, I finally ended up getting a VoxBox: Influenster is a site where you can sign up to receive products for free to try out in exchange for your honest opinion and review. For some reason, most of these companies seem to enjoy sending me food and laundry detergent. (I suspect the mom button in a survey somewhere.) So here’s what was sent in my direction this time around:

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Monday Musings


Have you ever had one of those weekends where you’re kind of glad it’s Monday because it seems like it might be a return to a safe and sane routine? I’m kinda there.

Cleaning House

I’d take a picture of my makeup and skincare collection, but I don’t think I could fit everything into the frame. It’s embarrassing. Really embarrassing. As in, I don’t even exclusively shop at Sephora for products, and I’m not sure whether or not a Rouge status should be a source of pride or shame for me. I did another spreadsheet over the weekend detailing my routine (more on that further down), my products, and a breakdown on how much I spend. I’m not showing you guys a picture of that, either. It’s not that I go over-budget or anything, but… Yeah…

I apparently have eight full size red lipsticks in a nearly identical shade. I honestly suspected I had more, but I think I gave a few of them to my daughter.

So I decided to put my spreadsheet obsession to good use. Everything is dated by when I got it and use by dates (if any). There are also notes on what I liked or didn’t like and whether or not I want to repurchase. It’s broken down by category, item and even by shade and finish. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will use up as much of it as possible or donate if unused before it goes bad. I will not repurchase another product of its kind until it is used up. As things are emptied, I’ll know what to review, how to review it, and what to repurchase. Continue reading “Monday Musings”

Monday Musings


Ah… That was a nice week off!

Chicken Nuggets ≠ Chicken McNuggets

Since I don’t do regular weekly confessions, I’ll make one now. I spent two hours on Friday arguing with people on the Internet about what a chicken nugget is. Why? Because, as someone who tries to (occasionally and not often enough, I’ll admit) eat healthy, I’m appalled that some people apparently think that THIS is a chicken nugget:

No. Those are Chicken McNuggets, and there’s a difference. I have strong opinions regarding this.  Continue reading “Monday Musings”

December Favorites

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Yeah, that’s about how I felt about December. It sucked for the collection of cute sweaters and pretty scarves I got back in September, but at least January is looking a little better for cold weather. Here were some of my favorites from last month.

NUDE Skincare
Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash

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Monday Musings

Is it Monday again? Is it? I can’t tell, because I DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT THE TRAFFIC, TODAY!

As I mentioned last week, we’ve decided to start homeschooling starting, well, now actually. That’s why I’m late getting this up. I’ve been Teacher!Mom for the first half of my day. So how is it going?

Well, it’s not too bad, actually. I think my daughter and I are both trying to find our groove right now, but I figured that’d be the case the first couple of weeks, which is why I planned out this week as more of a review. That way, I can get a feel for where she is and what we maybe need to go over again (or could skip through, even). I’m also getting a feel for the textbooks and how each lesson is presented.  Continue reading “Monday Musings”

Monday Musings

Yep. I’m definitely going to make this a weekly thing along with a Friday food post. That way, I think, I can be more consistent and get my randomness out  in one big post and then leave the rest of my blogging for my reviews. (It’s early on in this blog’s life. Be patient with me while I figure this all out.)

Black Friday Shopping

Well, I caved… kinda. I did get some online shopping in, but then we decided to leave the house at about 6 p.m. because my mother was keeping the kiddo over the weekend and we had only ourselves to worry with. By that time, everything was of course quiet as could be. We even squeezed in a trip to Red Robin, where I finally found poutine!

Technically not poutine.
Technically not poutine.

Now, I’ve been corrected by my Canadian friends that this is technically not quite poutine (though close enough), but when you’re in the Birmingham area, you take what you can get. It had fries, gravy, and cheese, and that was enough for me to love it. The burgers… not so much. They weren’t bad, but for nearly $15, I could be eating a Hamburger Fonfon.

…and Iron Bowl Shopping

This one is more our style. We tend to wait until the Iron Bowl is on and then hit the stores since, in Alabama, they become deserted wastelands. This year, we settled on The Summit. We checked out Trader Joe’s for the first time since it’s opened. We’d never been in a Trader Joe’s before, and it soon was dubbed “Hipster Aldi.” It was the only store aside from Sephora with a line at the register, and I didn’t want that chocolate Advent calendar that badly, so we left empty handed. I did pick up some gifts at Sephora and Barnes & Noble. We also ate at Flip Burger since we were in the area and since Laura and Nadine suggested it.

Lets all just take a moment to appreciate this hamburger.
Lets all just take a moment to appreciate this hamburger.

I’ve never been there before, either, but I have a feeling we’ll be going back. They also have poutine that wasn’t really poutine, but the real star was the sweet potato tots that I had to take home to finish. I could eat these forever!

REALLY not poutine.
REALLY not poutine, but still tasty.

New Makeup (because OF COURSE I got more)

Every time I walk into a Sephora I end up changing the brand of whatever it is I went in to get. Right now it’s foundation. I’m still playing around with the tarte foundation in different situations. I really like the finish on that. I grabbed some samples of Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation to try as well. I also grabbed a sample of Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance in champagne. I like Urban Decay, and I’ve used it for ages, but the new formula or packaging or SOMETHING is annoying the crap out of me because it’s clumping on me. I really hate that wand applicator, too. So I figured I’d try out Too Faced’s version, which is very similar in appearance. If I like, I’ll switch. I’m eyeballing Urban Decay shadows again, and this time I’m going for the one in Sephora’s Superstars set— Lounge. Only thing is, I should be getting a holographic shadow in my next Julep box, so I’m going to wait and see how that looks, first. I’m also trying to wait until after Christmas before I really go nuts over eyeshadows in Sephora. Again.

I also got a Too Faced blush and liquid lipstick gift set, which were $36 for a set of three (making them $12 each), and an Origins mask mini trio for $10, making those a little over $3 each. I thought these would be fun to stuff in some stockings for my sisters-in-law, and I’ll probably keep the third for myself. That Fig lip color intrigues me, so I’m claiming that one.

I cleaned out my office. Only problem is… I cleaned out my office.

My office is that spot in the house where everybody dumps the crap that they don’t want to toss out but don’t have a place for, and I finally got fed up with it. We drug EVERYTHING out of there and into the living room, and the rule was that if it went back into my office, it had to have a place. If it didn’t have a place there or anywhere else, it had to go. There is now a pile next to the garbage can and a pile next to the car of stuff we’re going to toss, donate, or pawn (because I’m too impatient to sell it online or in a garage sell). I also kept two boxes in my office– one of pictures to scan and catalog and one of stuff to sell on ebay.

Problem now is that I never actually decorated this room. It’s a big blank space with a few frames on the wall, a couple of desks, and that’s it. I’m clueless when it comes to home decor, so now I’m on Pinterest trying to come up with ideas.

A couple of sales going on right now…

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Over on e.l.f.’s website, they’ve got free shipping with no minimum through 11/26. I was going to use this opportunity to grab the three new Matte Lip Color shades, since I already own every single one of the others, but they’re all out of stock! They’ve got plenty of other new products to try, though, and I’ve gotten quite a few of them. That review will be up soon.

On Hautelook, LORAC is on sale as well as a few others. There are eyeshadow palettes for $8-10! Go now if you’re interested. I can’t imagine these will stay in stock for much longer.

Oh, and Kohl’s Black Friday deals are live!

UPDATE 11/24: I just noticed that the free shipping promo on e.l.f.’s website lasts through 11/26. Also, two of the three new Matte Lip Color shades are back in stock, so… I’M. ON. IT. If shade #3 comes back up before Thursday, I’ll probably be getting that, too.

UPDATE 11/23:

NARS is currently lighting up my Groupon searches. There’s even a nice looking blush palette that includes their popular Orgasm blush.


Monday Musings

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Why, yes! I did work on this throughout the week and schedule it for posting at 8:00 a.m. SHARP! (Seriously, I don’t do mornings. We’ve covered this.)


Seems we go through this at least once every year. They’re in my house. They’re swarming outside my door, so anytime anyone opens ANY door for ANY reason, they come in. At least I’m not as bothered by them as other bugs– or worse, SPIDERS!  They eat other bugs, and they’re not a nuisance, so I’m leaving them, for now. If that changes, I’m going to have to get out the shop vac and relocate them.


There are certain things you start to expect after so many years of living with a man. Let’s take, for example, this:


This is one of the two shelves above my kitchen sink. From left to right, you’ll see the dish soap, the cute little tea tin where I like to keep the sponge, and a candle crock. The sponge was drying at the time I took the picture, which is why it’s not in the tin with the steel wool scrubbers. You’ll also notice there’s a random screw (and not the good kind) next to the dish soap. Why it’s there is a mystery, but I’ve been told it has a purpose, and it’s been sitting there for months now. I tend to knock it into the sink at least twice a week while doing dishes. Eventually, that sucker will fall down the drain COMPLETELY BY ACCIDENT I SWEAR, and then some other random thing will take its place. Speaking of tea…

I don’t know why I need this, but I do.


It’s a TARDIS tea infuser. I don’t even drink tea all that much, but I love all things Doctor Who, and I have a slightly ridiculous obsession with David Tennant.

A couple of confessions…

While I’ve considered doing them, I’ve not had enough original though to put into weekly confessions or favorites, though I am working on a monthly favorites posting for November that will go up the first week of December. I’m just writing things down as I go, really. But as far as confessions go, I thought it’d be okay to at least admit that I do this thing when I’m in the shower…

Don’t pretend you don’t do this, too.

I’ll also admit that I’ve never paid for a Redbox rental. I’m not doing anything illegal. They just keep sending me codes for a free rental, and I keep using them. Oh, and if you use Redbox and you’re a mom, you’ll TOTALLY understand the benefit of reserving a selection online FIRST and then picking it up at the kiosk.

Monday Musings

This is, I think, going to be a weekly thing, and it’s going to be filled with randomness. It’s mostly just an excuse to get a bunch of little things out of the way all at once. I did manage to cram a review in here, though.

I hate mornings.

Whoever invented 6:00 a.m. needs to be taken out back and taken care of, if you get my meaning. I didn’t get in nearly as much sleep as I wanted to over the weekend, and I doubt I ever will. Is it sad that I’m looking at the prospect of a couple extra hours of sleep as a humongous perk of homeschooling? Because I’ll admit that it’s one of those things I’m really looking forward to when we start. Oh, hey! You want to do math in your Hello Kitty pajamas? No prob, kiddo! But that said…

I love BB cream.

I just needed to get that out of me. Love. I don’t know if I have a favorite brand. Right now I’m going through a tube of e.l.f.’s BB, but I also adore Dr. Jart+, Clinique, and L’Oreal. I’ll probably adore the next BB I try, too.

I don’t let my morning go by without a quick skincare sesh, which makes my routing a thousand times more bearable. I’ve lately been using a cleansing oil instead of just rinsing my face with water in the mornings. I’ll follow that with a retinol treatment and moisturizer and eye cream. Of course, with retinol you want to make extra sure you’re protecting your skin with sunscreen, so the BB is my one and done, giving me another dose of moisturizer, sunscreen, and a light coverage foundation. I pop some dark shadow onto my lash line with a flat liner brush, some tinted balm on my lips, and I’m done.

Fighting the impulse to buy stuff

There are so many good deals going on today, and I’ve only just been perusing Amazon and Gilt City. Amazon’s Deal of the Day is 50% off on denim. I love my jeans. I LOVE jeans. I consider them a great investment for any wardrobe, so tend to spend a little bit more on good denim than I would other things. Mine is kind of rounded out at the moment, so I don’t think I’m looking to add more pieces.

Gilt City, meanwhile, has some deals I’m eyeballing for BaubleBar, BoxedEstée Lauder, and Sesame Gifts. Three of these look like things I could use for Christmas shopping, and the other would be for stuff I get anyway. I keep thinking about the October Birchbox and all the nice Estée Lauder skincare that was included… 30% off would not be unwelcome. I’m still using the sample of Advanced Night Repair eye serum.

Ulta also has a B2G1 sale going that includes the L’Oreal BB I mentioned above, so I’ll probably grab that while I can.

Oh, and while I was checking out daily deals and lightening deals on Amazon, I came across this…

The Carlisle Cullen Barbie Doll

Let’s just step back for a moment and fully appreciate the fact that this thing exists, and let’s do so with the full mix of both horror and fascination it deserves. Also, and am I the only person who sees Carlisle Cullen and immediately thinks of this Dr. Cooper moment from “Nurse Jackie”?

“I got a guuuunshot… I got a guuuuunshot…”

There’s also this mug, which I desperately need in my life.

Borden Good 2 Gether

I genuinely can’t remember if I’ve talked about this here or not. I got to try these for free (the first time) through BzzAgent in exchange for my honest opinion. I’ve found that I really like these little buggers. Granted, I think their idea was that I was supposed to (as a mom) get these mostly for my daughter, but I ended up getting them mostly for me.

I lost about 40 lbs a while back, and I’m looking to lose about 20 more. I started out using Nutrisystem, but I learned a lot during that time about what to eat and when, calorie count, and what to expect for that calorie count. I also realized that part of my problem is that, while I can cook and make wonderful nutritious meals and snacks, I often run into situations where I don’t have time to do that, and then things go downhill, so I lost weight by keeping lots of prepackaged quick grab-and-go snacks and meals handy on the off chance I needed them. (I go through a lot of protein bars, shakes, and cans/bottles of vegetable juice as a result.)

These are great because they fit into that grab and go category. For not a lot of calories, I get a good serving of protein, which keeps me feeling full, as well as calcium and other goodness that comes with eating dairy. It also feels like I’m eating a lot, which is satisfying, and the pretzels are a good salty crunchy thing. I was really pleasantly surprised at the bang I got for my calorie buck with these. I think my only gripe is that the pretzels could have been whole wheat, which would have made this even better, so… There’s an idea for you guys at Borden.

Other Thoughts

Drug store brands versus high end brands… This seems to be a real argument on other blogs, these days. Personally, I prefer some of each, though I never buy any of it at full price. In my collection now, I have items from Smashbox, NARS, Urban Decay, The Balm, Too Faced, and Benefit. And I love those products, BUT… I’ve found similar and even better products from e.l.f., Cover Girl, Rimmel London, Maybelline, NYX, Wet & Wild, and L’Oreal. Ditto on the skin care equivalent. I figure I’ll go into more detail in a post dedicated to the topic.