Beauteque Mask Maven July 2017 Review


You know, I’ve never really given much thought to Beauteque’s themes, and it’s not like I care one way or another, but they do seem to be keeping to them lately, and I really like this one. July’s theme was “Summer Sweets” and (with a couple of exceptions) features a fruit and honey vibe. Considering how much I love all things bee, this is a theme I can get behind. Oh, and I like fruit masks, too.

The Saem
Natural Skin-Fit Mask – Green Grape $3

I don’t recall trying any masks from The Saem before, though I’ve heard of the brand. Along with the usual hydration, the combination of green grape and green tea is supposed to help purify pores.

For whatever reason, I don’t think I expected to like this one as much as I did. The material is super thin and clings well (though can be a pain to unfold at first because of this very thing). It smells lovely– like white grape juice! There was plenty of the watery serum leftover, and it didn’t dry sticky. It also left my skin looking and feeling recharged. I would buy this again.

Slowganic Mask Sheet – Tangerine $1.90

RE:CIPE is another brand I’ve heard of but haven’t really had the time to try. I am noticing some goodness in the ingredients that I already know I’ll love before even opening the packaging, specifically niacinamide, witch hazel, and allantoin. That’s a lot of promise for a mask that’s less than $2.

Real Nature Mask Pack – Pearl $2.99

I’m probably in the minority, but I’ve never really been a huge fan of pearl masks. They just don’t seem to do anything for me. Still, there are several ingredients here that I can work with, and I’m noting the aloe that’s in here. This also claims that it’s a good mask to use under makeup , but I’m not much of a morning masker no matter how often I tell myself I should be.

Yes, it does feature a watery essence that dries without being sticky, but the mask was a wadded up ill-fitting mess when I pulled it out of the package, and it felt cheap. I will pay $2 for a well-made mask, and a little more for a true premium mask, but for something like this… I’ve paid around 50¢ per mask for about the same quality if not better.

Winage Honey Face Mask $2.25

I believe I have tried Coreana’s masks before. This is one of the honey masks I received this month, and as I already mentioned… I love all things bee. One of my favorite products contains bee venom, and I’ve masked and cleansed with honey in the past. It’s a wonderful moisturizer, and it has some natural antibiotic properties as well, which can make it great for acne sufferers. Beauteque could have sent me a huge jar of honey, and I’d have been happy.

Real Jeju Skingel Mask- Hanrabong $3.99

I’ve had rotten luck with Berrisom masks in the past. They’ve all been stinky and haven’t fit my face well. Also… Dimethicone? Really? That ingredient is just shy of a deal-breaker with me, these days. For a mask that’s nearly $4, I expect better than cheap ingredients that will sabotage the absorption of any products I use afterward.

Opuntia Humifusa Cotton Mask (Moisture) $3???

I love NO:HJ masks. I’ve used quite a few in the past, and I’ve yet to come across a complete dud. Plus, their packaging is fun with 3D effects for which my camera will never be able to do justice. So I’m VERY happy to get TWO NO:HJ masks this month. I just wish I could find this one on Beauteque’s website… (This is a frustrating thing I run into from time to time with Beauteque, where they send me something they’re not even selling.)

This one was kinda cool. There were little gold flecks in the serum, which was nice and thick and moisturizing. I’d buy it again if I could. (Lookin’ at you, Beauteque…)

Superfood Mask – Honey $2.99

Honey! I won’t go into the reasons why I love honey all over again. I’ll just note that this is another honey mask. I mean, just look at these ingredients, though:

Royal Jelly Extract, Honey Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Bamboo Leaf Extract, Lemon Extract, Tomato Extract, Milk Extract, Lavender Water

So simple… So many things I adore… I’m in love! It was officially on my face within an hour of opening my bag, and I had to hold myself back long enough so that I could grab a picture, first.  It was everything I’d expected. The scent was light, which is okay. I don’t do masking for aromatherapy, and the only fragrance I’ve ever noted from NO:HJ masks wasn’t my cup of tea. The mask was a perfect fit, as NO:HJ masks tend to be for me. The serum was cooling and thick, but thinner than an aloe gel, and it dried without any stickiness at all. I almost regret not popping it in the fridge first. Almost. I definitely need more of these.

Sweet Canola Honey Mask $2.99

I’ve only tried a couple of masks from A’Pieu and have been left with okay-ish impressions thus far. This month, I get two more to experiment with. The first is another honey mask.

I wasn’t really a fan of the “honeycomb foil” mask material. Foiling is usually done to keep the essence from evaporating too quickly, but the honeycomb design just seems to defeat the purpose of that, and it makes the mask unnecessarily stiff. Add to that, the cut made it a bad fit overall. That said, there was no issue with cling, and the essence– which had this DELICIOUS strong honey smell– left my skin looking lovely without being sticky. There was also a ton of leftover essence in the bag.

Watermelon Slice Mask $2.99

The second A’Pieu mask this month is a watermelon “slice” mask that can be worn on the face or the body. This intrigued me more than anything else in my bag.

I don’t think I liked this one very much, though. These were 12 separate disks, and since they weren’t in a resealable bag like the disks from last month, I had to use them all at once. Not cool at all. It smelled nice, though.

This month’s selection had a retail value of around $26, which is pretty good for Mask Maven. I remember when it used to break even more, but then I’ve always gotten this subscription more for the curation than the value. It costs me $18.95 per month ($15 + $3.95 shipping), which means I typically will end up paying just over $2 per mask. That’s pretty much what I’d be willing to pay outside of a subscription, and I get to try some masks that I otherwise might not have known about.

The NO:HJ masks in particular were delightful, as always. I think those alone made this month a big hit with me, even though I considered the RiRe and Berrisome masks to be duds.