Beauteque Mask Maven June 2017 Review


As has been the case with Mask Maven for a few months now, they ship on the last day of every month, so my June bag of course arrived mid-July. Admittedly, this is getting annoying, but I’m still enjoying the bags, so I guess I’ll put up with it. I just wish they’d go ahead and call it a July bag instead of June.

Each Mask Maven comes with a pretty sheer drawstring bag and a sheet detailing the masks included that month. You’ll get anywhere from 9-11 masks (usually sheet masks, though there can occasionally be some variation) to the tune of $15 plus shipping. If you live in the U.S., your total will come to about $18.95. If you’re interested in subscribing to Mask Maven (or their beauty box subscription), you can do that here.

This month’s theme is “Life’s a Beach”. I don’t really see it, but it’s not a huge deal for me. What I will say is that the funk from last month is sort of removed. In June, I was sampling May’s “flower” masks, and it felt seasonally out of place. June’s bag, however, feels a little bit more summery, and there are some new things here that I was excited to try out.

Pure Smile
Point Pad- Kiwi & Cherry Blossom $3.00/each

Pure Smile is a brand I’ve tried out before and wasn’t exceptionally impressed with, but I’ve seen these pop up everywhere and have been excited to try them out. I saw these and giggled like a kid on Christmas. These look fun as hell!

The Kiwi one is supposed to provide radiance and nourishment, and the Cherry Blossom one is supposed to be for moisture and clearing. There are 10 sheets per package (which is resealable), and you basically just stick them wherever you need them.

So far, I’ve been using them on my hands and feet. My face gets more than enough attention for sheet masks, and my hands in particular could really use the extra hydration. They definitely smell like kiwi and cherry blossom, but the fragrance isn’t heavy. They also seem to dry out a little faster than your average sheet mask, and I don’t know if they’d stay stuck long enough to really work on my elbows as they suggest, but the effects are pretty dramatic. There’s a lovely cooling and soothing effect with is great for this time of year. I really love how my hands feel after using these, especially if I follow up with a thick hand lotion. HUGE difference! I will be purchasing more. I want to try the other varieties.

Dr. Nobori
Firming Repair Eye Mask (value unknown)

It’s been a while since I’ve run into what used to be a really annoying issue with Mask Maven, and for a while there I hadn’t run into it at all. They’ve included a product that they don’t appear to be selling on their site, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. So much for giving it a value, much less ordering more if I like it…

I tend to prefer eye masks in the morning, as the serum tends to plump up the skin around my eye, making concealer less of a necessity. This contain soy protein, hyaluronic acid, and seaweed extract, and the mask itself is a foil mask that’s worn over the eyes. It’s not the usual eye patches. This looks a lot more like a Halloween mask. The fit is odd for me. The eye holes are definitely smaller than your typical sheet mask. I’m guessing that’s because they want the serum to reach more of your eye area than in a typical mask, and that’s understandable, but I’d say this was just shy of uncomfortable to wear, particularly since I was wearing contact lenses at the time. I did however notice the usual hydrating benefits that come with using a mask first thing in the morning, and the serum was not sticky. Matter of fact, there was more than enough serum leftover in the bag to cover the rest of my face, neck, and chest.

Water Bomb Jelly Mask- Anti- Wrinkle $3.00

Berrisom is another brand I’ve tried before and wasn’t particularly wowed by, but they do always seem to have adorable packaging. This mask contains pomegranate, tomato, and red wine.

The serum does have a gelatin-like texture to it, and there’s plenty left behind in the bag after you’ve slapped the mask on your face. It’s also a little stinky, but if you can get past that, the serum does a good job of hydrating while not drying too sticky. I’m guessing that the thicker texture also keeps it from drying out too quickly. I only left mine on for 20 minutes, but I honestly believe it would not have dried out for several more minutes. The mask material is thin-ish (but not silk thin) and clings well, even to that problem area underneath my chin.

It’s always tough to comment on any anti-wrinkle results because masks are one-time use, and most anti-aging products take months to note results. I will say however that there are some lovely antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients in here, and the hydration did plump up my skin a good bit, making a couple of existing lines less noticeable. The peppermint in the mask makes it nicely cooling during the hotter months, and the tea tree essence is great for sebum control. This would make a great morning mask– so much so that I ended up regretting having used it before bed.

Stayed Up Late Mask- Alice $2.50

Another repeat brand, though I’ve never had these particular masks. Unlike the first two, however, I loved the Tsaio masks that I tried back in February. The mask is black cotton, and I have had some wonderful luck with black masks in the past. Supposedly, this mask is designed for exactly what it says on the tin, and the serum is formulated to “wake up” skin by rapidly restoring hydration. This one was a little more obvious in terms of telling me that I should use it in the morning. (I’m normally a night masker, but I made an exception for this one.)

This is a black cloth mask, which I seem to have pretty good luck with in terms of fit and cling. This was no exception. Supposedly, it only takes 5 minutes to work, though I left it on a little longer than that. The serum did do a nice job of perking up my skin first thing in the morning, adding a little boost of hydration, though I didn’t notice much else. It’s nothing I’ve not noticed before from using any other mask first thing in the morning.


Brightening Essence Mask $1.99

This isn’t merely a brightening mask. It contains green tea and witch hazel as well, which are great for clarifying, and my skin loves both ingredients. There’s also cooling and soothing aloe. This mask went directly into my fridge until I used it, and boy did it take the edge off of a hot day!

I’d say that even without the fridge treatment, it would have been nicely cooling all on its own. My only gripe here is that it dried out a lot quicker than I would have liked, but it did at least stay clinging to my face for a full 15 minutes. I did feel like my skin could “breathe” a bit easier after using it, if that makes sense.

It’s Skin
The Fresh Sheet Mask – Tea Tree – Balance $1.99

Another familiar brand. Their Power 10 VC Effector serum was a go-to of mine for a while there. (I’ve since graduated to a higher concentration of Vitamin C, but I remember the It’s Skin serum fondly.) Tea tree is one of those ingredients I use every day, and it’s worked wonders for my skin troubles. I’ve noticed that my skin isn’t as oily as it used to be, for one.

This worked okay enough for a $2 mask, and I felt like the tea tree definitely did its job here. I’d been in the middle of an oily streat when I used this, and for the next couple of days after I did notice a huge difference.

Keep Cool And Let Shine Face Mask $3.00

I chuckled at the packaging on this one, though I’ve found that pearl masks don’t really seem to do much for me. It did hydrate well enough, but I didn’t really notice much in the way of brightening. The mask itself was nice, though. It’s super thin and clings well, but it was way too big for my face, and as it dried it started to sag. Add to that, it was so drippy that I had to lay down while using it. I don’t think I’d purchase it, but if I ended up with one sent to me again, I’d probably drain the extra serum before removing the mask, the same way I do with Too Cool For School’s masks. I’d probably use my silicone cover with it, too, since it had issues with drying out too quickly and falling off of my face.

Urban City
Azulene Aquaring Mask $3.00

I think this is Urban Dollkiss, but I might be mistaken. I’ve tried Urban Dollkiss products in the past and liked them. They always seem to have fun packaging, too.

This is supposed to be a good mask for dry, sensitive skin and have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. I found it hydrating, and it fit well, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t consider it to be worth the $3 price tag unless it was truly bringing something I need to the table, and it’s not.

The value of my bag this month comes to just under $23 based on Beauteque’s prices, assuming a dollar for the eye patches. That’s a little more than I paid for it, per usual, and I end up paying around $2 per mask. There’s a nice mix here of brands that are new to me and brands that are more familiar, and there are certainly some new products. There’s nothing here I’ve used before, and that tends to be the point for me in getting this subscription every month.

That said, the thing I loved most wasn’t really a sheet mask for my face, so I’m kinda inclined to call this month’s bag as a bit of a dud for me, at least compared to other months. It happens.