e.l.f. Haul!


For anyone who missed it on Instagram yesterday, my latest e.l.f. order came in. Since I was too darn lazy to do a full review, I grabbed my phone and did a few first impressions. Now that I have time to sit down, I figure I’ll gather everything together and maybe provide just a bit more info, including links to what I got. Continue reading “e.l.f. Haul!”

Beauteque Mask Maven July 2017 Review


You know, I’ve never really given much thought to Beauteque’s themes, and it’s not like I care one way or another, but they do seem to be keeping to them lately, and I really like this one. July’s theme was “Summer Sweets” and (with a couple of exceptions) features a fruit and honey vibe. Considering how much I love all things bee, this is a theme I can get behind. Oh, and I like fruit masks, too. Continue reading “Beauteque Mask Maven July 2017 Review”

Beauteque Mask Maven June 2017 Review


As has been the case with Mask Maven for a few months now, they ship on the last day of every month, so my June bag of course arrived mid-July. Admittedly, this is getting annoying, but I’m still enjoying the bags, so I guess I’ll put up with it. I just wish they’d go ahead and call it a July bag instead of June.

Each Mask Maven comes with a pretty sheer drawstring bag and a sheet detailing the masks included that month. You’ll get anywhere from 9-11 masks (usually sheet masks, though there can occasionally be some variation) to the tune of $15 plus shipping. If you live in the U.S., your total will come to about $18.95. If you’re interested in subscribing to Mask Maven (or their beauty box subscription), you can do that here. Continue reading “Beauteque Mask Maven June 2017 Review”