Sephora Play! June 2017 Unboxing


Each month also includes a unique bag. We’ve gotten different materials in the past, but the typical style has been a white canvas drawstring bag. Here’s this month’s design:

I was a little disappointed in this item, though. I do use hair gel on occasion, so this was useable. Unfortunately, it didn’t really do as much for my hair as your common everyday drugstore hair gel. It conditioned a bit, but not much, and it did very little for frizz. I’ll use it up, but I wouldn’t repurchase it. If I got it again, I’d probably pass it to someone else.

Rose Hair & Body Oil Link

This is a little more versatile, but I’m considering it more of a hair item than a skincare/body item because that’s primarily how I’ve been using it. I expected more of a rose scent to it, but it’s not heavy and seems to be overwhelmed by the rest of whatever is in this oil. It comes off smelling a little weird to me, if I’m honest.

While I love multi-taskers, they can be tricky to pull off right, and it’s hard to find one that doesn’t fall into that trap of doing many things but none of them well. This definitely fell into that trap. I’ve tried it pretty much every which way I can think to try it, and it does okay, but it doesn’t seem to do any one thing well. My skin (body or face) still feels a little dry. My hair still feels a little dry. I have other products that are more dedicated to one area or the other but do a much better job.

It’s a bummer because I really ended up liking the OUAI Wave Spray I got last year, and I really want to grab more of that but keep forgetting. I had high hopes for this oil, but no dice.

Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer Link

This was the one skincare product I got this month, and while I was kinda disappointed that I didn’t get one of the sunscreen items, I really liked it. It’s a nice lightweight super hydrating moisturizer and primer.

It reminds me a lot of Too Faced’s Hangover Rx primer, which is also nicely hydrating. This isn’t heavy, but it’s a touch heavier than the Hangover Rx and a bit more moisturizing. I didn’t notice much of a difference in how long my makeup lasted, but this does have a bit of highlight to it, and so it gives skin a gorgeous glow that really kicks your foundation up a notch. (Oh, and it smells delicious!)

Dewy foundation is one thing I’ve been doing a lot lately, whether it’s wearing an illuminating primer underneath or adding a few drops of my Algenist liquid highlighter to my BB cream. I really and truly can’t describe to you how amazing it makes my skin look, and I don’t see myself going back to a more matte foundation look anytime soon, so I’ll probably be purchasing a full size of this if I can ever get through my other primers and moisturizers and such. If you can find it at your local Sephora, I definitely recommend trying it out.

The POREfessional Face Primer Link

Here’s a product I’ve purchased a couple of times before! I don’t really use it as much these days because I’m full up on primer from subscription boxes, but I’ve owned two full sizes of this stuff, and I love it. It’s pure magic.

You can wear this both under and over makeup, and it only takes just a little bit of this to make your pores disappear. Witchcraft, I’m telling you!

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in “K-Dub” Link

Liquid lipsticks and really any kind of long wear lipstick used to be my least favorite category of makeup. I found them excessively drying to the point where I hated wearing them. But lately, quite a few formulas have hit the market that have turned my opinion of liquid lipstick around.

I got this in the shade “K-Dub,” which is a bright fuchsia with a little bit of violet added in:

It doesn’t work for me by itself– not at my age. But it does work over a brown pencil, and it does work layered over the crayon I got back in May.

The formula is really nice, though. It dries down quickly (no surprise “O” mouth for a solid minute) and isn’t drying at all. It’s quite comfortable, and unless I eat something greasy, it stays put. I might just invest in a few different shades of this.

Yves Saint Laurent
Black Opium Link

This was my fragrance selection for this month. I always look forward to these, even though they’re the cheapest item in the box. (I also reuse the little spray bottles for the perfume in my miniature dabbers. They’re a great size for my purse.)

This one is sweeter than I expected it to be, but I like sweet smells. I think the cedar notes came though for me more than anything else here, so it was a little musky, but also feminine. I liked it. I was also pleasantly surprised that it lasted on me almost all day!

If you’d like to subscribe to Sephora Play, you can do that here. There is a waitlist for new subscribers, but it doesn’t seem to operate like a normal waitlist. You basically have to just wait for an opening (pretty frequent, these days) and then sign up. Don’t wait for an email. Just keep an eye on sites like My Subscription Addiction and r/BeautyBoxes and openings will be posted. Otherwise, I recommend creating a bookmark and checking it by attempting your email address a few times per day. You should eventually get in that way.

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  1. I really love Kat Von D liquid lip stuff, I have Lovesick and it is my favorite color ever. I also have a few samples of Opium and enjoy the scent. I don’t really use hair gels or oils in my super fine hair. I am with you on loving dewy foundation look!


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