Sephora Play! May 2017 Unboxing



Hungarian Water Essence Link

This is the second of two skincare items included in my bag this month, and I’m super stoked. Belif is a Korean brand I already use and love. I’m addicted to their Aqua Bomb and Moisture Bomb moisturizers, in particular. Everything I’ve used from them has been both super gentle and effective.

This is an essence, which is basically designed to add hydration back to the skin after cleansing and actives and before you seal it all away with a moisturizer. This one seems pretty basic. I don’t see any particular ingredients that I’ll typically add during this step, like tea tree, but it works well enough for providing a simple extra layer of hydration. The formula is a watery gel consistency, and it absorbs nicely. I will absolutely use it if I have it, but I don’t see myself going out of my way to purchase it as opposed to the products I’m already using– particularly considering the price tag.

Omega 9 Hair Mask Link

I’m almost never excited to see a hair product, but a hair mask is that rare exception. Even when I do get a simple product that I’ll use, it’s rare that I love something enough to switch. I don’t impress easily.

My hair is thirstier than a teenage boy on prom night, and this stuff smells lovely. This is the one product from a brand I’m completely unfamiliar with, but so far I like it. This doesn’t really do anything that my regular conditioner wouldn’t, but it doesn’t suck, either. I wouldn’t pay that much for a hair mask when I’d normally just whip one up in my kitchen, but I’ll use this while I’ve got it.

Stella Link

This was my bonus fragrance choice for this month. I’ve already been exposed to a few of the TOCCA fragrances, and I haven’t met one I didn’t like yet. (My favorite is Cleopatra.) They don’t last very long on me, and they have that soapy “fresh out of the shower” feel to them that I love from a perfume.

This fragrance features blood orange, lily, white freesia, and sandalwood. The orange is probably the most prominent note for me, followed by the sandalwood. (I’m such a sucker for citrus, too.) The florals are much more subtle, but they’re there. It’s a nice, fresh spring/summer fragrance, and I’ll definitely use this up.

Magnetic Matte Lip Color in “Greystone” Link

Unless I’m deeply mistaken, all boxes contained this and the highlighter I’ll get to in a minute. This color is a neutral, but it’s a very dark brown (swatched below) that I don’t think a lot of people took to very well. I’m into having dark, vampy lips, but even I found this a little too dark and dull for my tastes on the first try and ended up layering it with a lighter color and a gloss. On day two, I wore it alone and paired it with a bronze neutral eye.

The formula is nice, though. It’s well-pigmented. It glided on smoothly, dried to a matte finish fairly quick and didn’t budge, and it lasted several hours without me needing to reapply. It wasn’t uncomfortable to wear, either. The fast-drying does make it tricky to blend, though. You have only a few seconds to work, if you can work with it at all, so layering with a creamier formula and then blending that is a little bit easier to do. I’d definitely be interested in purchasing this same formula but in a different shade.

Highlight & Perfect Multipurpose Stick Link

This is a familiar brand for beauty box connoisseurs, though I’ve never been lucky enough to get it. I always thought the packaging was cute.

This is your standard gel/cream highlighter stick. There’s nothing fancy or unexpected going on here. I will note that it blends really well and glides on smoothly. Usually, I will use these to highlight my cupid’s bow, lips, or the inner corners of my eyes. I don’t seem to have much use for them on my face overall, as I much prefer a liquid formula that I can blend into moisturizer, primer, or foundation or a powder formula to pop on over everything.

I am a little confused by their claim of an “easy, hands-free, on-the-go application.” I almost missed it in the write up, and then I thought maybe I knew what they meant, but then I was like…

Here are the swatches:

The trèStiQue highlighter didn’t really give me a weight that I could find, but without it, this month’s box was valued at just under $40 retail. I’d imagine that the highlighter would bump it up to around $43 Not bad for a $10 box, and I’m happy with the items I got. Everything here is being used, and I might have found a new favorite lip crayon formula.

If you’d like to subscribe to Sephora Play, you can do that here. There is a waitlist for new subscribers, but it doesn’t seem to operate like a normal waitlist. You basically have to just wait for an opening (pretty frequent, these days) and then sign up. Don’t wait for an email. Just keep an eye on sites like My Subscription Addiction and r/BeautyBoxes and openings will be posted. Otherwise, I recommend creating a bookmark and checking it by attempting your email address a few times per day. You should eventually get in that way.

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  1. I have a Tacha hand cream that I love love love. Belif was just alright for me. The moisturizer wasn’t as moisturizing as I needed this past winter when I used it so I stuck it aside to try now and I haven’t reached back for it because I love my Moisture Surge too much. I have heard nothing but good things about that hair brand!!!

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