Beauteque Mask Maven April 2017 Review


Yes, I know it’s July. Shut up.

Worth noting, Beauteque had some changes to their shipping starting in in April, but they did at least notify their customers via email and gave us a 15% discount on the next billing to make up for it. I got my April bag in May and bumped up my masking routine a bit to every other day once I got my masks so that I could use them all up before my May bag came in, only to find out that this was the new norm. Beauteque now ships out on the last day of the month, so you’ll get that month’s bag in the following month. Stupid, I know, but at least they’re still fairly reliable when it comes to getting masks to my mailbox.

April’s theme was “Soothing Showers,” and there’s defintely a focus on hydration in these masks, but that’s about all there is to it. Themes aren’t a huge deal for me where this particular subscription is concerned.

Too Cool For School
Egg Cream Mask – Hydration

Some folks who get this subscription will have gotten the pore-tightening version. I’ve tried this one a few times in the past as an occasional treat, since Sephora sells these (for a bit more), so I know what to expect, and I know I’ll repurchase it. It is just as you’d likely expect from an eggy mask. These always leave my skin incredibly silky and hydrated, and the serum doesn’t dry sticky, so you can mask on the go with this one without worrying about applying something over it. It also smells nice. The mask itself is pretty heavy and comes with a backing. It’s not as heavy as the 100% cotton masks I’ve used, but it’s heavier than most. That said, it stays put just fine and doesn’t have an awkward fit to it. When soaked in the serum, it feels a little like uncooked egg whites– like a slippery poached egg just removed from the pan, only not steaming hot, of course. Some of my other masks are that way, too, but this one just seems particularly noticeable, I think, due to the fact that it’s an egg mask.

My only gripe with the TCFS egg cream sheet masks is that they’re really, REALLY drippy, but I’ve found that if I drain the excess serum before removing the mask it’s not so bad when I stick it on my face. (You do this by cutting off a corner of the envelope before opening it, and then squeezing the serum into a bowl or jar. THEN open the mask.) Forgetting to do this beforehand, however, has resulted in a mess on more than one occasion.

I’ll go ahead and say that the $6 Sephora price tag is definitely pushing it in terms of what I’d be willing to pay for a sheet mask, even one that gives me the results that this one does and has enough serum to last me for 2-3 days if I don’t pack it onto my arms and neck and chest. The $4.50 price tag Beauteque puts on it, however, makes me feel a little less dirty.

TT Mask
Hydra-Intense Black Charcoal Mask $2.99

I adore the black charcoal sheet masks. I’ve yet to try one I hated, and this is not an exception to the rule. The mask material isn’t too thick or thin and fits me like a glove. I didn’t detect a fragrance, but the essence is so very rich and thick and hydrating. It must have stayed on a good 30 minutes without drying out. It was truly lovely.

There’s not a lot of leftover essence with this one, but I wasn’t left with a few drops, either. It’s just enough to share some love with my chest and neck. It’s a little pricier than my usual $2/mask limit. Nevertheless, it’s definitely going on my list of masks that I would repurchase as an occasional treat.

AM Piggy Head
Sun Moon Lake Instant Repairing Facial Mask (Black Tea) $1.99

This is another brand I’ve never seen before. (Yay for a mask subscription that introduces me to new things!) It also contains black tea, which my skin adores.

Admittedly, I’m not great at guessing the material used for a mask simply by looking at it or touching it. It was nice and thin and lightweight (with a backing that has to be removed), and you almost couldn’t tell that I was wearing anything at all. I don’t think it’s a silk mask, but it certainly feels like one. It clung well. The essence was more watery consistency for this one, and it dried a little sticky, but this has always been something that I don’t mind because I normally will layer a moisturizer or makeup over my mask anyway, and I’ve yet to have an issue with it. If you’re the type to mask in the mornings and not follow up with anything else, it might be a problem. The essence did keep the mask material good and moist for a solid half hour or more, and there was a lot of it leftover.

There’s a reason why I mention leftover serum/essence so often when doing mask reviews. For so long, I didn’t realize that you don’t simply just toss the package after removing the mask. No, no no… That’s doing it wrong. That extra serum is there to be used. You can either give your neck and chest and arms some TLC, or you can save it in a jar or bottle and pat it into your face on following nights to prolong the effects of your mask. Being able to do this adds to the cost effectiveness of the mask, and since this one is priced at around $2/mask on Beauteque’s website and I got at least enough essence to last me for three consecutive nights, that’s a mask well worth my money.

Not to mention, the packaging is adorable. It’s not a deal breaker or maker, but it’s a nice little bonus when I can show off my skin care. I’m definitely interested in trying the other four varieties of this mask– moisturizing, brightening, soothing, and purifying. All of them seem like something I’d use.

Enjoy Vital Up Time- Watery Moisturizing Mask $2.25

I received a different mask from this brand in March.  While I really prefer that Beauteque keeps the new masks coming, there’s also something to say for receiving not only a mask but a brand that I’m already familiar and comfortable with. I already use a few Mizon products, and I love them, but I wasn’t wowed by the mask I received last month– at least not enough to purchase it outright.

This is another tea mask, this time featuring green tea. I don’t think my skin cares one way or another. It loves tea. Like the other mask, it’s nicely fragrant, but I don’t really purchase masks for aromatherapy. I just see it as a nice bonus, and this mask is priced a little higher than other tea masks I already love.

Real Big Yogurt One Bottle (Plain) $1.99

I’m definitely familiar with this brand. I’ve used some masks from them before, but it’s been a while for me. The mask material is super thin and clings well. (Silk? I can’t tell, but if you like silk masks, you’ll like this one.) And the watery essence smells like vanilla yogurt, emphasis on vanilla!

I can’t say that it brought anything extraordinary to the party, but it’s priced well enough that I’d use it on a regular basis for some vanilla-scented hydrating goodness.

Waterfull Moisture Ampoule Mask $2.50

This featured a particularly thick essence, and quite a bit of it. I had some trouble getting it all massaged into my face and neck and chest– and even my arms! But I did find it very hydrating, and it smelled like the ocean. For hitting just over my $2 mark, though, I expect a little more, and it did dry super sticky. I’ll use it if I get it again, but I’m not a fan.

Banana SSUL Mask Pack (Cucumber) $2.50

Here’s another brand/mask I got back in March, though a different variation. I’m loving the packaging on all of the NOHJ masks I’ve gotten so far. It’s holographic, something you can’t really see from the picture, and the artwork on the banana masks in particular makes me smile. And I’ve really liked all of the NOHJ masks I’ve tried so far.

Latte Mask $1.99

This seems fun. It contains coffee extract. It smells like coffee, too! This would be great for first thing in the morning, since I love that smell. Outside of that, it did pack the usual sheet mask hydrating punch, and my skin definitely seemed a bit perkier.

N.M.F. Aquaring Ampoule Mask Ex. $3.00

This is another well-known brand, though I think this might be my first time trying one of their masks. My expectations were high, but in the end I was less than impressed. In fact, it seemed like it was kind of a drag compared to the other masks included this month. Considering the price tag on this one, I doubt I’d purchase it on my own, though I’d use it if I got it in another Mask Maven bag.

The value of my bag this month comes to just over $23 based on Beauteque’s prices. Pricing of course varies when purchasing Asian beauty products, but since this is Beauteque’s bag and they make the products available on their site, those are the prices I’ll use. As usual, the retail value is just above what I paid for the subscription and shipping. That’s what I expect from them, since I primarily keep this subscription for the curation rather than the value.

Beauteque Mask Maven is $15/month + shipping, and like I’ve said… You can skip from month to month, or even switch to the BB bag if you like. I think it’s a great subscription for trying out new masks and seeing what you like. If you are interested in subscribing, you can do that here.