Random Monday thoughts…

I only recently realized I have a digestive intolerance to eggs. There’s nothing I’ve found so far to help with it aside from just avoiding eggs, and this breaks my heart. I love eggs. Every Christmas, I love to make eggs Benedict. Hard boiled eggs are one of my favorite go-to grab-and-go proteins. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to bother me when I eat baked goods or pasta, which contain eggs. I’m guessing this has something to do with the way the proteins are broken down during the cooking process. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so I have no clue.)

I had two recent run-ins with my delicious but indigestion-inducing nemesis. The first was as Panera Bread, which has become a favorite stop for a quick soup/salad/sandwich since one was opened near my home. I had this wonderful Southwest chicken salad, and I didn’t think anything of it, but about twenty minutes later I was feeling it. I didn’t even realize what it had been until I commented to my husband that it felt like when I have eggs, and then I thought to check the ingredients… Sure enough, egg yolk. (Dammit!) So now I have a delicious salad that I have to put on my “foods to avoid” list. At least they have several other lovely selections.

The second one was while eating at a local Japanese restaurant. For years I’ve not put two and two together as to why I always have rotten indigestion after going to a Japanese steak house. I ADORE Japanese food, so avoiding it entirely ain’t gonna happen. For whatever reason, I didn’t put two and two together until this past week: the egg in the fried rice. I’d just been happily chomping down on it for years without even considering it. Thankfully it’s just an intolerance and not a full blown food allergy. I’d be terrible at living with a food allergy.

Yes, I have actual posts coming up. April and May and parts of June are quite frankly my busiest time of the year, and I haven’t really felt like sitting down to write. I have however been keeping up with my subscription reviews, and I’ll probably post my April/May Mask Maven and my May/June Sephora Play reviews as a two-month thing as soon as I’m done testing out my latest shipments– which by the way have gotten to me. I’m also working on a review of my new holy grail warm weather moisturizer, and that should be out in a day or so.

I need to frisk up my diet. I’m getting bored with the same old things, but I don’t want to overdo it, either. I have a 1500-1800 calorie diet with three meals and three snacks, so if anyone has suggestions… I’m open to them. I’ve been hounding Pinterest lately.

Homeschooling has been going great. We just finished up fifth grade, and after a year and a half of catching up in certain areas, we’re finally where I want to be. I could technically keep up the faster pace, and so could she, but I really and truly feel like we could both use a break, so we’re going to take a small step back this year and enjoy a more relaxed pace. No more doubling up on math and language arts means that we can spend more time doing cool builds and science labs, which I know will appeal to my daughter.

I also feel a lot more comfortable with homeschooling than I did when I first started out. I feel more independent. I’m ditching the more comprehensive cover school I was using (for now) and using something a little more hands off. The one I was using has some excellent programs for high schoolers, and I think I might want that for when we’re in high school, but for now I was just shelling out $420/year to give myself more work. It didn’t cover the cost of field trips, and most of the co-ops just didn’t appeal to us. The rest– taking attendance, keeping records of what lessons we were doing, grading, etc.– I can do on my own without having someone else to turn them in to. So for now, I’m going to to with a $20/year option that handles a small amount of paperwork for me and gives me a school name to have my child enrolled in, and that’s pretty much all I need, though they do offer a little bit more.

I’ll have at least one small post up tomorrow. Until then, I’m going to grab myself a bottle of Fireball and some Milo’s sweet tea and see what happens.

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  1. I am so intrigued by home schooling. I dont know if I could do it, I would have a lot of anxiety surrounding it but I think that it could be such a good thing. Public schools aren’t my favorite thing right now. And it is something I am going to have to start thinking about soon.

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    1. I won’t lie. It’s incredibly intimidating at first because there’s SO MUCH information out there that you can get overwhelmed. Maybe I should do a post on how to get started homeschooling… Something like that would have been incredibly helpful for me.


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