Beauteque Mask Maven March 2017 Review


I really feel like I’m back in the swing of things with Beauteque Mask Maven every month. (I’m really wanting to try out their Beauty Box as well, but I still have quite a stockpile.) I love that I can get a fun curation of masks every month, many of which I might not have even heard of or thought to try, and it tends to cost me roughly $2/mask (about what I’d normally pay anyway) while also being completely skippable from month to month if I get a little backed up.

Mask Maven would probably be my second favorite subscription service right now– right behind Japan Crate, but that’s food, so it doesn’t count.

Starting this month, I’m going to be doing things a little differently with my subscriptions. I’m not going to merely be doing an unboxing. I’m going to do a full review. In other words, it’s going to take me a little longer to get these up, because I’m going to have tried everything before I post a review. Hopefully, that should give a better idea not only of what you’d get in the subscription but also what to expect from the products included.

Each Mask Maven comes in a lovely sheer drawstring bag (which does make a nice gifting bag, if you want to reuse it) and a card that tells you about that month’s theme as well as a brief description of the masks included.

Pure Skin Essence Mask Sheet – Pearl and Snail
$2.49 each

I’ve had the regular Essence Mask Sheets from Esfolio in the Snail and Pearl varieties, and I wasn’t incredibly impressed. In fact, I noted that they were “stinky” in my skincare journal back when I tried them.

These are 100% cotton masks, which mean they’re heavier than some other materials, but that doesn’t particularly bother me. I actually like 100% cotton masks. These fit me darn near perfectly, and are soaked nicely in plenty of essence, with a lot left over. (This can be used to either give your neck and chest and arms some TLC or can be saved and used the next day.)

I’m sad to say that both masks were no less fragrant. The pearl mask was more floral and pleasant than the snail mask, but it was still so heavily scented that it overwhelmed my entire bathroom. This is probably not the brand to go with if you’re sensitive to heavy perfumes. The snail mask was still nicely cooling and soothing, though, as snail is. Smell aside, my skin gets weirdly sensitive and angry at me now and again after a day in the sun (no, not sunburn), and this ended up being just the thing to calm it down. The pearl was nicely hydrating and soothing, and there was noticeable brightening.

Collagen Mask- Age Defying $1.99

I got a Cacao mask from the same line last month. This one features Vitamin E, green tea, and tropical fruit extracts. I didn’t notice much in the way of fragrance, but my skin does seen to love tea. I think, however, that the Nature Republic masks I got last month might be my go-to for now.

My Beauty Diary
Tranexamic Acid Treatment Mask $2.25

My Beauty Diary has certainly made a name for themselves when it comes to masks, which is why it stays near the top of my Amazon Prime wishlist for when I need to grab more. I haven’t tried this particular one before, though.  I’m not very familiar with transexamic acid, but this mask is supposed to brighten. This was a little oversized for my face, and I didn’t notice much brightening, but it was literally dripping with essence and was very hydrating.

Enjoy Vital Up Time- Soothing Mask $2.25

I’m already a huge fan of the Mizon brand. It’s a little pricey compared to some of the other brands I like, but the products are always worth it. I’ve not tried their masks before, though. This one contains lavender and hyaluronic acid, and I adore the fragrance of lavender.

This provided lots of lovely aromatherapy, and it was hydrating as every sheet mask I’ve tried has been, but I was otherwise unimpressed. I don’t mask for aromatherapy, so this one goes under my “use if I have it but will not purchase” category.

Pearl Modeling Mask $2.80

This is a golden foil mask, which is intriguing to me, because I’ve never used one. It’s a black material mask with silver foil on the outside to keep it from drying out as quickly. This contains some lovely brightening ingredients as well as witch hazel, which acts as an astringent and is an ingredient my skin responds well to. The combo of detox and brightening is something I really like. I wasn’t crazy about the fit, but the packaging does have TONS of leftover serum for later use or (as I used it) treating your arms and neck and chest to a little TLC. The serum dried down fairly matte compared to most other masks, and was a little stick at first but wasn’t a huge issue underneath my moisturizer. I could see it being a great morning masking option, even though I mostly mask at night.

Despite the fit, this mask was a huge hit for me. I’m in love, and I will absolutely purchase it again, though it appears to currently be sold out on Beauteque’s website. It’s available through Amazon (not Prime), but shipping will take a while. This is one is definitely holy grail status for me, in any case, so I hope it’s not going to be too hard to get my hands on.

Banana SSUL Mask Pack (Green Tea) $1.99

The packaging on both masks pictured above has the same cool holographic look as the last NOHJ masks that were sent to me, and the obscene Bananaman on this package cracks me up. Subscribers got either the green tea variety or the bamboo, and while I’d be fine with trying out bamboo, I know I love green tea, so I’m glad to have lucked out on this one. The green tea definitely did it’s thing, and there was LOTS of serum. The black material of the mask clung well to my face, though it was a bit short on the sides. I would consider purchasing this again if I didn’t like last month’s Nature Republic tea masks so much better.

Animal Mask – Red Ginseng and Vitamin C + Arbutin $3.25/each

I love fun packaging, and these have some really fun animal prints. These are meant for Beauteque’s March theme, “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb.” I didn’t see a lion variety listed, so I’m guessing the tiger mask was a “close enough” choice.

These are definitely super cute, but the masks really didn’t sit well on my face. (I had to lay down to keep them on.) I can appreciate the novelty, and I’d use them if I got them again, but I won’t be purchasing these on my own. The sheep mask had a nice scent to it– sort of citrusy. I didn’t care for the tiger at all in terms of fragrance. Vitamin C and arbutin are my jam, so I was kinda disappointed that I didn’t like the sheep one more than I did.

The value of my bag this month comes to $22.76 based on Beauteque’s prices, though I could likely find these cheaper in other places. It’s just above what I paid for the subscription and shipping, and I’m happy with this month’s selection– especially since I found what I think might be a new holy grail mask!

Beauteque Mask Maven is $15/month + shipping, and like I’ve said… You can skip from month to month, or even switch to the BB bag if you like. I think it’s a great subscription for trying out new masks and seeing what you like. If you are interested in subscribing, you can do that here.