Review: BONVIVANT Sheet Mask Fiber 101 Kit from Memebox


You know, I was never really a huge fan of sheet masks until I’d fully plunged myself into Asian skincare a little under a year ago. Now I’m addicted. These things are probably the single best part of my routine, leaving my skin so incredibly hydrated and fresh.

They can get expensive, though. This was my initial issue with sheet masking. It wasn’t very wallet friendly. And if you’re an every day masker, that can be a routine that costs you anywhere from $30-100+ every month, depending on what kinds of masks you’re using, and that doesn’t even include the rest of your skincare!

I am so not the kind of person who wants to spend that kind of money, so I look for the best masks I can get at the cheapest price point possible.

Now, I’m not typically an every day masker. It honestly depends on what the weather is like and what my skin is doing. I’m typically pulling out a mask every three days (or 2-3 times per week) and then an extra somewhere in between as needed. Once a week, I use a Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack, which has worked wonders for my skin and costs roughly $1.50 – 2/mask if you buy them in a boxed set. My better masks come from Sephora or Beauteque and can cost anywhere from $3-6/each, but those are used maybe once every two weeks. I also have a Beauteque Mask Maven subscription, which sends me 9-11 masks every month.

I keep a lot of masks on hand, but they don’t pile up. I know what I have, and I generally don’t buy more than I can use up within 3-6 months. My Benton masks in particular are purchased one 10-pack at a time due to Benton’s weird aversion toward preservatives.

So where this leaves me is with providing what I’d call “filler” masks. These are inexpensive masks that really only act to provide extra hydration boosts in between masks while also being a decent enough quality that they aren’t going to dry out before my 20 minutes is up and will fit nicely on my face. There are dozens of sets that can be easily found on Amazon Prime, but lately I’ve been purchasing quite a few of the Bonvivant sets from Memebox.

Bonvivant is one of Memebox’s four house brands and focuses mostly on masking. I’ve tried most of the sheet masks as well as the Mellow Clay masks, of which I’m not a huge fan. (I much prefer my Dr. Jart+ clay masks.) Memebox also has Nooni for their skincare, though I’ve not tried much of it. I do like the little foaming tool, though. Pony Effect and I’m Meme are more makeup focused.

Sheet Mask Fiber 101 Kit

I adore these Bonvivant sheet masks for their value as well as for their quality, and every time I order them, there’s one of these adorable headbands tossed in for free. This particular set has a cat headband, and here’s a better look at it out of the packaging:

I’ve acquired so many of these headbands that I’ve started giving them away in gift bags, but I love them, and I have several spares, too. They’re soft and easy to toss in the washing machine to clean, and they’re great at holding your hair out of your face while you wash it. I think my favorite one is the bear (not included in this particular set) because of the color. While these do wash pretty easily, the white cat one just tends to get makeup all over it when I put it on before washing. In any case, these are both adorable and functional.

This is the bulk of the kit, and that which I have the most experience with. You’ll get a total of 12 of the regular BONVIVANT Botanical Pure Mask Packs (small envelopes). Now, I haven’t noted any miraculous results with these outside of hydration, but these are great for that little “filler” category I mentioned earlier. The material of the masks clings well and stays moist for well past the 20-minute mark, and you’ll notice a variety of textures in the serums and essences used. Some are clear and watery. Some are thick and creamy. Almost all of them will have a good bit of leftover essence in the envelope to either pat in further or stash away for use on the following night.

You’ll also get six of these larger envelope premium masks. Now, these are a good enough quality that I don’t classify them as filler. They pack a bit of a punch to them, and the material in the mask is even better quality than with the small envelope masks. My only complaint is the plastic net backing that you have to peel away from them. It annoys me. I’ve only tried the mint+teatree variety so far, and I’ve loved it.

These are the new guys. HYDROGELS!!! Now, I hate fighting with hydrogels to get them on, but I can’t deny the quality of them. I’ve never met one that’s done my face wrong. Memebox includes three of these to try out.

So let’s recap… For $25, you’re getting a grand total of 21 masks. That’s $1.19 per masks, and it includes six premium quality masks and three hydrogels as well as a bonus headband. Not a bad deal, eh?

These are still available on Memebox’s website if you want to grab one. I know I probably will. Shipping is free with any purchase of $35 or more. Otherwise it’s a $7.50 flat rate, so for $2.50 more I’d just add something to my cart. (I added a tube of my current cleanser, but Bonvivant masks are on sale right now, so you could just add some more masks to your cart. There’s also this additional hydrogel mask set for $10.