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Life has a few important questions: What do I want to be when I grow up? What kind of person am I? What in the hell was I thinking with that outfit in the 90s? Does anyone really understand what’s going on in Sense8? Is it possible for Urban Decay to make a bad eyeshadow palette?

The answer to that last one, by the way, appears to be a no for me so far, but only because I opted out of purchasing the Spectrum palette that everyone seems to hate.

I’ve been doing good with my low buy, but I did decide to catch a few things over the holidays. There are also a couple of palettes I’ve been taking a hard look at, so don’t worry… I’ve not lost my damn mind or anything. 

I’m freaking in love with Urban Decay eyeshadows, and I’m also freaking in love with duochrome eyeshadows. Urban Decay makes some good ones, and so when I saw this palette, I knew immediately that it was one I’d be getting. I already own two of the Naked palettes (2 and 3), and I have never regretted those purchases.


The Afterdark palette is a limited edition release exclusive to Sephora, and will not be available in stores until January 27th. You can, however, purchase it online now. For $49, you get 10 shades (metallics and duochromes, 0.06 oz each) and a double-ended brush. Most of these are either old favorites or similar, but I don’t have most of them because I hate purchasing eyeshadow singles. I definitely prefer palettes, and so this one was made for me.

I’m going to have to beg your forgiveness ahead of time. I’m really bad at taking pictures, and these do very little justice to how pretty it all is.

You should be able to click on the images above for a better look at the packaging.

The packaging is pretty but a little annoying. It’s a shiny, iridescent plastic that is prone to collecting fingerprints extra easily, so I ended up having to go after it with a soft cloth before taking pictures. I feel like I’m ruining it every time I pick it up, so that’s a bit of a bummer. I’m sure I’ll get over it since, like a good man, it’s more about what’s on the inside. It’s good and sturdy, though, and it has a magnetic closure instead of a snap closure. There’s also a mirror that features the UD logo in the bottom right.

The brush is, as mentioned, double-sided. The handle is clear purple acrylic with “UD AFTERDARK” in silver lettering. It’s fine so far, but I feel like that’s probably going to be rubbing off easily. (We shall see.) The bristles are nice and soft and synthetic. The shorter side appears to be for smudging and lining, while the larger side would be good for shading and blending.

All of the shades seem to be UD’s signature formula, so there are no surprises. They’re creamy and well-pigmented and easy to blend. You always get better color and more wear and less creasing with an eyelid primer, but I was able to wear these pretty well even without a primer.

Here are the swatches:

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Alter (metallic white-gold with gold shift) and Scene (light metallic pinky-peach with gold shift) are the top two on the first picture, and as you can see, they’re a bit sheerer than the other colors included. Below that is Supersonic (intense metallic red-copper), Sinful (metallic golden amber), and  Off Duty (deep metallic bronze).

I featured the bottom row in the other picture. From top to bottom, there’s Druggie (metallic purple with violet shift), Backfire (burgundy satin with purple shift), Lounge (brick red satin with green shift), Fringe (bright metallic teal), and Paralyzed (navy with tonal metallic shift). As you can see, there are no mattes in this palette, but

As you can see, there are no mattes in this palette, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great standalone palette. One of the reasons I adore duochromes and metallics is because I can pretty much swipe one on and go without having to create a whole look. I have, however, been enjoying pairing this with my Naked 2 palette as well as using UD’s 24/7 pencil in Perversion as a base, as is done in this tutorial:

All in all, I’m a happy bunny. This might just be my favorite palette right now.


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    1. They do! The tutorial shows a great way to do this by using the 24/7 pencil as a smokey base, and I’ve been playing with that method. I’ve also been using each shade just by itself with a bronzer in the crease and a simple black wing.

      Matter of fact, that’s what I’m doing today using Alter all over the lid, which is perfect with a bold lip. I’m wearing Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in Kimchi on my lips, and it’s working out nicely.

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