November 2016 Kira Kira Crate


In case anyone has been wondering about my wherabouts, I’ve been out of the country for the last week. And of course, when I came back there were freshly delivered boxes on my doorstep. This was one of them.

I’ve been subscribing to Japan Crate for a while now, and they have plenty of variations. I love my Japanese snacks, which is what the original box sends. When I heard that they were coming out with a Japanese beauty box, I had to at least order the first one and give it a shot. Most Asian beauty boxes are strictly K-beauty, so it’s nice to see a Japanese option out there. There’s also the skippable factor to the box. I only add a new product every 1-2 weeks, and I have to get through my stash, so being able to skip rather than contribute to a growing mountain of products is a nice option to have. There’s also a feature on Japan Crate’s site to switch between boxes, so I can get a snack crate one month and a beauty box the next. Prices, however, do vary between boxes.

Kira Kira Crate costs $29 a month and promises a 6-8 full size beauty items directly from Japan with a value of $50 or more. (Normally, with Asian beauty boxes I tend to judge them more on curation than value, but since this has a promised value, I’ll be holding them to task on this claim over the course of this review.)

This is a first box, so of course it’s going to be hard to judge what stays and what goes, but this one did include a lovely booklet detailing all of the items included. It also included an eye makeup tutorial in the back. The Japan Crate snack crate includes a similar booklet, so I think it’s safe to assume for now that this will be a regularly included feature.

Pure Smile
Cherry Blossom Essence Mask
Value ~$2

This is your typical sheet mask. There’s nothing fancy to see here.

As tends to be the case, the best option I could find for these was ebay, and I’ll give a quick warning to anyone purchasing AB products off of ebay. Be careful who you buy from. Make sure you trust the seller. It’s very easy to get scammed or to be sent a fake product. That in mind, it seems the going rate for these is around $2/mask, which is my standard for most masks. Another situation to consider… You’ll usually find all kinds of prices online, often finding cheaper prices in some places, but a lot of times these prices do not include shipping, and that’s something you definitely have to factor in. This is why I purchase a lot of my own items off of Amazon. I don’t like having to do math gymnastics to figure out how I can get the most product for the least amount of shipping. Usually, I find that it evens out okay enough for my taste, but if you’re particularly savvy, then you might want to try some of these other sites. I did find various Pure Smile essence masks on Amazon, but I couldn’t seem to find the cherry blossom mask specifically.

Hello Kitty Eye Patch
Value $9.25 (shipping not included)

I’ll admit to being a little confused with how this is reusable, yet the product claims it can be reused. I’ll have to give it a go. There are four in the pack, and they work by applying heat to the eye area to relieve congestion. After 20 minutes, you put them back onto the tray.

Lip Pack: Peach
Value $4.30

I was actually able to find this on Amazon. It’s available from other sites, but I couldn’t find one with free shipping unless I ordered a mountain of products– something I’m not willing to do.

This is fairly simple. You put the jelly pack on your lips for a few minutes and then remove, patting in the extra essence in much the same way you would with a sheet mask. This being a particularly dry and cool time of year when dry, chapped lips are an issue for me, I can appreciate a lip mask. I doubt it’ll replace my beloved Bite Beauty lip mask, but it’s nice to have in any case.

Peach Face Wash
Value $5.56

I haven’t used this yet since I’m slow adding things to my routine, but I did give it a sniff. It’s nice. This is a foaming face wash, and for me cleanser is cleanser is cleanser. I’m not to picky in this particular category of skincare. All I ask is that it have a respectable pH and cleanse my skin without stripping or damaging it.

Super Exte
Value $7.80


I’m not really into false eyelashes, so I’ll probably either use these for a cosplay or pass these on to someone else. They do have an interesting look, though.

Hotto Mie
Eye Mask
Value ~$8


Unfortunately, I could not find this, but there are reports of similar items for around the price above, so this is more of an estimation on the value. Like the Hello Kitty patches above, this works by applying heat to the eye area.

Yuza Bath Tablets
Value ~$3

Again, I couldn’t find this for sale online, and the closest thing I could find was on ebay.

Family Honey Soap
Value $4.44

It’s a bar soap, which I don’t really much use. My daughter and husband do, however, so this won’t go to waste.

I’m a little disappointed. These aren’t items I’m particularly excited about. There’s no “wow” factor going on for me here. There’s also the question of retail value on top of that. There’s a lot of talk on reddit about how they only calculate a value of around $25, but I do keep in mind… I don’t live in Japan, and as far as I know there’s nowhere near me that sells this stuff for what you’d pay in Japan. For me, I have to pay for the cost of importing it in some way or another, so it’s worth keeping that in mind. That said, when considering all the sites I’d purchase these things from… I still don’t feel like this is $30 worth of product, much less the $50 promised.

Again, I’m keeping in mind that this is a first box for Kira Kira, so I’ll keep an eye on it, but I won’t be purchasing another crate unless I see improvements


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    1. They’re okay, but if you’re interested, I think right now the better way to go would be purchasing them separately. The box as it is right now doesn’t have the value there.


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