October 2016 Ipsy Review

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Ipsy is a $10 subscription service where each month you will receive a featured makeup bag and five beauty items customized to your profile. These items can be deluxe samples or full size, and they can range in value from drugstore items to higher end. They can be well-known or indie brands. You can get hair care, fragrances, skin care, makeup, and/or tools. It’s always a mixed bag, but they do try to tailor what you’re sent out of that month’s items to what you have selected in your preferences. It’s rare that I’m disappointed, and I almost always find some new thing that I love in these bags. 

You can also review the items you receive, which helps them to better determine what to send you in the future and also rewards you points that you can later redeem for other items. This month being my last month for a while due to product overload, I went ahead and redeemed about 1000 of these points for a couple of items that I’ll get to here in a bit.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Ipsy, you can do so by clicking here. Be aware that there is a waitlist, but you can easily get around it via some social media shares.

This month’s theme was “Black Magic.” It’s a perfect theme for Halloween, and I’m loving the bag (pictured above). This is a really nice quality bag, and the spooky lighting doesn’t do it nearly enough justice. I think my favorite thing here is the cutesy ghost zipper pull.

Liquid Lipstick in Mysterious Mocha Link

Full Size $24.99 
Sample Size 5.5 ml
Retail Value ??? (Personal value of $1)

I’m sure this has a higher retail value, but I have no way of actually pricing it. The sample is a little on the small size, so I can only really give it a personal value at this point. I’ve bought similar tubes for $1, so… To the $1 personal value pile it goes.

I will say that I really enjoyed the formula. The color (which is of course among the browns) is very wearable and full coverage, as you’d expect from a liquid lipstick. It’s comfortable to wear and high shine– not at all drying. I’m even wearing it right now as I type this up. It has a yummy vanilla scent, but no taste that I can detect. It is a little sticky, so to me this is better described as a full-coverage gloss than a liquid lipstick due to shine and texture.

The applicator was also easy to use and dispensed just enough product onto my lips. The packaging is definitely worth mentioning. While I didn’t have this as a feature for the sample, I think it’s cool that the full size includes a built in LED light on the back of the tube so that you can see while applying your lipstick at night. It’s gimmicky, but I still love it.

theBalm Cosmetics
Hot Mama Blush Link

Full Size $21 for 0.25 oz 
Sample Size 0.02 oz
Retail Value $1.68

I’m already a huge fan of theBalm and own several of their products. This is one of those items I will be keeping, though I don’t purchase blush often. (I just have too much of the stuff in my collection already to justify it, and I don’t have any one “holy grail” blush that I feel like I must repurchase. The color is just the right flush of pink with some shimmer to it, and if you’re so inclined, you can also wear it as an eyeshadow.

While packaging has almost never been a deal maker or breaker with me, I do adore all of theBalm’s packaging, and I love how their samples are packaged neatly in a magnetic cardboard mini-palette. It beats the hell out of how Urban Decay packaged their sample.

Pure Brazilian
Leave In Miracle Link

Full Size $26 for 6.78 oz 
Sample Size 1 oz
Retail Value $3.83

I’m not a huge fan of getting hair products in my subscriptions because I’m so damn picky when it comes to hair products. Leave in conditioner, however, is one of those things where I’m not as picky. As long as it does the job, I don’t care. That also means I’m less likely to purchase something expensive in this category. I have plenty of cheap options that work just fine for me.

I probably won’t repurchase this, but it smells nice, and it’ll make a nice addition to my travel bag for the Bahamas.

Ciaté London
Fierce Flicks Eyeliner Link

Retail Value $19

I really don’t use liquid eyeliner that much, and I have enough black liquid eyeliner to last me for the next two years as long as it doesn’t dry up first. This will be gifted.

Kokie Cosmetics
Kokie Nail Polish in Heavenly Link

Retail Value $6

This is an absolutely GORGEOUS color that is totally wearable for me, but I have lots of polish, so it’s not really… needed. That said, I’m going to toss it in my travel bag while I’m in the Bahamas and give it a thorough testing. (I’ll be taking along some polish removing wipes as well.)

As I mentioned, I used up the points I have remaining on my Ipsy account. This is what I got:

All In One Face Cream Link

Full Size $129 for 1.7 oz 
Sample Size 0.2 oz
Retail Value $15.18

This is one of my holy grail products, but it’s just too damn expensive for me to justify purchasing it, particularly when I can get very similar effects from using one of Benton’s Snail Bee masks 1x per week for the low, low price of around $2 per mask. But that said, when I see it available as a sample, I will grab this in a heartbeat. It’s hands down the best night cream I’ve ever tried for my temperamental skin. This stuff is MAGIC. One use is enough to convince most people, because you do see a difference that quick. The combo of bee venom and manuka honey helps heal any acne and those angry red spots it leaves behind on my face in record time, and the shea butter moisturizes as it seals in all the lovely, lovely hydration my skin needs. When used with a hyaluronic acid product, this stuff kicks ass!

Of course, if you happen to have a bee allergy, steer clear.

REVEAL Concentrated Luminizing Drops in Rosé Link

Full Size $22 for 2-0.23 oz bottles (here
Sample Size 1-0.23 oz dropper bottle
Retail Value $11

I think Ipsy spoiled me with the bareMinerals gloss they sent me. I was expecting this to be a full size for 750 points, but ah well… It was still a nice steal. I’ve been wanting to try these for some time along with the Cover FX version. I like adding a little bit of a glow underneath my foundation, and this will work nicely.

The total retail value of my bag this month was $31.51 without the point redemption items. Those bring the value up to $57.69, not including the bag. Not bad at all.

As I’ve mentioned before, October will be my last Ipsy review for a while. I’m slowly whittling down my beauty subscriptions with the exception of Sephora Play and Mask Maven because those are the subscriptions I can keep up with while working through my stash, and I cheated and decided to go with ONLY the first Kira Kira crate from Japan Crate, because Japanese skincare. Hopefully I’ll be re-subscribing to Ipsy by this time next year, but there are just so many other boxes I really want to try first. In the meantime, I have plenty of individual products that can and will be reviewed.