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There were hiccups, folks. Lots and lots of hiccups.

Over the past two weeks I’ve had three separate packages from three separate companies lost by the USPS. Two of them eventually ended up showing up, but one of them was so late that I ended up losing hope and got a refund before it finally showed up this morning. The other was this one, which was lost on the first try and then, after finally getting in touch with Memebox, they sent me a replacement super duper fast. I did get my box, but since I don’t necessarily sheet mask every day, I’m going to be wearing monster-themed sheet masks well into Thanksgiving.

Let me take some time out, though, to really praise Memebox customer support (and to gripe a bit). I pre-ordered this back on 9/23 and expected to get it around the first part of October. When others started getting their boxes and mine showed as still processing, I got worried and contacted customer support. My only real beef is that you must contact them either by email or text, and it took nearly a week for them to get back with me. As far as I know, there’s no faster method. I was this close to giving up and calling my credit card company to dispute the charge. I finally got an email back on Monday asking if I wanted a replacement or a refund, and I stated that if I could get a replacement super quick that I’d take that. Ten minutes later, I had a shipment confirmation in my inbox, and the box was on my doorstep this morning.  Now, THAT’S a fast response.

Problems aside, Memebox remains one of my go-tos for K-beauty, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. They’ve got a wonderful selection of great products and free shipping for any orders over $35. I love the points program. I just might stay away when it comes to anything that’s time sensitive or seasonally themed.

Before I move on to the box, I should mention that this box is sold out and no longer available to purchase. Memebox does however have a nice selection of one-off curated boxes that can still be purchased, and they rotate in new boxes all the time, so you should definitely keep an eye out. And their selection is of course not limited to their boxes. My latest loves, the Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker and It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Vitamin C Effector, were both purchased from Memebox.


Memebox’s Halloween Box
Price: $25
Retail Value: $42

As with most curated boxes, this one came with a card detailing its contents.


One of the good things about purchasing these masks from retailers in the U.S. is that it does spare me from having to Google too much on how to use them. I fully appreciate someone telling me whether or not, for example, I’m supposed to wash this stuff off after using it. That’s a bigger bonus feature than you’d think when all the instructions are written in Korean and the only other language you know aside from English is German. (Ja, ich verstehe und spreche Deutsch, aber nicht sehr gut. Ich lerne.)

You can of course read the full descriptions of these Niveola Fantastic Night Glow Masks in the picture above, so I won’t go into too much detail. The first six masks are supposedly glow-in-the-dark and feature fun designs. All of them are the typical “10-20 minutes and then massage serum into the skin” variety, though they of course have different purposes: Dracula and Spider for brightening, Goblin and Butterfly for anti-wrinkle, and Bat and Zombie for moisturizing.

The Cellpium Vampire Cleansing Mask, on the other hand, is most definitely a wash off. It appears to be one of those fun foaming masks like the one I tried from Beauteque last month (and loved). These kinds of masks tend to be hit or miss, so we’ll see how this one works.


Next up, we have a couple of Dr. 199 selections. The Repairing Ampoule Mask (left) is an anti-wrinkle mask with one of my favorite ingredients– snail mucin. The Monster Halloween Soothing Mask is calming, with chamomile extract.

The way the card is written, it appears that the Dr. 199 masks are also from Urban Dollkiss, though I don’t see the name on the packaging. In any case, these four definitely ARE from Urban Dollkiss, and they have the potential to be my favorites in this set.

Working from left to right, the Honey Moist mask is exactly as the name would suggest. It’s a hydrating mask with honey, propolis, and caviar– all things I adore. Bees and snails are definitely among my favorite members of the animal kingdom right now, so this one will be put to good use. The Tea Tree Blemish mask is also exactly as the name would suggest, using tea tree extract to calm down inflammation. (Tea tree is also one of my go-to ingredients.) The 3-Go Soothing mask contains aloe, and the 3-Go Collagen mask contains collagen. There really are no guessing games going on here.


Of course, what would a Halloween box be without treats to go with the tricky masks? The box also includes some cute stickers (which my daughter claimed within about 10 seconds of the box being opened), and there are some cream filled cookies (which I claimed before she could grab them). I’ve had these cookies several times before, and you can easily find them or something like them at most Target stores. I was supposed to get a chocolate flavor and a matcha (green tea powder) flavor, but I got chocolate and strawberry instead. I won’t complain too much. All the Japanese snacks I get have made me matcha-crazed, but I’ve had both chocolate and strawberry-filled versions of this snack, and I love them both.

I can’t seem to find these masks elsewhere on Memebox’s site, so it’s hard to argue with their pricing ($2-4 RV per mask), but when it comes to mask sets, I generally will determine whether or not I got a good deal by whether or not I paid around or less than $2 per mask. There are 13 masks here, and I paid $25, which means I paid just under $2 per mask. I’m good with that, and besides… I got this mostly for the fun monster-themed curation, and I got some bonus cookies out of it!


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