Beauteque Mask Maven September 2016 Review



Beauteque Mask Maven is a monthly subscription. For $15 and $3.95 shipping, you get a curated bag of 9-11 masks (usually sheet masks). That’s enough to fill up the month for anyone who does two, sometimes three masks per week, which is nice because you’ll always have a variety of sheet masks on hand. Should you find something you like and purchase a bundle of your own, you can skip a month with Beauteque and take time to try it all out without ended up buried underneath a pile of unused sheet masks.

This last part is something I’m going to be taking advantage of in the next couple of months. I ordered a couple of mask sets from Memebox this month and should have plenty to last me into December, so I decided to put my Mask Maven on hold until then. I will, however, be reviewing the other two sets in the meantime.

Each bag comes with a card detailing each mask and how to use it. This month had a couple of new surprises for me. 1. Every mask I received in my bag was available for purchase on Beauteque’s website. This was something I’d previously grumbled about regarding Mask Maven, that sometimes they’d include masks that weren’t available to purchase on their site and that some of them could even be really hard to track down. 2. This month included a cute little 30-day schedule full of tips, fun ideas, and suggestions on when to use which masks. I’m totally going to be following this, because it looks like it’ll be a super fun to get through the masks they’ve sent me!


VITABLUE Injection Mask
$3.50 Link

I’ve seen these injection masks all over the place, but I’ve never tried one before. I’m fascinated because there’s a bit of DIY involved here. Apparently, keeping the ingredients separate prevents oxidation and keeps the serum fresh right up until it goes on your face! (Okay, mostly I’m excited about the DIY bit.) This one sounds nicely hydrating, with snail mucin, aloe, and hyaluronic acid. There’s also a nice Vitamin C kick!

Lifting Ice Cold Mask – Acai Berry
$4.99 Link

This is supposed to be the first mask I try out according to Beauteque’s 30-day planner, and I’m really looking forward to it. I plan to pop it in the fridge for a few minutes beforehand, too. This is a moisturizing and anti-aging bio-cellulose mask (read: gel), which I kinda have a love/hate relationship with. I hate getting the things on my face, but I love how it clings to my face and how great it feels, and I love the results. So it’s worth fighting a gel mask for a bit before I stick it on my face.

F+C Skin-RX Facial Firming Mask (Not Pictured)
$2.39 Link

Yes, I forgot to take a picture of this one, for some reason, and I’m too darn lazy to go take it now that I’ve sat down and started this blog post.

This would be the second Saference mask I’ve tried out, with the other one being a nice alternative for a more expensive Dr. Jart+ favorite of mine. The entire line is 5 free and boasts clinical results with natural ingredients.


Calming Intracell Sleeping Mask
$2.60 Link

I’m also already familiar with the NOH:J brand, thanks to Mask Maven. This is a “clear cellulose tencel sheet” mask, and I have no idea what that means. Is it another gel-type mask? I’m going to find out, by golly! This one is supposed to be super relaxing, with a coffee and lavender scent. (I’m already sold.) It also contains all sorts of goodies, such as lemon and tomato extract, aloe, and green tea.

Black Intracell Boosting Mask
$2.60 Link

Another type of mask that I keep seeing but haven’t tried… This is one of those foaming masks. I figure that’s more of a gimmick than anything, but it still looks like it’d be a ton of fun. It’s also not one of the clay masks that people complain are hard to remove once they’ve done their thing. It’s supposed to be exfoliating and contains orange peel and tangerine peel extract, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to smell that. I love citrus!


Essence Mask Sheet – Snail
$1.99 Link

I’m pretty sold on snail. Honestly, you could stick a snail on my face, and I’d be happy at this point. I’ve marveled at every snail product I’ve tried. Snails truly do have magical wonder snot.

Essence Mask Sheet – Pearl
$1.99 Link

Pearl powder is another of those ingredients that you see a lot in K-beauty, but for me it hasn’t really taken hold as much as the snail. Maybe it’s because I feel like I don’t need as much brightening as others might, but it does have a nice calming effect on my skin. I think at this point I’m starting to zero in on what works best for me, and while I appreciate a nice variety, I think if I had to stick to just a few kinds of masks it would be bee, snail, hyaluronic acid, and tea– in that order, though bee and snail are tied.


Annie’s Way
Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Silk Mask
$1.99 Link

I always feel so luxe when using a silk mask, just because it’s silk. Obviously with an ingredient like hyaluronic acid in the name it’s going to be a hydrating mask, which is one of those things that makes my skin super happy and less oily.

Annie’s Way
Tea Tree Anti Acne Silk Mask
$1.99 Link

I’m all about tea tree, too. It’s done wonders for my skin in all kinds of products, which is why I was so excited to start trying out my LJH essence this week. (And spoiler… I LOVE IT!) It really seems to keep down inflammation for me, soothing existing acne flareups and preventing more.

I won’t get into the full retail value with Mask Maven. You can calculate that yourself, and chances are that you’ll find all these masks in various places with all kinds of pricing. It’s fine for me, as I typically come out at about $2 per mask regardless, and the real reason I get Mask Maven is for the curation so that I can try brands and masks that I wouldn’t have otherwise tried.

This is probably my favorite curation so far, partially due to the fact that I can easily find and purchase anything here that I really like. There’s not a single thing here where I feel like I’d want something else. There are a couple of fun newbies here that I’m excited to try. And the 30-day planner, while not technically needed, just adds a bit of extra fun to the whole thing. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to this more than my Halloween masks that Memebox is sending me, and I might just be wearing spooky character masks during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving!