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Yes, yes… I’m late yet again. Here we are in September (and anxiously awaiting September subscription boxes and bags), and I’m just now getting up my August Sephora Play review. Sorry about that, guys. It’s been hectic around here. I’m going to work on being snappier.

Sephora Play is just $10/month for five deluxe samples and one bonus perfume sample. There is a waitlist, but that’s not as dire as it used to be. Sephora opens up that waitlist quite regularly now, so it’s really just a matter of keeping an eye on the site and being quick with the ol’ mouse trigger finger. Recently, Sephora has started offering variations on things like skin care based on your profile, so if you’re a member be sure to fill that out. It’d really stink if you have oily skin but got a moisturizer that better suits dry skin.

As you might guess, this is the sort of box that is perfectly tailored to someone who regularly shops for Sephora and loves higher end cosmetics. From website to store, Sephora encourages exploration beyond simply opening a box and trying out samples. The website provides video tutorials and tips as well as links to all the products and a fun monthly playlist. Everything in this box is available in full size at your local Sephora and/or on their website. If you’re a Beauty Insider, then your subscription goes toward your VIB/Rouge status, and you’ll get your 10 points for each and every box. The Play Pass you see above also entitles you to an extra 50 points with any in store purchase at both freestanding stores and at Sephora inside JC Penny. You’re also highly encouraged to visit the store for tips and tutorials regarding the products featured in that month’s box, and lucky subscribers near a participating Sephora can sign up for a Play Date meetup!

August’s theme was “The Eye Openers” and because of that you can probably guess the sort of things that were included. Each box includes a unique drawstring bag for that month’s theme and a pullout detailing everything that’s included and giving tips on how to use it. Supposedly, you can scan this with the Sephora app to get even more information, but I’ve yet to get this to work. Still, this is a great resource to have if there’s a product you’re unfamiliar with. Even if you are familiar, you might find a tip or two you’ve not heard before.


Resveratrol Lift Eye Lifting Balm Link

You know I did my eye cream dance. Can a girl have too much eye cream? I argue that no she cannot. I have a pile that I probably won’t manage to get through for a good year, and yet I want more.

Caudalie is one of those brands I’m highly familiar with. I’ve used one of their other eye creams in the past and loved it. I’m sure I’ll love this one just as much (and will do my best to get a review out when I do). I’m going to note the size here, as well… This is a pretty hefty size for an eye cream sample. The last one I got from them was about this same size and took me at least a couple months (maybe longer) to use up, if I remember correctly. At a nearly $20 retail value and about 1/3 of a full size, this was also the most expensive item included in my box.


Énergie de Vie The Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Moisturizer Link

I love me some Lancôme, and I have a vanity full of their products. This is one of the newer ones I haven’t tried– a liquid moisturizer. I have super oily yet dehydrated skin, and summertime is just the worst when it comes to finding something that’s nice and hydrating but not too heavy. This seems like it’s perfect for me during the summertime months, which is why it instantly got bumped up in my skincare testing schedule. If for whatever reason I don’t get to it by the time weather starts to cool, it should be fine to last me until spring or to take with me on a trip to warmer climates.

Artist Shadow Eyeshadow in shade I-544 Link

I’ve never tried MUFE’s eyeshadows before now, so this was a treat. This wasn’t as brown as the photo suggests. It kind of falls between a brown and a plum with just a touch of glittery shimmer (swatched below). It’s a pretty neutral to use in that in-between phase of summer/fall, and I think it would be flattering for just about anyone.

The texture is smooth and velvety but not quite as creamy as my Urban Decay shadows. I did use a primer with this when trying it out, so I can’t speak to how it applies or sticks around without one. I noticed almost no fallout, despite what I’d expect from anything that has even a hint of glitter in it. It’s nicely pigmented and did not require any building at all. It also blended easily with the color I placed in my outer corner and crease and looked gorgeous from the moment it was applied until I took it off.


Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Flirting Game Link

Like the MUFE shadow, this taupe is a nice and neutral color. I’ll admit that with Sephora’s own brand of cosmetics it’s been a little touch and go. I’ve had mostly misses, but there have been a few products (concealer, lip gloss, and brush cleaner) that have really impressed me. This turned out to be one of those products I loved.

This goes on super duper creamy, and it’s pretty darn budge-proof. After I swatched it, I tried to rub it off and even used a bit of water, and it stayed put until I got out the micellar water. At that point, it finally surrendered and wiped away with ease. So not only does it stay on, but it also comes off easily when you want it to.

What really surprised me was how well this stayed put in my waterline, even in comparison to Urban Decay’s beloved 24/7 pencil (the regular one, not the devil’s eye pencil). Of course this didn’t stick around all day. I’ve yet to find a pencil that will. But it did stay for several hours, and when it did finally need reapplying there were no telltale smudges underneath my lower lashes. Oh yes… THIS shall be purchased in full size in Black Matte. If only it was available in a non-shimmer white…

Swatches of MUFE’s Artist Shadow in I-544 and Sephora Contour Eye Pencil in Flirting Game


Urban Decay
Perversion Mascara Link

My days of being less than excited about all things mascara are over. I’m actually quite happy to get the samples these days, as they tend to last me for a good couple of months, and by then it’s time to toss it anyway. Thanks to subscriptions, I can’t remember the last time I purchased a tube of mascara.

I’m a huge fan of almost all things Urban Decay when it comes to eye makeup. Urban Decay’s Perversion is known to be one of the blackest black eye pencils you can get, if not THE blackest. This mascara is supposed to live up to that name. The wand seems to be your standard variety with no special features.  While I think Benefit’s They’re Real mascara has my favorite wand design, I also heavily appreciate something simple that doesn’t have itty bitty barely there bristles.


Reserve Blonde Rose Link

As I pointed out earlier, Sephora includes a bonus perfume sample in every box that does not count against your five regular samples. Normally, I hate perfume, but it’s surprised me just how much I’ve started looking forward to these little gems every month. I’ve loved every single fragrance they’ve sent me, and this is definitely no exception. Not to mention, these little spray vials are perfect for tossing into my purse and taking with me on the go. (To whomever started doing that with perfume samples… THANK YOU!!!)

This is supposed to be reminiscent of a bubble bath, and I really can’t think of any better way to describe it. It really does smell like a rose-scented bubble bath! Right now, Sephora has a nice surprise baggy full of deluxe samples with purchase, and Beauty Insiders are getting 2-4x the points on all purchases through September 17th, so while I can’t see myself plopping down $90 on a full size, I could absolutely go for the $25 travel size.

Here’s how everything breaks down:

The retail value of everything included, not counting the Play Pass or the bag, is over $40. Considering I paid $10 for the box, I’m happy. Everything here will be used.

If you’d like to subscribe to Sephora Play, you can click here.

2 thoughts on “Sephora Play! August 2016 Unboxing

  1. I am seriously considering switch from the Allure box to the the Sephora one after sort of another disappointing month for me. It’s $5 cheaper and at least they change up the brands. Everything in my Allure box this month I have had at least 2 or 3 samples of the brands in recent boxes. I am tired of that. I like the mascara, shadow and liner that you got and you are right, you can never have too much eye cream!


    1. I seriously recommend Sephora Play, and I think they’ve got their subscription open today if you want to check. I’ve been loving it, though to be fair it looks like (from the spoilers) my September box will be a dud for me due to the variation on moisturizers. A lot of people got the Dr. Jart+ Water Drop moisturizer, which I’d have loved. It looks like I’ll be getting the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation, which has previously wreaked havoc on my skin, so I know upfront that I’ll be getting at least one item I can’t use.


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