Skincare Diary: September 11, 2016

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This past week, I really wanted to give myself a chance to use up at least one of my tinier samples, and as you can see… I was able to get that accomplished. That’s pretty much the only thing I intended to do here, but I ended up loving the consistency of this sunscreen so much, I’m considering purchasing a full size to give it more of a full go. My only real issue is that I used it on top of a separate moisturizer, and my skin is so oily during summer months that I really probably shouldn’t have done that. It could probably be used by itself (for me) as a moisturizer, so if I give it another go, that’s what I’ll do.

I ended up giving my Yes to Tomatoes to my husband. He was out of facial cleanser, and I have A LOT of cleansers in my stash to get through. Since I know how it works for me, I was willing to part with it so that he could help me use up some product. I have my already tested and approved Julep balm ready to go, and my Peter Thomas Roth cleanser is on standby.

I also finally used up that RoC serum, which technically expired in July but never actually changed in consistency or smell, so I figured it was good enough to finish up. Because of that, the Garnier peel with AHA and Vitamin C got bumped up in my testing schedule.

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So here’s what’s going on in the next couple of weeks. Again, I’m staring the Garnier peel this coming week. It contains both AHA and Vitamin C, so I’m cutting the Equitance on those nights so that I’m not really overdoing it. This is probably going to change further. The problem areas around my chin have gotten a bit worse, and I suspect it’s because of the Vitamin C, so I might cut that down to more of an every other night thing.

Despite my usual “first in first out” policy, I also bumped up some products that I really wanted to get to while the weather is still warm. In Alabama, that’s until about halfway through October, so I have some time. My Skyn THE ANTIDOTE day cream and Belif’s Aqua Bomb (which I’ve tried before and loved but not introduced by itself) are getting priority as a result. Because of the situation I mentioned earlier with the La-Roche Posay sunscreen, it’s likely that I’ll use these both as night creams and skip out on using a day cream (aside from the ones with SPF), since sunscreens tend to be moisturizing enough for me during the day. Expect this schedule to change as a result. That nice little tingle from the Skyn cream would be nice first thing in the morning, but it could be refreshing at night, too.

Those creams are followed by the LJH essence, since I really want to get rid of the NYX. If I use up the NYX sooner than anticipated, this product will of course be bumped up.