Beauteque Mask Maven September 2016 Review



Beauteque Mask Maven is a monthly subscription. For $15 and $3.95 shipping, you get a curated bag of 9-11 masks (usually sheet masks). That’s enough to fill up the month for anyone who does two, sometimes three masks per week, which is nice because you’ll always have a variety of sheet masks on hand. Should you find something you like and purchase a bundle of your own, you can skip a month with Beauteque and take time to try it all out without ended up buried underneath a pile of unused sheet masks.

This last part is something I’m going to be taking advantage of in the next couple of months. I ordered a couple of mask sets from Memebox this month and should have plenty to last me into December, so I decided to put my Mask Maven on hold until then. I will, however, be reviewing the other two sets in the meantime. Continue reading “Beauteque Mask Maven September 2016 Review”

Sephora Play! September 2016 Unboxing


Seems like yesterday I was posting my August unboxing, and here we are with September. Of course, that’s mostly because I was late posting August’s box, but we’ll overlook that for now.

Sephora Play is just $10/month for five deluxe samples and one bonus perfume sample. As you might guess, the box includes items sold at Sephora stores. The samples can be tiny, but if you’re a Sephora shopper, they’ll include brands you might actually be inclined to buy. If you’re interested in signing up, you can click here to do so. Yes, there’s a waitlist, but you do see them open this up quite frequently these days. Just keep an eye out and keep trying, and you should eventually find a window. Continue reading “Sephora Play! September 2016 Unboxing”

Skincare Diary: September 26, 2016

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Yes, I went a little nuts with everything. Sort of.

First off, I completely scrapped my previous idea to use this round to introduce my peel. Turns out, I don’t really think I need it. With all the other acids I put on my face and my regular use of a konjac sponge, my skin hasn’t gone dull not once in these past two weeks without the assistance of an AHA product, so I’ll wait a little bit before I worry with it. Instead, I moved on to that Skyn day cream I’ve been jonesing to try out. (I love it, by the way.) Continue reading “Skincare Diary: September 26, 2016”

September 2016 Ipsy Review

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Ipsy is a $10 subscription service where each month you will receive a featured makeup bag and five beauty items customized to your profile. These items can be deluxe samples or full size, and they can range in value from drugstore items to higher end. They can be well-known or indie brands. You can get hair care, fragrances, skin care, makeup, and/or tools. It’s always a mixed bag, but they do try to tailor what you’re sent out of that month’s items to what you have selected in your preferences. It’s rare that I’m disappointed, and I almost always find some new thing that I love in these bags.  Continue reading “September 2016 Ipsy Review”

Review: Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Anti-Sun Damage Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30


I’m not one of those bloggers who always gets companies sending them free stuff, but I do keep myself active on a few different product promotion websites, and occasionally one of them will send me a little something in the mail to try out, review, and hopefully promote via social media and my blog. It’s just one of those things companies do to get their products out there in sea of similar products. With the cosmetics industry being the behemoth it is, you really do have to shine to be able to succeed, and this is one way they get folks talking about that thing they’re making and would really like for you to buy. Continue reading “Review: Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Anti-Sun Damage Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30”

Sephora Play! August 2016 Unboxing



Yes, yes… I’m late yet again. Here we are in September (and anxiously awaiting September subscription boxes and bags), and I’m just now getting up my August Sephora Play review. Sorry about that, guys. It’s been hectic around here. I’m going to work on being snappier.

Sephora Play is just $10/month for five deluxe samples and one bonus perfume sample. There is a waitlist, but that’s not as dire as it used to be. Sephora opens up that waitlist quite regularly now, so it’s really just a matter of keeping an eye on the site and being quick with the ol’ mouse trigger finger. Recently, Sephora has started offering variations on things like skin care based on your profile, so if you’re a member be sure to fill that out. It’d really stink if you have oily skin but got a moisturizer that better suits dry skin. Continue reading “Sephora Play! August 2016 Unboxing”

Skincare Diary: September 11, 2016

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This past week, I really wanted to give myself a chance to use up at least one of my tinier samples, and as you can see… I was able to get that accomplished. That’s pretty much the only thing I intended to do here, but I ended up loving the consistency of this sunscreen so much, I’m considering purchasing a full size to give it more of a full go. My only real issue is that I used it on top of a separate moisturizer, and my skin is so oily during summer months that I really probably shouldn’t have done that. It could probably be used by itself (for me) as a moisturizer, so if I give it another go, that’s what I’ll do. Continue reading “Skincare Diary: September 11, 2016”

Counterfeit Cosmetics: Pretty Evil

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Like a lot of people obsessed with makeup and skincare, I love a good bargain. After all, this stuff ain’t cheap! As a matter of fact, I recently priced everything in my collection simply for my own info, and the total nearly made me sick to my stomach. (Seriously, I’m looking at good skin and great hair and a pretty face for the low, low price of a week-long Caribbean vacation for my whole family.) Now, I don’t pay full price for makeup unless I really, really have to. I wait for sales and buy through sites like HauteLook and use subscription services. I use credit card rewards for purchases. Even then… The price tag on enough body, skin, hair, and makeup products to fill the space underneath a bathroom sink, a couple of drawers, a five-drawer vanity, two organizers, and two very large carrying cases… Well, let’s just say that putting together this post has made me take a serious look at my life choices.

So with that in mind, it’s no wonder that counterfeits can look pretty darn tempting. Who wouldn’t want to pull a pretty new MAC lipstick out of their purse for all to see? Nobody knows but you, right? No harm done, right?

Well, as a matter of fact, you’d be wrong.  Hold on to your butts, because this is going to be a long one! Continue reading “Counterfeit Cosmetics: Pretty Evil”