August 2016 Bulu Box Review


One of the non-beauty boxes that I’m still subscribing to is Bulu Box. Regularly, this is $10/month, but My Subscription Addiction has a wonderful code (MYSUB99) that gives you your first box for just 99¢ and all boxes throughout the duration of your subscription for just $5/month, which is what I pay. Considering the retail value of the average box I get from Bulu Box as well as their points, that’s an AMAZING deal. That’s something I’ll cover later on.

Each box comes with a card detailing the items in your box. As you can see in the upper right corner, Bulu box has a points system similar to the old Birchbox system in that you earn $1 back in credit toward their shop for every item you review. I paid $5 for this box, and I’m getting $6 back in credit just for reviewing everything. Not only am I breaking even right away, but I’m also getting paid an extra dollar– and that’s just for GETTING the box. That doesn’t even include the value of the items they’ve sent me! All of these items are available in their store to purchase at full price if you want to cash out your points, and anything in the current month’s box will ship for free until the 15th of the following month. (For anything else, you’ll need an order of $50 or more to ship for free.)

NeoCell Biotin Bursts
1 Soft Chew
Retail value of sample: $0.72

I’m starting with the smallest items first. These chews are supposed to be good for hair, skin and nails, which is right up my alley. They’re also delicious and actually live up to the word “soft,” unlike some other chews I’ve tried. Full size is $21.59 for 30 chews.

SPORTea® Hot Tea
1 bag
Retail value of sample: $0.50

I go in and out of phases where I’m drinking tea over coffee. Right now I’m going through coffee and ice tea. I’ll probably switch over to hot tea (probably chai lattes) in the morning as soon as cooler weather hits. This one is supposed to act as a kind of energy drink. I’ll give it a try, but right now it doesn’t particularly appeal to me. Full size is $19.99 for 40 bags (2 20-count boxes).


Pure Foods Organic Trail Chips
1 oz bag
Retail value of sample: $0.80

These are on my to-do list for today. I love all things chips, and 80¢ per serving isn’t too terrible if I decide to get the full size. These are labeled as a “wildberry medly,” so I’m thinking they’ll probably be sweet. Anything that’s crunchy and diet-friendly is probably going to be a hit with me.

EDIT: I’m eating these now, and they’re definitely a hit. These are nice and salty and crunchy, and while they’re not really what I’d define as “sweet,” they’ve definitely got just a hint of sweetness in the aftertaste. Full size is $47.88 for 12 5-oz bags.

Fru-Licious Ice Pops
1 pop
Retail value of sample: $0.65

The Fru-Licious brand has been featured for a few months now in my Bulu boxes. I’ve tried freeze dried fruit as well as frozen smoothie pops, both of which I loved and ended up purchasing a full size of. The freeze dried fruit in particular was priced very reasonably in comparison to other brands out there. I expect to be equally delighted with this, as long as my kid or husband doesn’t steal it first. Full size is $12.99 for a 20-count box.


Every once in a while, Bulu Box has sent me full sizes of various supplements, which never ceases to shock me. This month, they sent two.

Cold-EEZE Natural Allergy Relief
Retail value: $11.99

I’m already familiar with the Cold-EEZE brand, and I had no idea that they had some natural alternatives. I’m already on an allergy medicine, but husband doesn’t need to regularly take one, so this will be perfect for him to try out.

Flora 4•Stress
Retail value of sample: $26.69

Considering how stressful the past few weeks have been and the rest of August through September promises to be, I’m happy to have these and see if they actually work.

The value of this box is always there no matter what’s in it because of the points system, but without counting the $6 value of the points, this box has a retail value of $41.35. That’s amazing, considering I only paid $5 for everything here. Granted, this isn’t typical for Bulu Box. I normally see values fall in the $10-15 range, but again… Occasionally I’ll run into a box like this where they include full sizes. In any case, the value is definitely there. So if you like healthy snacks and supplements, this is absolutely the box for you.


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