Memebox Summer Masks Bundle

While I’ve talked about how I’ve pulled the plug on a lot of my subscription boxes and been on a low buy due to product overload, I’ve also mentioned that I do plan to keep certain other subscriptions– primarily due to the fact that I’ve transitioned to an Asian-style skincare regimen , though I’m not exclusively using Asian products. While I’m using up my other skincare products, sheet masks are one of those things that I don’t have a heaping collection of, and right now I’m in the mood to try out a nice variety of them, so I’ve been trying out services that deliver curated mask bundles. I’ve also spotted a few bundles on Amazon that I’ve ordered or put on my wishlist for later purchasing. (Right now, I have this one in my collection, and so far I’m loving them.) I’ve already talked about the Beauteque Mask Maven subscription and the bundle of masks I received in June. I skipped July because I got the Memebox bundle, but I’ll be getting another Mask Maven in August. Paying roughly $2 per mask is within the range I’m willing to go, particularly if I’m getting good masks, and I like the curation.

This set was $18 on Membox’s website, though it’s now unfortunately sold out. Membox does however have some other great curated boxes that you can purchase if anything catches your eye as well as other items. They are not a subscription service, but they do carry lots of great Korean beauty products and provide free standard shipping on orders over $35.

Dr. Althea Water Glow Skin Renewal Hydrogel Mask (Amazon/Beautibi/Memebox)

Dr. Althea Essential Skin Conditioner Silk Mask (Amazon/Memebox/TesterKorea)

These premium masks from Dr. Althea typically run at around $4-6 each, depending on where you buy them, though I’m sure you could with a little searching find them at a better price. (One of the issues with buying Asian skincare is that prices can be all over the place, and some of the less popular brands can be hard to find.) I’m loving that these got included in a kit where I paid a little over $1.60 per mask.

Dr. Althea Pore-Control Charcoal Mask (Amazon/Korea Depart/Sasa)

Dr. Althea Water Glow Aqua Ampoule Mask (Korea Depart)

Also from Dr. Althea… I really like the packaging on this brand, likely because it’s so simple. It almost seems like something you’d see if you walked into a spa. From what I’m finding on these two, the charcoal mask is like the mud mask sheets I keep seeing pop up, and the water ampoule mask is a cellulose mask. I’ve not tried any of the mud mask sheets yet, but I did really like the Leaders cellulose masks.

Facezine Volcanic Water Travel Mask (Memebox/HKCPlaza)

Facezine Sparkling water Travel Mask (Memebox/HKCPlaza)

Some assembly required, which to me makes it a little more fun. You apply the ampoule for each mask to the skin as a step 1, then apply the mask for step 2. I can’t wait to give these a try!

Leaders Pore-Scaling Black Aqua Mask (TesterKorea/Amazon Prime/Beauteque)

This is, as the name implies, a pore clarifying mask. I’m already a big fan of Leaders. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them so far, particularly their cellulose masks. I’ve not tried this one specifically, so I’m not sure what material I’ll be dealing with.

Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack (TesterKorea/Amazon Prime/Memebox)

Anti-aging and hydrating. Donkey Milk is a brand I’ve heard a lot of good things about but have never tried.

Naisture 15 minutes: mask pack in Juicy Pomegranate, Cooling Cucumber, and Lovely Strawberry (Amazon Prime)

These are a little hard to find, but I’m glad they’re available on Amazon Prime (in a variety set of 10, no less) in case I like them. At less than $1/each, these seem like a nice mask if you’re one of those every day maskers. (I’m not, but I do have random days when I just feel like slapping on a mask.) They also apparently have a lot of extra essence leftover in the bag, which is nice. I have a jar that I keep leftover essence in and use it for days after I’ve used the mask itself.

I’m not going to do an overall value breakdown because this is one of those boxes that, for me, is more about curation than value. I paid a little over $1.60 per mask, which is within my standard $1-2 or less per mask range. (I’ve gone lower and higher, depending on the mask.) Memebox has clearly sent me some great masks that I look forward to trying out, and I’ll absolutely purchase another mask bundle from them in the future.