July 2016 Ipsy Review

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As I’ve already stated, I did cancel or skip most of my monthly subscriptions for now. I’m on product overload, so while I whittle away at my stash I’m keeping my incoming product down to a minimum. I kept two of my monthly subscriptions: Ipsy and Sephora Play. Those are typically limited to five small samples per month, they’re both only $10 each, and they both have offered the best value in terms of what I pay versus what I get.

I’m also keeping Beauteque Mask Maven but skipping on occasion, since sheet masks are a one time use item and I have no issues using up 9-11 masks from month to month. I’m only skipping that particular subscription when I want to purchase other mask bundles and don’t particularly need a new bundle from Beauteque. This month, for example, I’ve just ordered a TONYMOLY mask set and a summer mask bundle from Memebox. Once those are depleted, I’ll order another bag from Beauteque.

This month’s Ipsy theme is “Hot Summer Nights”. This bag is one of those things that I didn’t think I’d like until I actually had it in my hand. It’s a lot prettier in person, and it’s nice and sturdy. As a lot of folks have noted, there’s a “Resident Evil” vibe to it. I really should have included a shot of the inside of the bag. The zipper and inner lining are a pretty pale pink. The print is cute, but it’s only on the front, and the main silver color has an iridescent sheen to it.

Too Faced
Hangover Replenishing Face Primer Link
Full Size $32 for 1.5 oz 
Sample Size 0.16 oz
Value $3.79

Every month, Ipsy releases a spoiler where subscribers guaranteed to receive one of those featured items. This was the featured item I received. Now, I have plenty of primer on hand, but I have noticed that this is silicone-free and uses coconut water to hydrate. Considering I have very thirsty skin, this is definitely something I’m willing to try out, and the sample is a good enough size so that I can get quite a few uses out of it.

Nunzio Saviano
Anti-Frizz Sheets Link
Full Size $18 for a 15-count box
Sample Size 4 sheets
Value $4.80

Well, this is certainly something I wouldn’t purchase, but I’ll definitely use it. With my dry curls, I do get frizz when I’m away from home, and these will come in handy. That said, you can accomplish the same results by carrying around a couple of dryer sheets in a Ziploc baggie for WAY cheaper than this.

The ANTIDOTE Cooling Daily Lotion Link
Full Size $45 for 52ml
Sample Size 15 ml
Value $12.98

This is supposed to be calming and is targeted toward stressed, oily, acne-prone skin, so I’m definitely the target demographic. This can supposedly also double as a mask. It’s nice and light and cooling, and it’s going right on my testing schedule. There’s a nice little tingle when I first apply it to the back of my hand, so I can’t wait to try it out on my face. It might be a while before I get to it, though. I’ve got a LOT of moisturizers to go through before I get to this one.

Professional Eyeshadow Brush Link
Value $21

I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t even realize Vasanti sold makeup brushes. I already own a few of their skincare products, so this is an interesting discovery. I’m always happy to have more brushes, since I’m kinda rough on the ones I’ve got. I was hoping for the angled brush that Ipsy sent out this month, and I still need to grab one of those, but this will do, too. This has a nice and sturdy handle, and the bristles are soft and densely packed, so it should do really well with packing on the pigment.

theBalm Cosmetics
Meet Matt(e) Trimony Eyeshadow in Matt Kumar Link
Full Size $45 for 21.6 grams
Sample Size .50 grams
Value $0.97

This is one of the items I was trying to get. Last month, subscribers got an eyeshadow sample from Urban Decay or theBalm. Since I’d gotten Urban Decay’s Fireball (and swapped it for Lounge), I wanted one of the matte shades from theBalm. I’d seen the swatches, and I wasn’t disappointed when I tried it out on my arm. This stuff is VERY well pigmented.

I’m a little bummed that I got Matt Kumar (cranberry) instead of Matt Moskowitz (plum), but this still looks like it’ll be a fun shade to wear, and I have plenty of other matte shades that this will go great with.

So here’s the retail value breakdown for this bag:

That’s a great value for a $10 bag. It’s not the highest value I’ve gotten from an Ipsy bag, but I’m not going to complain. Though I personally wouldn’t purchase a couple of the items here, everything will be used. If you’d like to sign up, click here to use my referral link.

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