Allure Beauty Box June 2016 Review


Oh, Allure… I’m not quite sure how to go about reviewing my Allure Beauty Box subscription. June is actually my second month receiving Allure, but because of the fiasco back in May, I didn’t feel right reviewing that particular box for a number of reasons. Since then, things really haven’t improved my overall impression of Allure, and it’s possible that this might be my only review, as I have no idea whether or not I’ll be getting a July box and I honestly don’t feel like sticking around for August, even if I wasn’t currently on product overload.

At the very least, I can cover June, so here we go…

Before you even get started with your products, there’s a magazine that each box includes that tells you a bit about each item, tips on how to use it, and where you can buy it.

7 Wonders Tundra Cranberry Anti-Aging Mask

Full Size $6

I’m already a fan of Leaders and their mask. This is a Korean company, though they do sell in the U.S. I’ve already reviewed this in my weekly skincare recap, but this is basically a gel-like material (bio-cellulose) that fits very comfortably and clings well, staying moist for a very long time. These are quality masks, and while I normally won’t pay more than $2 for a sheet mask, these are a little bit justified due to the material, so I can see myself buying a few of these for a special once-in-a-while treat– especially when I find them on sale.

Blue Lotus Eye Adore Serum

Full Size: $65
7ml Sample Value: $30.33

I’ve gotten this before a couple of times and loved it, but I would never buy the full size. It’s good, but it’s not as good as my current holy grail eye serum from Shiseido. And while I’m willing to pay a pretty penny for the Shiseido serum, I’m not as willing to pay that much for the pur-lisse. Don’t get me wrong… They have really great products. They’re just not good enough (to me) to justify their price tag. That said, the retail value of this item alone– which I will absolutely use– more than pays for my Allure subscription, so I can pretty much count the rest of it as an added bonus.

Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF 30
Full Size: $55
0.5 oz Travel Size Value: $16.18

The size I got is actually sold on their website for $20, so that was easy enough to put a value on, BUT the full size has a lower price per ounce, so I’m going to value it based on that. I haven’t tried this product yet, though it’s definitely tucked away in my stash and will be tested eventually. Again, I really like the pur-lisse brand. I just don’t care for their prices, but a moisturizer with SPF is always appreciated.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk
Full Size: $20
50ml Travel Size Value: $6.67

I was happy to find myself getting this instead of the mango shampoo because, unlike the mango shampoo, I can use dry shampoo on my hair. Like the pur-lisse moisturizer, Sephora actually sells the exact same size as what I got for $10, but the larger one has a lower price per unit, so I’m basing the value on that instead. I can remember using this before and liking it, but I’m wondering if it’s been reformulated. It leaves behind a white powder, which isn’t good for my darker hair, and the spray comes out REALLY STRONG. At least I can use it to clean my makeup brushes…

Kardashian Beauty Cabana Bronze Matte Bronzer
Full Size: $14.99
0.07 oz Trial Size Value: $2.02

I’ve got enough bronzers that I love, and I really can’t stand the Kardashian brand. This was automatically placed in the give/swap box, so I didn’t bother with opening and swatching it.

Julep Nail Polish in Cassidy
Full Size: $14 ($11.20 Maven)

This is a full size polish, and I like Julep polishes. Typically, I get them in my Maven boxes, so they cost me around $6/polish. In any case, I do love the color. If I don’t end up using it, I’ll probably gift it.

Here’s the value breakdown:

That’s a great retail value, considering I spent $15 + tax, and I’ll use a good portion of it. I’d say my personal value (the amount I’d personally pay for everything here that I’d use) is a bit over $30, so that’s still a great value. But as I already stated, this will likely be my last review of Allure unless I get the July box, in which case THAT will be my last review of Allure.

To recap… Back in May, Allure had a particularly good box that a lot of people wanted. I’d subscribed in April before any spoilers had been released, so I figured I’d end up getting the May box since April had been sold out. Toward the end of May once spoilers had been released, there was a HUGE signup and many folks found themselves unable to get the May box. Most were told that they’d have to wait for the June box. Sounds reasonable enough at first glance. Boxes are typically curated in advance, and if something is sold out, it’s sold out. But that’s not what happened.

Turns out, some of those late signups were from older accounts that had let their subscription lapse, and even though they’d logged in to get a box as late as May 28 were released, they were still getting boxes while others who had signed up as early as April 7 were told that they’d have to wait until June. Even some people who had gotten boxes in March and April were unable to get the May box. Later on, Allure came back and said that they’d been mistaken and did in fact have more May boxes to send out and sent those out to some of the people who’d been told they’d have to wait until June, but there were still people who had signed up as early as March who didn’t receive a May box. Meanwhile, Allure’s customer service was telling people all kinds of things. Some people got an apology box for the mixup. Others didn’t. Some were told that other customers were lying about getting an apology box. It was an utter shitcluster. Again, I ended up getting a box, but it was a horrible first impression of Allure.

Fast forward to June… Hardly any spoilers were released until after customers had been billed. Further, there was more “we’ve sold out” confusion, and there are still people who’ve been signed up for months (and who have been billed) who have still not received a box.

Fast forward to July… I’ve gotten the previous two boxes, but now I don’t know if I’ll get July. My account for the past few days shows nothing other than “suspended” for some reason, which I tried to correct twice but when I would relog into my account it would be back to “suspended.” My credit card information is correct, but it hasn’t been billed. The website, which is horribly done, isn’t letting me log in. And with it being a holiday weekend… It’s anyone’s guess, really.

I’m kinda done with Allure. I’ve given it the obligatory three months, and I’m not impressed. The boxes might have great products with great value, but with the combination of a poorly done website, horrible customer service, billing confusion, account issues, and inventory fuckups… I can’t justify giving this company any more of my money.

2 thoughts on “Allure Beauty Box June 2016 Review

  1. I hate that you are having such a hard time with them, I haven’t had a single problem. But I would be frustrated too if I were dealing with all that!!! I got the mango shampoo and I actually really loved it. It is a little thicker for every day use but when I use it my hair is so soft and smells so good. I have had the dry shampoo before and I agree it isn’t m favorite of all I have tried. I got the purple Julep shade and it is on my toes now 🙂 I agree with not wanting to pay that much for those serums and moisturizers from pur-lisse.

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    1. I’ve gotten a small sample of the regular shampoo before, and it smelled nice, but I simply just don’t use shampoo on my hair. It’s too drying.


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