Skincare Diary: July 31, 2016

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Where has the summer gone?! It doesn’t seem like it should be the end of July. I’m sitting here pouring through school curriculum stuff and cleaning up my office (which is utter chaos) and turning it into a more functioning classroom for the 2015-2016 school year… Last year was fine, and I might have even gone a bit overboard out of fear that my kid was behind. (If the placement tests so far are any indication, we’ll be starting her 5th grade year with 6th grade math and about halfway through her 5th grade language arts. Whoopsie! Sorry for being a drill sergeant last year, kiddo!) Continue reading “Skincare Diary: July 31, 2016”

Memebox Summer Masks Bundle

While I’ve talked about how I’ve pulled the plug on a lot of my subscription boxes and been on a low buy due to product overload, I’ve also mentioned that I do plan to keep certain other subscriptions– primarily due to the fact that I’ve transitioned to an Asian-style skincare regimen , though I’m not exclusively using Asian products. While I’m using up my other skincare products, sheet masks are one of those things that I don’t have a heaping collection of, and right now I’m in the mood to try out a nice variety of them, so I’ve been trying out services that deliver curated mask bundles. I’ve also spotted a few bundles on Amazon that I’ve ordered or put on my wishlist for later purchasing. (Right now, I have this one in my collection, and so far I’m loving them.) I’ve already talked about the Beauteque Mask Maven subscription and the bundle of masks I received in June. I skipped July because I got the Memebox bundle, but I’ll be getting another Mask Maven in August. Paying roughly $2 per mask is within the range I’m willing to go, particularly if I’m getting good masks, and I like the curation. Continue reading “Memebox Summer Masks Bundle”

Skincare Diary: July 24, 2016

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As you guys can see, this past week has been a little less chaotic. Things are planned out and a bit more uniform. You can see the week going forward continues this theme. Last week’s newbie was Mizon’s AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner (currently about $20 on Amazon), which might be discontinued. I keep hearing a few different things. If that’s the case, I’m going to need something else once this is out. I still have a bit of my Naobay toner left, but not much, so I’ll definitely need to purchase something for my backup bottle once I’m about halfway through the Mizon. So far I really like it.I can see why it’s had such a cult following.

The product I’m introducing this week has changed. Initially I was going to introduce the NYX tea tree serum, but my COOLA moisturizer/sunscreen was running low, so I decided to introduce the Garnier day moisturizer with sunscreen instead. The elf gel that I’m going to discontinue after I’ve found another TTO product is cheap, so the NYX can wait another two weeks. (Two weeks because I’ve been sent a Clarins mailer for testing, so that’ll come first.)

Here’s what I’ve been doing so far:

  1. Simple Micellar Water or Proactiv Cleanser
  2. Proactive Repair (benzoyl peroxide)
  3. e.l.f. Acne Fighting Gel
  4. COOLA moisturizer with sunscreen
  1. Julep Oil Cleanser
  2. Yes to Tomatoes (usually) or Dr. Jart+ TransFoam Clay (1-2x/week)
  3. Mizon AHA/BHA toner
  4. Stridex (every other night)
  5. Roc serum (AHA, retinol; 1-2x/week)
  6. Epice wash off hydrating mask (1-2x/week)
  7. Fresh Black Tea Toner
  8. Benton Snail Bee Essence
  9. Sheet Mask (2-3x/week)
  10. Neutrogena Grapefruit Moisturizer w/ 3 drops Palmer’s face oil (when not using Roc serum)
  11. Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask (when using Roc serum)
  12. Olay Total Effects eye cream
  13. EradiKate (as needed)
  14. Hydrocolloid bandages (as needed)

Sephora Play! July 2016 Unboxing


It’s that time again! It’s July, and I have a new Sephora Play box to play with! This is one of those boxes that I started out with high expectations for, then found myself underwhelmed as I saw all the reviews, then as I actually started experiencing it found myself loving. This has quickly become my favorite subscription not just because of the value but because of the curation and because of the interaction Sephora has worked into its subscription. Each box so far has had at least one one item that was added to my repurchase list, and as soon as I run out of product, I do plan to purchase a full size of those.

This month’s theme is “Effortless Summer” though I honestly don’t see much of a link between this month’s theme and the products included. It was the first month where a more customized box was sent to subscribers based on skin type. I got the box for oily/combination. Others got a slightly different box for normal/dry skin. Continue reading “Sephora Play! July 2016 Unboxing”

Skincare Diary: July 18, 2016

Happy Monday, folks! Yes, I know I’m late. The last three weeks have been hectic.

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So, these past two weeks, it’s been a little chaotic, as you can see. I decided to go back to using the Benton Snail Bee for both morning and night, and I experimented with not using the Fresh toner on a nightly basis. Neither seemed to do for me what I wanted it to, so I went back to my usual: Fresh every night and Snail Bee only at night. That seems to be what makes my skin happiest. Continue reading “Skincare Diary: July 18, 2016”

July 2016 Ipsy Review

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As I’ve already stated, I did cancel or skip most of my monthly subscriptions for now. I’m on product overload, so while I whittle away at my stash I’m keeping my incoming product down to a minimum. I kept two of my monthly subscriptions: Ipsy and Sephora Play. Those are typically limited to five small samples per month, they’re both only $10 each, and they both have offered the best value in terms of what I pay versus what I get.

I’m also keeping Beauteque Mask Maven but skipping on occasion, since sheet masks are a one time use item and I have no issues using up 9-11 masks from month to month. I’m only skipping that particular subscription when I want to purchase other mask bundles and don’t particularly need a new bundle from Beauteque. This month, for example, I’ve just ordered a TONYMOLY mask set and a summer mask bundle from Memebox. Once those are depleted, I’ll order another bag from Beauteque. Continue reading “July 2016 Ipsy Review”

Allure Beauty Box June 2016 Review


Oh, Allure… I’m not quite sure how to go about reviewing my Allure Beauty Box subscription. June is actually my second month receiving Allure, but because of the fiasco back in May, I didn’t feel right reviewing that particular box for a number of reasons. Since then, things really haven’t improved my overall impression of Allure, and it’s possible that this might be my only review, as I have no idea whether or not I’ll be getting a July box and I honestly don’t feel like sticking around for August, even if I wasn’t currently on product overload. Continue reading “Allure Beauty Box June 2016 Review”

Target Beauty Boxes for July On Sale NOW!

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*GASP!* Target has gone and struck without warning!

Normally we get a preview a few days before, but this time Target was super duper sneaky and put out some new beauty boxes on sale now. There are two this time:

Target July Beauty Box – Fresh & Fabulous

Continue reading “Target Beauty Boxes for July On Sale NOW!”

Skincare Diary: July 3, 2016

So, I ran into a slight hiccup last week…

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I had a few cysts pop up, and while I suspect it’s because I’ve been using the Foreo brush, I figured it would be safe to consider all three of the items most recently introduced as possible culprits, so I removed them from my routine after Wednesday, used the rest of the week to get my skin back to normal (and yes, it’s back to normal now), and then reintroduce each product one at a time. Continue reading “Skincare Diary: July 3, 2016”