Beauteque Mask Maven June 2016 Review


Okay, yes. I have a subscription box problem. I’ll admit to that freely. That said, I have cut a few of mine going forward due to a rapidly growing stash. I’ll be keeping Ipsy and Sephora (because they’re the best ones I’ve had and only $10 each), and I might be keeping Allure through July, depending on their offerings. Outside of that, I really just don’t need more makeup and probably won’t need much more makeup aside from replacing a few holy grail items as they’re used up for the next year at least.

But I will need skincare, particularly as I dive further down into the Asian skincare rabbit hole. I have a nice little stash of that, too, but there are some items I don’t have as much of and would like to experiment to find what I like, and that’s where my Sephora spending has been going lately. 

One of those areas where I don’t have a significant skincare stash (and therefore some room to play around and try new things) is masks. So I figured that while I’m not really tossing so much of my money at companies like Birchbox, Walmart, and Target I’d toss a few bucks at a couple of mask subscriptions.

Beauteque has a couple of subscriptions. One is for masks, which I’ll be covering. The other is for general beauty and includes makeup as well as other skincare items. Mask Maven is $15/month with $3.95 for shipping, and you can sign up here. You get 9-11 masks per bag (making them just a little over $2 per mask or less), which is enough to do 2-3 masks per week for that month. For me, that’s perfect. The fact that I can skip a month if I want to is even more perfect. (Seriously, that and customer service are a big deal for me with any subscription box and will pretty much guarantee you my love and loyalty.)

I tend to get boxes of sheet masks that put them at a $1 or less cost, but some of the nicer ones can be EXPENSIVE, and those are the ones that Mask Maven features. It might not be a particularly great value– as in, I might not see twice my money or better– but I see it as an opportunity to try out one or two masks that I might not have previously heard of before buying a whole box of them. (And now that I’ve seen the pretty packaging, I’m thinking these would make nice little inexpensive “treat yo-self” gifts for certain relatives for Christmas.)

Wine Yeast Mask 
$2.20 Link

Rose Hybrid Whitening Mask
$2.20 Link

I’m super excited to try these! I keep hearing about them, and I just go through reading Snow White and the Asian Pear’s mini review on them. These are from Taiwan and are 100% pure silk (read: expensive, but hugs your face with lots of love and the kisses of a thousand angels).

Both of these are brightening masks, which I love. I just wish I’d been lucky enough to get one of those Pearl barley & Milk masks she was raving about. I’ll have to find that elsewhere, it seems…

Dr. Morita
Green Tea & Amino Essence Moisturizing Facial Mask
$1.99 Link

Aother Taiwanese brand. This one appears to be anti-aging. So far, this is the only mask I’ve tried, and I’m in love. It’s super cooling and soothing. The second it hit my face, it started cooling, no refrigeration needed. (And now I’m wondering how this would feel if I DID put it in the fridge.) The material is thin and feels like it might be paper, but it clings well and there’s lots of leftover essence!

Melon and Milk Mask
$1.53 Link

I tried hard and failed to find these on Beauteque’s website. The first place I found them was on Amazon, so that’s the link I used, and that’s where the pricing estimate comes from. Hard to find items like this are precisely one of the reasons I decided to go with a curated subscription rather than trying to source all of these different masks on my own. Variety = love.

There’s a definite food theme going on with this curation, as Beauteque promised there would be. I know they’re following the same theme with their other subscription this month.

Strawberry Mask
$12 Link

This is one of two possible strawberry masks for this bag. The other option was from Dermal. Again, this one wasn’t on Beauteque’s website, and it was EXTREMELY hard to find. Amazon has it listed for over $6 + $7 shipping, and ebay seems to have it going for $10-12, depending on the seller. If anyone finds them from a reputable seller and can correct me on the price, please let me know. Again, I’m going to point to situations like this as to why I went with a curated bag as opposed to trying to hunt down these items myself.

Macaron Facial Mask – Hyaluronic Acid
$3.90 Link

I’ve already had someone rave to me about this particular mask over Reddit. Once again, I couldn’t find this specific one on Beauteque’s website, but I did find other varieties of the macaron masks, so the one linked is the tea tree, which I’d like to try.

I saved my favorites for last…

Lus Essence
Royal Jelly Mask
$0.44 Link

Daylight and Hue
Propolis Mask

Manuka Honey Mask
$2.04 Link

Some of these prices do not figure in shipping, and I feel like I need to mention that. I couldn’t even find the Daylight and Hue mask, but I’m sure that once shipping is figured in it would run around $2.

I’ve only recently discovered bees in terms of skincare, and they’re my favorite animals right next to snails. I love them, and you can take my bee things away from me when you pry them from my cold, dead, sticky sweet hands.

I will need to be a little cautious with the propolis mask. I have a mild tree allergy, and I know that propolis can sometimes trigger that. The last time I tried a propolis product I did get a little bit of swelling underneath one eye, but I’ve yet to determine if that was the product or if I just got an oddly-timed bug bite because it was just in that one spot. I had no reaction at all when I patch tested the product prior to use. Only time and further patch testing will tell which one it was.

The total value for my bag hits somewhere around the $30 mark, give or take, and to be honest I’m likely overestimating. I’m adding value here because a lot of these were really hard to find. Again… That’s one of the reasons why I went with a curated service, and I definitely think that alone makes it worth every penny. I might not otherwise be able to find and try some of these, though there are some brands like TONYMOLY and My Scheming that have some great products and are now easier to find now that Amazon has a Korean beauty section. Those were not the masks I was looking for with this particular subscription, though I’m sure they’re occasionally included.

I’m incredibly pleased with this selection. I did opt to skip July, partially because I want to use up the masks I have before getting more and partially because I want to try out Pink Seoul and a few others to see what they have to offer. But I definitely see myself continuing this beautiful relationship with Mask Maven.



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  1. All of the masks! My goodness! Haha! I got a sheet mask in the June allure box. It was a Himalayan Pore Minimizing mask.Did you get the June Allure box? What did you think?

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    1. I did just get it today, and I ended up getting the dry shampoo instead of the regular shampoo– which is actually so much better than what I was expecting. I also got a Leaders sheet mask in my Bulu box today, and I had no idea that they sold Leaders sheet masks, so now I’m a happy bunny.


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