The one where I terrorize the neighborhood children

I really need to take pictures, and I probably will, but I’ve been using a product called Baby Foot that many are already familiar with. And yes, I should have used this back in May, but whatever…

I used this on Monday or Tuesday of last week. I can’t remember which day exactly, and yesterday was the day my feet finally started, um, showing signs that I’ve used it. Today, my daughter has one of her friends over, and I’m so tempted to start soaking my feet and unleash the horror. (I won’t spoil anything just now for those of you unfamiliar with what is going to be seen. I’ll let you Google it.)

Yes, I’m evil. Like… mustache-twirling Tom Hiddleston evil.

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Skincare Diary: June 19, 2016

First off… HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

We’re grilling out today because that’s what the spousal unit wanted to do. I was going to broil steaks, but he wanted to use the new grill, and I feel like grilling ruins a steak, so… burgers it is! (I’ll post my recipe tomorrow.) We also got some cheesecake and other goodies because his birthday lands at about this time. He can’t decide on a $50 Amazon gift card or an Amazon Fire stick for his “dad cave” television. Meanwhile, my dad is getting a gift card to the Bass Pro Shop, since he’s really tough to shop for and probably doesn’t need any junk sitting around the house but loves to go fishing and hunting. My father-in-law is getting a mini drone with a camera because he’s just as into toys as my husband. Continue reading “Skincare Diary: June 19, 2016”

Beauteque Mask Maven June 2016 Review


Okay, yes. I have a subscription box problem. I’ll admit to that freely. That said, I have cut a few of mine going forward due to a rapidly growing stash. I’ll be keeping Ipsy and Sephora (because they’re the best ones I’ve had and only $10 each), and I might be keeping Allure through July, depending on their offerings. Outside of that, I really just don’t need more makeup and probably won’t need much more makeup aside from replacing a few holy grail items as they’re used up for the next year at least.

But I will need skincare, particularly as I dive further down into the Asian skincare rabbit hole. I have a nice little stash of that, too, but there are some items I don’t have as much of and would like to experiment to find what I like, and that’s where my Sephora spending has been going lately.  Continue reading “Beauteque Mask Maven June 2016 Review”

Walmart Beauty Box: Summer 2016 Review


For those unfamiliar, Walmart has a quarterly beauty subscription box for the low low price of $5 per box. (Technically the samples are free and the $5 is for shipping.) While it’s really not the most exciting boxes out there, it’s definitely a good value, and much like the Target box it usually includes things you’re likely to actually buy and use. There are two varieties: Trendsetter and Classic. You can pick which you want at signup. (I get one of each.) If you’re interested in signing up, you can do so by clicking here.

Summer 2016 Trendsetter Box

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Sephora Play! June 2016 Unboxing


Admittedly, Sephora Play doesn’t have the highest value among my subscription boxes, and we’ll get to that breakdown shortly, but it does have what I believe to be one of the best curations with higher end items I use, and the other goodies like in-store classes and trials and bonus Beauty Insider points make this a very worthwhile subscription, particularly if you shop at Sephora. If you’re interested, there is a waitlist, but you can sign up here.

This month’s theme is “The Minimalist” and includes products to help you achieve that look. I think I had a much easier time understanding why items were included this month as opposed to last month’ theme. Sunscreen, bronzer, shimmering primer, and mascara are definitely what I’d call minimalist makeup, and the hair care item is designed to remove a step from your hair styling routine. This is absolutely a box that I’d say is designed to help you get ready and out the door more quickly in the morning. Continue reading “Sephora Play! June 2016 Unboxing”

Skincare Diary: June 8, 2016

My face was feeling super duper smooth this morning with no irritation. Blemishes are drying/draining/healing nicely. I’m wondering if I can expect more purging after I use the RoC serum again. I have, after all, only used it once after the Stridex.


  1. Proactiv Cleanser
  2. Proactiv Repair
  3. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion Treatment Toner
  4. e.l.f. Acne Fighting Gel
  5. COOLA Classic Sunscreen Cucumber Moisturizer

I know. I know. I need to stop using the Proactiv every morning. I think at this point it’s mostly to treat the blemishes that popped up from purging. My skin isn’t irritated from it, though, so I’m not too terribly concerned, and once it’s used up, it’s gone. I’m not reordering. Continue reading “Skincare Diary: June 8, 2016”

Skincare Diary: June 7, 2016

The last two days were a little crazy, and I didn’t really feel much like sitting down to put together a post, but here’s what you missed, in a nutshell:

You can click on this for the full size image.

That, folks, is but a single page of my skincare spreadsheet– the “planner” tab. It spans two weeks, the amount of time I’d like to spend with a new product to assess it before introducing another. (I might need more time or less time, but two weeks is a good rule of thumb.) Continue reading “Skincare Diary: June 7, 2016”