The June 2016 Target Beauty Boxes are on sale NOW!

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Just in time for Father’s Day, this month will include a box for men as well as the usual box of women’s beauty products. Both boxes are on sale now. The women’s box is $10, and the men’s is priced at $5. You can find them by following this link. These both ship free, and if you got last month’s box and still have the coupon that was included, you can use your $3 off coupon on the purchase of both boxes (or one box and enough extras to bring your total to $15), and it will absolutely stack with your 5% discount if you have a Target Red Card.  Continue reading “The June 2016 Target Beauty Boxes are on sale NOW!”

Sprout VoxBox Review

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After weeks of being sent survey after survey from Influenster, I finally ended up getting a VoxBox: Influenster is a site where you can sign up to receive products for free to try out in exchange for your honest opinion and review. For some reason, most of these companies seem to enjoy sending me food and laundry detergent. (I suspect the mom button in a survey somewhere.) So here’s what was sent in my direction this time around:

Continue reading “Sprout VoxBox Review”

The Foundation Trials: Spring/Summer 2016

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I tend to use different foundations for different seasons. For cooler months, I like a more matte finish and can generally tolerate a heavier makeup. Currently, I have four different foundations sitting in my collection that have a demi-matte or matte finish. Yes, four. That’s just the ones with a matte finish. One is a higher quality foundation (Tarte Amazonian Clay), and the other three are drugstore brands I particularly enjoy (e.l.f., Maybelline, & L’Oreal). This of course doesn’t include the two BB creams with sheer (Neutrogena) and light-to-medium (e.l.f.) coverage because these have more of a natural or dewy finish by themselves. Continue reading “The Foundation Trials: Spring/Summer 2016”

COOLA® Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer

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Price: $32 for 1.7 oz

Back in February, I had some Birchbox points to burn, so I started looking at their skincare sets and grabbed the anti-aging regimen. This was included. Fast forward to May, and Birchbox included a few COOLA products in their sample choice, so I got an itty bitty bonus sample of the SPF 50 Sport version. Continue reading “COOLA® Classic Face SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer”

Sephora Play! May 2016 Unboxing

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It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!

I’ve been waiting ages to get off of this waitlist, and I’ve finally received my first box from Sephora Play! I’m not even going to mess around. I’m just going to jump right in…

Each month, subscribers will get a “play book,” which is a foldout detailing the items inside. This also includes a card that you can take into any freestanding Sephora (NOT a Sephora inside JC Penny) for a one-on-one tutorial as well as 50 extra points added to your Beauty Insider account with any purchase. Continue reading “Sephora Play! May 2016 Unboxing”

Ipsy: No Waitlist!

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It’s that time again! If you’ve ever wanted to try out Ipsy but hate the idea of a waitlist, right now is the time to sign up. You can use my referral link here.

My email says 48 hours, but I honestly have no idea when that time started or ends, so take advantage ASAP. You can take a look at my bag reviews and reveals to see what I’ve gotten in the past, if you like. Just use the search bar to the right. Typically, I’ve been seeing values in the $60-70 range, which is amazing for a bag that is only $10.

Monday Musings


Have you ever had one of those weekends where you’re kind of glad it’s Monday because it seems like it might be a return to a safe and sane routine? I’m kinda there.

Cleaning House

I’d take a picture of my makeup and skincare collection, but I don’t think I could fit everything into the frame. It’s embarrassing. Really embarrassing. As in, I don’t even exclusively shop at Sephora for products, and I’m not sure whether or not a Rouge status should be a source of pride or shame for me. I did another spreadsheet over the weekend detailing my routine (more on that further down), my products, and a breakdown on how much I spend. I’m not showing you guys a picture of that, either. It’s not that I go over-budget or anything, but… Yeah…

I apparently have eight full size red lipsticks in a nearly identical shade. I honestly suspected I had more, but I think I gave a few of them to my daughter.

So I decided to put my spreadsheet obsession to good use. Everything is dated by when I got it and use by dates (if any). There are also notes on what I liked or didn’t like and whether or not I want to repurchase. It’s broken down by category, item and even by shade and finish. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will use up as much of it as possible or donate if unused before it goes bad. I will not repurchase another product of its kind until it is used up. As things are emptied, I’ll know what to review, how to review it, and what to repurchase. Continue reading “Monday Musings”

Friday the 13th: More Sub Box Drama (Lippe Box & Allure)

Hoo boy! Friday the 13th is definitely in full swing with an update on the Allure May box fiasco and a whole new box to warn everyone about! I’m just going to jump right in and start with the new news and then update the old news.

Busted Lippe

Before I get started, let me say that if you’re a fan of beauty boxes, you need to keep up with the /r/BeautyBoxes subreddit. Well… You need to keep up with that and with my other favorite site for subscription boxes, My Subscription Addiction. Those are, hands down, the two best sites for beauty box information, reviews, and spoilers. Not to mention, there are a lot of my fellow spreadsheet nerds over on Reddit. Continue reading “Friday the 13th: More Sub Box Drama (Lippe Box & Allure)”

May 2016 Ipsy Review

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It’s that time again! Normally I do a reveal, but this time Ipsy threw me a bit of a curve ball with sample sizes on their listings, so I wanted to be a little more sure of what I was getting before I tossed this up. I’ll explain in a little more detail below.

May’s theme is “Destination Chic.” These bags come in a variety of colors according to spoilers. I’ve seen red, blue, purple (above), and pink. I got the purple one. These aren’t the usual zipper closure bags, and I’m happy to have something different with the button closure. That said, I’m a little worried my makeup will spill out of it. I guess we’ll find out. This is also waterproof, which makes it nice for traveling. Ipsy has sent waterproof bags before, but I just felt like it was worth mentioning. Continue reading “May 2016 Ipsy Review”

May 2016 Birchbox Review

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After a lackluster (but pretty) April box, I had hopes that May would look a little bit better. At the very least, I got to pick one of my samples– a COOLA sunscreen.

Birchbox always includes an insert that tells you about each sample. 

So here’s what I got…

I have to stop and comment on this month’s box. Isn’t it super cute? One of the things I like about Birchbox is the collectible boxes. I’ve reused them as gift boxes and to organize my products in my bathroom closet and drawers. This one isn’t as pretty as last month’s, but it’s definitely one of their prettier designs.


OI / All in One Milk
Full size: $30 for 135 ml
Sample size: 50 ml
Value: $11.11

I don’t hate hair products in my sub boxes quite as much as I do perfume, but it’s a close second. That said, this looks like something I can use, and I’m impressed by how large the sample size was. It also smells really nice, so I’m looking forward to trying this out a lot more than I thought I’d be. Plus, the value of this sample pays for my subscription by itself, so I’m happy.

Absolute Beautifying Shampoo for All Hair Types
Full size: $28 for 280 ml
Sample Size: 12 ml
Value: $1.20

Birchbox sent a bonus foil packet of shampoo and conditioner to go with the leave in above, so I won’t pitch my usual bitch fit over receiving shampoo (again) even though I don’t use it. I’m definitely passing this on to my sister-in-law or my daughter, but at least I get an extra $1 in points this month.

Absolute Beautifying Conditioner for All Hair Types
Full size: $34 for 250 ml
Sample Size: 12 ml
Value: $1.63

This is just a foil packet of the matching conditioner for the above, but at least I can use conditioner.

Blossom Eau de Parfum
Full Size: $72 for 2.14 oz
Sample Size: 0.05 oz
Value: $1.68

I’m SO not a perfume girl. I hate perfume. I hate perfume samples. I’ve got enough perfume in samples to last me until this time next year. That said, this is at least a nice, powdery scent that isn’t too heavy and is nice and wearable for warmer months, so I’ll keep it.

Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
Full size:  $16 for 0.07 oz
Sample size: 0.04 oz
Value: $9.14

It’s hard for me to get excited about liquid/pen eyeliners. I can’t do a cat eye on myself to save my life. Plus, this is black, and I have a ton of black eyeliners. This will be donated or passed on to someone else in need of black liquid eyeliner.

Classic Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea
Full size: $32 for 1.7 oz
Sample size: 0.17
Value: $3.20

This was my sample choice, and since it’s a product I already own a full size of, I knew I’d love it. This is a great sunscreen. It’s nice and light and moisturizing, and it absorbs quickly into the skin. I’m not a fan of the scent, but it does fade pretty quick.

Burt’s Bees
Tinted Lip Balm
Full size: $7 for 0.15 oz
Sample size: Full Size
Value: $7

Burt’s Bees always makes me happy, and tinted lip balms are my go-to spring/summer lippie, so I’m incredibly happy to snag one in a sub box.

My bag this month has a total value of $34.97, not including the $7 in Birchbox points I get for reviewing each item. With the points included, this box has a value of $41.97. I also ended up liking the items sent to me much better than I expected to. After months of less than thrilling Birchboxes, I’m happy to see an improvement.

If you’d like to sign up for Birchbox, click here.

What did you get this month?