How to get off the Ipsy waitlist

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I love my Ipsy bag every month. For $10 I typically have gotten anywhere from $30-60 (or even more) of products to try out. Some have become new favorites, and I do tend to get quite a few full size items. Ipsy also sends a lot of tools and brushes. At the end of every review I put up, I include my referral link for anyone who wants to give it a try. (It’s here, by the way.)


But there is one annoying thing about ipsy that you’ll notice from the very moment you sign up– the waitlist. Basically, you can sign up, but you won’t get a bag until you’re off that dreaded waitlist. I have a theory… There is no actual waitlist.

Social Media

From the second you’re placed on ipsy’s waitlist, you’ll notice that they give you an opportunity to get off– if only you’ll spam everyone you know and love via social media and get them to sign up, too. This is the reason behind my theory. It’s less of a waitlist due to demand and more of a marketing ploy. This is a hostage negotiation.

The easiest way off the waitlist is to simply comply, but there’s a better way of doing it. Go into your Facebook settings for Ipsy, and set it to post so that only you can see it. Follow the directions for skipping the wait, and you’re done. No need to spam anyone. (There’s also usually an option at the bottom of a step that says something to the effect of “None of my friends wear makeup.” Click it if it’s there.) If you’re forced to subscribe to any social media accounts, you can temporarily do so and then unscribe once you’re off the list. As to sharing anything on Twitter… That’s what temporary dummy accounts are for. Make the account, link it, share, and nobody is bothered.

“No Waitlist” Sign Up Events

Every few months, Ipsy will have periods where you can sign up without having to bother with the waitlist. You can always choose to do this, but it does of course mean that you can’t sign up right away.

Email Customer Service

If all else fails, email Ipsy’s customer service and tell them that you would like to be taken off the waitlist. So far, I haven’t heard of a single case where customer service has refused to take someone off of the waitlist, particularly if you make it clear that you’re willing to cancel your account entirely if left on the waitlist and that you’d prefer not to use your social media accounts to give them free advertising.

After all… They are already making money off of you. You’re buying their monthly subscription while also providing an audience for advertisers (the brands that send samples through Ipsy) as well as word of mouth when YOU consider something worth talking about. There’s no need for you to additionally provide them with an otherwise very expensive service for free so that you can have the “privilege” of sending them money every month.