The May Allure Beauty Box Fiasco

It started simply enough… I had a bit of extra money and figured I’d go ahead and subscribe to Allure’s beauty box and add them to my growing list of subscriptions. The April box looked great, but by the time I made it to Allure’s site, it looked like May was going to be my first month. I shrugged it off and ordered anyway. That was on April 07.

Now, at the time folks were just starting to post unboxings of their April boxes. There would be no spoilers for the May box for more than a week. As far as I could tell, there had not been any purchasing frenzy for the May Allure beauty Box, and I called up customer service to confirm that my first box would be shipped out close to May 1, and I would not be charged. (At the time, my card had been charged, and the charge had gone through. I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t be double charged once they started billing for May if I wasn’t going to get a box before then.) Customer service confirmed… I’d be getting a box in May and would not be double charged. Spiffy. We were good to go.  Continue reading “The May Allure Beauty Box Fiasco”

April 2016 Birchbox

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Okay, I caved. I cancelled in March and now they’ve hooked me again for April. In my defense, this box is just too darn pretty! I’m a sucker for all things Rifle Paper Co. They make really nice gifts.

As always, Birchbox includes an insert that tells you about each item you got. I also got a unique code that gives me 20% off my next purchase from Rifle Paper Co. Continue reading “April 2016 Birchbox”

April 2016 Bulu Box Review



As I’ve made apparent, I love my subscription boxes. I’ve been getting Bulu Box for about three months, and I figured it was time I shared my experience. Bulu Box, by the way is a service that sends you samples of healthy snacks and supplements every month for $10. You get a minimum of five samples (sometimes more), and by reviewing those samples, you earn back points that can be used to purchase items from their store. If that points system sounds familiar, it’s because it’s pretty much identical to the points system that Birchbox uses. You get 10 points for each review, and every 10 points = $1 to use in the store. For those doing the math, for every $10 box you get, you earn back at least half that in points. Continue reading “April 2016 Bulu Box Review”

Monday Musings


Ah… That was a nice week off!

Chicken Nuggets ≠ Chicken McNuggets

Since I don’t do regular weekly confessions, I’ll make one now. I spent two hours on Friday arguing with people on the Internet about what a chicken nugget is. Why? Because, as someone who tries to (occasionally and not often enough, I’ll admit) eat healthy, I’m appalled that some people apparently think that THIS is a chicken nugget:

No. Those are Chicken McNuggets, and there’s a difference. I have strong opinions regarding this.  Continue reading “Monday Musings”

How to get off the Ipsy waitlist

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I love my Ipsy bag every month. For $10 I typically have gotten anywhere from $30-60 (or even more) of products to try out. Some have become new favorites, and I do tend to get quite a few full size items. Ipsy also sends a lot of tools and brushes. At the end of every review I put up, I include my referral link for anyone who wants to give it a try. (It’s here, by the way.)


But there is one annoying thing about ipsy that you’ll notice from the very moment you sign up– the waitlist. Basically, you can sign up, but you won’t get a bag until you’re off that dreaded waitlist. I have a theory… There is no actual waitlist. Continue reading “How to get off the Ipsy waitlist”

Thursday Beauty Deals

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There are some excellent deals going on, and three of them are over on Hautelook. Signing up is free, but you will need an account to look at or purchase anything. You can use my referral link by clicking here.

For orders in jewelry and beauty, shipping is a flat rate of $5.95 and free on orders over $100. Continue reading “Thursday Beauty Deals”

April 2016 Ipsy Reveal

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Yay! Ipsy reveals popped up yesterday, and so I thought I’d take a moment to post everything here along with how much the bag is worth. These usually ship around the 10th of the month, and as I stated in my previous Ipsy review, if anything in particular stands out to me, I’ll be bringing it up in a later review or favorites post.

April’s theme is “The Dreamers.” I like the picture of the makeup bag here, but some of the other pictures I’ve seen were a little underwhelming, so I’ll have to wait and see. I’ve already mentioned how these blues are included in my spring wardrobe, so if I get a bag that goes with all of that, it’ll definitely be a plus. Continue reading “April 2016 Ipsy Reveal”

How I learned to live with my hairy arms.

TMI? Get over it. We all have body hair. I come from an Italian family, so I have a little more than most people, and I’ve spent the better part of my life plucking, shaving, waxing, threading, bleaching, and Nairing.

My arms have been the biggest problem. Bleaching only lasts for so long, and almost any form of hair removal means I’ll be dealing with thicker and darker hair when it grows back. (And who wants to deal with stubble and ingrown hair on their arms?) Lasering could work, but lasering is expensive. So I learned to love fall and winter and long sleeves, because then I could hide my arms and not worry so much about it. Then spring and summer would roll around and it was back to bleaching.  Continue reading “How I learned to live with my hairy arms.”

Caveman Cleansers

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So I mentioned last week that I’m doing something called the “caveman regimen” (more of an anti-regimen, really) to clear up my skin and give it a much-needed rest. The premise is simple. You do nothing. You don’t wash your face. You don’t touch your face. You don’t wear makeup. If you want to be really hardcore, you don’t even let water touch your face. The idea is that you let your skin naturally balance it’s oil production and PH. It also replenishes the skin’s natural barrier against bacteria that aggressive cleansing can strip away.

Does it sound ookey? Yeah, it’s a little gross, but I have to admit that it works. My skin tends to be at its best when I do… nothing. There are a couple of reasons why this might be the case. I could have sensitive skin and not realize it. I could be going too far with cleansing. In any case, I usually only have to do this a couple of times a year for a few weeks– typically after I’ve gone a bit haywire with trying out different creams and cleansers and masks. I get ADHD with my skincare routine, and my skin suffers. So I take a chill pill and let things happen (mostly) naturally, and then I slowly work one product per week (or two) back into my routine. Continue reading “Caveman Cleansers”

(SOLD OUT) Target Beauty Box on sale NOW

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As always, if you’re even a little bit interested, I recommend you click here to grab one now. These tend to sell out within hours of going live. This one is priced at $7 with a value of $26 and includes the following in the description: Continue reading “(SOLD OUT) Target Beauty Box on sale NOW”