Spring 2016 Walmart Beauty Box Review



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Walmart Beauty Box is a quarterly subscription, unlike Target’s box, which comes roughly once a month and is sold on a first come, first serve basis. It also doesn’t have quite the value of the Target box, but it’s worth noting, and at $5 it can be a good deal. It’s high time I reviewed one of these.

When you first sign up, Walmart will give you the option of getting the Classic box or the Trendsetter box. I have a subscription to both, and I honestly can’t tell you which one this is. There’s really nothing to distinguish one from the other, best I can tell. Both of mine this quarter came with a hefty number of samples, and the contents are certainly not uniform from person to person.

Since I stashed the contents of my first box without thinking of writing down all the contents, here are the contents of the second box I received for this quarter:


I do see a lot more coupons in Walmart boxes than I do with Target boxes. This one actually turned out to be a little bit light compared to what I’ve seen in previous boxes. I only had one non-sample coupon for this box, which was a $1 off coupon for any L’Oreal Paris True Match product, which came with some nifty shade matching tags on the reverse side. I do use L’Oreal, so this will probably be used.

Foil/Packet Samples

Again, I usually get more of these.

The other coupon I received for this month came with a foil sample attached. I have a nice little packet of Burt’s Bees BB cream  in Light/Medium, enough for one use and a $3 off coupon for a full size. This is a product I haven’t tried, but I enjoy Burt’s Bees products, so if I like the BB I might be purchasing a full size.

Trial Sizes

Here’s the real meat of the box, and I was pleasantly to find more of these than usual, though no full size items this month.

MoistureSmooth Color Stick (0.08 oz)
Value $4.81 
I already got one of these in the first box I was sent, which I already reviewed, so I really appreciate getting another one in another color. (This one was in Pink Grapefruit, which is a sheer bubblegum pink.) This is nearly full size and almost pays for the shipping for the box all by itself. Link

Colgate Optic White Platinum
Express White Fresh Mint Toothpaste (1.45 oz)
Value $1.97
I already own and am currently using a full size tube of this stuff. It’s always nice to have an extra. Link

Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer (2 oz)
Value $2.18
Another product I’m already familiar with and have tried in the past. I even got some foil packets of this in my other box. I’m not much into it, to be honest, but I’ll use it. This one, thankfully, has less of that familiar offputting self tanner smell. Link

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette
Visibly Brighter Subtle Lightening Shampoo (2 oz)
Value $2.16
Being a shampoo, this would automatically be an almost pass, but considering it’s a lightening shampoo (which would already sound drying even without the alcohol and sulfates I immediately see listed in the ingredients) this is a definite pass. I’ll be handing this off to my daughter or maybe my sister-in-law, both of whom have hair that more easily tolerates shampoos. Link

Itch Defense Body Wash (1 oz)
Value $0.66
I’m actually a little bit curious about this one. I’m not sure how exactly it goes about calming itchy skin, but my legs can get super duper itchy after a shave (nickel sensitivity), so I’ll have to see if it works. Link

Baking Soda Pore Cleanser (1 oz)
Value $0.99
This one will have to wait a bit while I let my face chill out before I can try a new cleanser, but when I get the chance I’ll give it a try. It smells nice, and I feel a little bit of grit to it, but it does boast “gentle exfoliation.” We’ll see… Link

Healing Ointment (0.085 oz)
Value $0.14
Seems I’ve tried out this brand before but not this specific product. This is a lot like Aquaphor, so I’ll be giving this a go on my cuticles. Link

Vera Wang Embrace
Periwinkle & Iris Eau de Toilette Spray (0.04 oz)
Value $1.13
I really hate perfume samples. I’m just not a perfume girl, but this one isn’t too offensive, so it was spared the trash can. Link

Not counting the coupons or foil pack, this box had a value of $14.04– not bad for a $5 beauty box. I’ll use everything except for the shampoo and maybe the perfume, and there are a few new interesting products I’m eager to try out.

Did you get a box?


2 thoughts on “Spring 2016 Walmart Beauty Box Review

  1. Ohhh I saw Biore’s Baking Soda Pore Cleanser in a magazine last month and I noted it on my phone that I need to try it out. Let me know what you think once you try it. I have to let my face calm down some too right now.


    1. Will do! Right now all I’m using is micellar water or Cetaphil and the BB cream if I need to step out, so it might be a week or two.


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