Monday Musings


You look forward to a week off. No driving anyone to or from school. No work. No errands to run. You stay up late on Sunday, and by late I mean that the birds chirping outside are a sign that it’s time to sleep. (No joke, I went to bed at around 5:30.) You plan to sleep in…

So why in the hell did I wake up at 8:00 a.m. today? WHYYYYYYY?!?!?!

Maybe I’ll get a nap later. I’m going to enjoy my break.

Pollen II: The Revenge

Ugh… As much as I love this time of year, I hate the way my allergies act up. My eyes sting. My nose gets stuffy. Mucus constantly drips down my throat. I can’t freaking breathe. It’s hell. It’s less hell since I started seeing a doctor about my allergies and asthma, but it’s still hell for at least a couple of weeks. I hate using an inhaler, and it’s rare that I feel like I need it, but I’m actually getting my prescription filled this week. Also, the makers of Sudafed and Mucinex are getting flowers from me in the near future. Maybe candy. Maybe a sext. I’m on a lot of medicine right now.

Peach Palette

Well, after two posts on the subject, I was actually getting ready to purchase this as soon as it went on sale on tomorrow. Then I read Temptalia’s review for it. Christine is always very thorough, which is nice when considering new makeup purchases. This stuff gets really expensive, after all. The Peach Palette gets a B- and the peachy scent and colors sound super fun. I do love Too Faced’s scented palettes. But with five of the shades earning a D+ or lower… I’m definitely reconsidering. I’ll probably wait for the next palette, and I’m glad I held out this long.

Spring Cleaning

Since I have a nice break in routine, I’m using the opportunity to clean house, body, and spirit. I’m going to be going through my house room by room and getting things in order. I’m rebooting my diet and workout routine.

My chin has been pretty broken out this last week and a half, and it’s been giving me fits, so I’m doing a modified caveman method for about a couple of weeks. For those unfamiliar with the caveman method, you can read about it on just about any skincare or acne forum. I find that after going a little overboard on products and/or over-cleansing, it’s good to give my skin a reboot and let it balance itself out before slowly adding my skincare products back into my routine one at a time.

Unlike the hardcore cavemen and cavewomen, I don’t go completely without washing or letting even water touch my face. I will rinse with water as needed and then use a very mild cleanser (Cetaphil or cleansing oil) with a washcloth if I notice a lot of flaking or buildup. Once my skin is clear, I’ll add one more step to my skincare routine every week or two until I’m satisfied with my routine.

I have a few reviews for products I’ve tried that I haven’t written, but the above is why you’ll mostly  be seeing reviews for lip, hair, nail, and body products over the next couple of weeks.


As in, I need to be more social. I’ve neglected some of my social media accounts. (I’m looking at you, Instagram.) I’ve also been meaning to do some link ups with other bloggers and get myself out there more. I should, you know, do that.


Plated Meal of the Week

I’m SO not the patient type, but check out the risotto I managed to stand and stir through this weekend! The beef and lamb meatballs I tossed on top of it weren’t bad, either.



This morning, I’m laughing my ass off at this:


So how was your weekend?


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  1. Ohhh your risotto looks good!! I can’t tell you the last time I stayed up until 530 am?!?! Or even past 230a, if I am being honest haha. I am usually awake naturally between 530-700am every day regardless if I have to be up or not. I thought the peach palette in theory sounds really cute and I love that brand, but I dont think the colors are suited for me so I was never really coveting it. I am sure another fabulous one of theirs will be on the way soon! Hope you have a great week!

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