Do I need this? Boscia Sake Treatment Water

I love the Sephora Favorites sets. They give me an opportunity to try out a bunch of great products, and they’re a great value to boot. Back in January, I purchased the Quench Your Skin set, which was chock full of new moisturizing products, some of which I still haven’t gotten around to trying.

One thing that I have gotten around to trying is a sample size of this stuff:

Product Link.
Priced at $46 for 1.85 oz.

This promises to help brighten skin and help it absorb more of your skin treatments and moisturizers. You get a few drops in your hand, press it into your skin, and then massage it in. There’s no noticeable fragrance, and it looks like water.

Does it deliver? Yes and no. I did notice an instant slight improvement in hydration, and my skin was brighter, but then I’ve noticed it’s not much different from when I use a toner, and this would be a “just after toner” step in a skincare routine. Personally, I found it a little bit unnecessary, especially considering the cost.

Boscia makes some wonderful products. They’ve got what could arguably be considered one of the best cleansing oils on the market, and I’ve heard some wonderful things about their charcoal line. But with just about any brand, I wonder if there’s an effort to add more products to a skincare routine just for the sake of adding them.