Monday Musings


Hold onto your butts. I’m ready to rant.

Irresponsible Pet Owners

You know who you are. Well, some of you might not. I’m willing to give the benefit of a doubt that some people just don’t know better. If this describes you, please adjust your behavior accordingly.

Having a pet has a lot more to it than simply giving a dog or cat or [insert species here] and giving it a name. You have to feed it, love it, take it to the vet, keep vaccines up to date, train it, socialize it, provide a safe and secure environment, etc. This isn’t an accessory. This is a living, breathing new member of your family and best friend for the next 12-15 years. If you can’t deal with that, either volunteer at an animal shelter to get your fix or get a Furby. There’s no commitment required.

As I write this, there are four dogs outside my window roaming the neighborhood in a pack. I know the owners for three of them, and I know that at least two of the dogs have not been spayed/neutered– which means an even bigger problem is only a matter of time.

Letting dogs roam is not caring for them. It’s putting them in danger from cars and other animals. Invisible fences fail and don’t keep out other animals. Ditto for tethering. Add the failure to spay or neuter to that mix, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a territorial, aggressive dog. Even if the dog never harms anyone, he or she is still at risk of being harmed. Just don’t do it.

Yes, that means it’s more work to keep a dog safely indoors and walk a few times a day so that Fido can do his business. Yes, that means that you might need a fence to keep Spot safe. But that’s part of the deal you’re making when you adopt. Again, if you can’t accept that kind of responsibility, then maybe owning a pet isn’t for you.

Group Text

Okay, yeah… That pretty much sums it up. My family members are among the worst offenders.

Fun Videos

My husband sent me this. Apparently, it’s my theme song.

Wayne Goss offers a tip for quickly cleaning your makeup brushes. Considering I’m running low on brush cleaner and I have tons of dry shampoo laying around, this is going to come in handy for me.

Speaking of makeup gurus, I love my makeup tutorials. Check out the latest trend in this how-to.


One thought on “Monday Musings

  1. Ughhhhh don’t get me started with pet owners!!! My neighborhood is full of people that don’t know how to treat animals. They are left to roam and crap in my yard and torment my inside dogs that like to enjoy my fenced in back yard for a few hours each day….but get angry when the roaming dogs tease them on the other side of the fence. Then there is the black lab that runs loose and chases my car every morning. I cant tell you how many times I have almost hit him because he comes out of no where and literally jumps for my car. And the people who keep their 5 lb short haired chihuahua outside in 20 degree weather. Ugh!!!!


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