Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

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Priced at $38 for 5.1 oz.

It’s official. I’ve finally depleted all of my birthday sample from Sephora and made it to the end of the small tube I had of this stuff.

Those of you who have read my reviews of cleansers before know I look at just two things when it comes to cleansers:

  1. Does it clean my face?
  2. If yes for #1, does it do so without torturing my skin?

I’m happy to report that this one does the job quite well. It answers both questions with a resounding “YES” and only requires a little bit of the product to do so (dime size, at most). It also eats through my makeup and doesn’t require a separate makeup remover and is gentle enough that I can use it on my eyes. (I still have to use a separate eye makeup remover for waterproof makeup, and fresh makes one of those, too.)

I genuinely love this stuff, and I imagine a nice big tube of this, while over $30, would last me a while considering I tend to only use a cleanser at night, and that cleanser is a scrub three days a week. Still, I do take some exception to the price because, while I like this stuff, I like my Julep cleansing oil better, and I get the Julep oil as part of my subscription for about $8-9. There are also other cleansing products on the market that will run you a lot less and will work perfectly fine. With a cleanser, you really don’t need to splurge. (Save that for your anti-aging serums and creams, which will sit on your skin much longer.)

Bottom line… Do I love it? Yes. Would I repurchase? Probably not, but only because I already have a product I like for less.


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