Target Beauty Box on Sale NOW

Click here to grab one NOW if you can. These things sell out within a few hours.

This month’s box is $7 ($35 advertised value). Usually we get a list of items in the description, though we don’t seem to have one this time. That said, the picture is always a good indicator of what the box contains.

For me, this month is an easy pass. The products here that aren’t hair products are ones I don’t need.

Will you be getting one?


2 thoughts on “Target Beauty Box on Sale NOW

  1. Ohhhh I have that derm e night cream that I got in my Allure box last month and it is amazing!!!! It is apricot scented like the St Ives scrub and my skin has been so soft!!! I didn’t realize you could get it at Target?! That makes me so happy! I could see where this box would be a pass though…


    1. It’s likely not a pass for everyone, mind you. Just for me. I still have my $3 off coupon from the last box, and since the night cream was the only thing that interested me, I might just pick that up instead.


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