Too Cool For School Egg Cream Sheet Mask

Yes, I still hate sheet masks. I think they’re messy and a great way to pay more for less product, but as a bonus you do get to scare the bejeezus out of your husband when you walk into the room. I find it nearly impossible to relax in these things. I’m always dripping everywhere, and someone almost always wants me to get up and do something, and here I go drip-drip-dripping all over the place while the sheet slowly slides down my face.

And yes… I tried another one.

Okay, this isn’t entirely my fault. I didn’t necessarily go into Sephora with the intention of purchasing this. I recently purchased Sephora’s “Quench Your Skin” Favorites box (link here) because 1. lots of new things to try out and review and 2. I have a whole Lady Cassandra thing going on during the winter months.

Anyway, one of these masks was included, so of course I popped it on, scared my husband and the dogs, and tried it out.

This did nothing to change my overall opinion of sheet masks. This is probably the drippiest one I’ve tried so far, so it was very messy. There was of course more product in the foil pack than on the sheet, and it was WAY more than I would have needed to get the same effect from a tube version (which likely would have been much cheaper. It was a pain to apply. But that’s pretty much a standard when it comes to my opinion of sheet masks. That’s probably not going to change no matter which one I end up trying out.

Now on to the good…

While I hate, hate, HATE sheets, I did like the formula of the serum on this one, though not as much as the Hada Labo Tokyo mask I tried the week before. The scent was very pleasant, and there was a nice, cooling sensation that remained even after the sheet was removed. My skin did feel pleasantly plump and smooth and hydrated. I always like working the extra serum into my face and neck afterwards, and I do feel pampered.

Like all masks, though, I always find myself wishing they’d offer this stuff in a tube or jar or something. I really don’t care for the sheet. If sheets are your thing, however, you will probably love this mask.