About (Seemingly) Huge Price Slashes on Certain Products

While I’ve never used this stuff, I’m finding myself intrigued due to the heavy markdown, which is something I see often. How much of a markdown are we talking about? Well…

Yes, that’s a $849 skin cream for $42. Thing is, I also see these products on Groupon and other discount sites at around the same prices, and I do wonder about brands that have HUGE price markups and then go “on sale” at what should be the regular price for something like this. Are they ever really purchased at their “full price” price tag, or is this just a way to make people think, “OMG! This is a HUGE deal on a luxury brand! I must have this NOW!” when they’re actually purchasing it at full price. It tends to be an automatic turn off for me when I see it, and I just lose all interest in the brand at that point. (I mean, honestly… If you were selling a skin cream that was truly worth nearly $850, would you sell it for $42?) Then again, it could just be product that they’re phasing out.

This is something that’s also done with stores like TJ Maxx, where clothes are made with cheaper materials or less care specifically for that store but are shown to be marked down from their “original” price, even though they’d have never been sold for that much. (I’m actually a big fan of TJ Maxx and shop there often, but I’m aware of the practice.)

So let me know if you try it. Is it worth $200-800 for the product you got? Is it worth the $40-50 you paid? Does it work any better than cheaper brands you’ve purchased?

You will need a HauteLook account to view the whole sale, so here’s my invite link, and here’s the sales page.