A Happy ROLL TIDE Monday Musings!!!

…and to be honest, I really should just leave it there. As I’m typing this, I’m watching my beloved Crimson Tide play against Clemson, and I’m hoping we snatch another national championship. It’s just what we do.

Yes, I know people hate us. No, I don’t care.

Roll Tide!

Perfect Timing

My Target Beauty Boxes came in today. I did cave and get both of them, and since we’re leaving for Gatlinburg, TN tomorrow, it’s the best timing ever! I have quite a few travel-size samples to take with me and try out while I’m there. (And look for a review of the box, which I’ll post sometime later this week.

I always love visiting during the fall and winter. It’s nice and crisp and cool– a very stark contrast to what we typically have down here. I’m looking forward to my scarves and sweaters finally getting a workout.

Gatlinburg is one of those little Southern gems that, until the last decade or so, was one of the best kept secrets around. There are tons of specialty shops and fun things to do. We’ll be hitting Ripley’s Aquarium, of course. With as many restaurants as you find, I think my favorite is the Smoky Mountain Brewery, which probably makes the best steak I’ve had aside from my own. And yes, I’m counting Ruth’s Chris in that category.

That’s about all the update I have for today, but if you’ve made it this far…

LORAC is on HauteLook today!

If you’re one of those people who is gaga over LORAC, they’ve got some skinny palettes on sale for $15. Click here to check it out.


3 thoughts on “A Happy ROLL TIDE Monday Musings!!!

  1. Roll Tide!!! I am so far behind on my reading this week. What a game, what a game!!!!

    We were in Gatlinburg after Christmas and we had such a fun time! We went to The Smokey Mountain Brewery and just had apps and beer. I was so turned off by their beer that we didn’t stay for dinner and now I am sad since you said the steaks were good. Perhaps next year. My favorite steak up there is Alamo. My sister in law and brother in law all took their kids to the aquarium. Chris and I had gone the last time we were up there so we skipped out on that. The Island in Pigeon Forge is not to be missed! So many cute shops!!! And their arcade is so clean!


    1. We’ve been going to that brewery for about 13 years now. The ale steak, I’m telling you… It’s amazing. Oddly enough, though, I’m not much of a beer person, so I’ve never had their beer. We’re back, now, so we’ll have to try those other places next time. We did of course stop at Fanny Farkle’s for a corn dog. That’s always a must for us.


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