Monday Musings

Is it Monday again? Is it? I can’t tell, because I DON’T HAVE TO FIGHT THE TRAFFIC, TODAY!

As I mentioned last week, we’ve decided to start homeschooling starting, well, now actually. That’s why I’m late getting this up. I’ve been Teacher!Mom for the first half of my day. So how is it going?

Well, it’s not too bad, actually. I think my daughter and I are both trying to find our groove right now, but I figured that’d be the case the first couple of weeks, which is why I planned out this week as more of a review. That way, I can get a feel for where she is and what we maybe need to go over again (or could skip through, even). I’m also getting a feel for the textbooks and how each lesson is presented. 

I’m doing reading and math every day, alternating science and history, and adding a typing course because watching her hunt and peck on her laptop is painful, and I want her to be able to use it for coursework. (Things like language composition, writing, vocabulary, and spelling are covered with her reading curriculum.) I’m still looking for a health curriculum I like, but I don’t feel overly rushed. I feel like if I miss anything this year I can tack it on next year or over the summer.

I have blocks planned out where we start at around 9:30 a.m. and end at around 1:30 p.m. I also have a one-hour reading block after dinner and before bed every night. We got started about 30 minutes late, but I’m happy to say that we finished within the same amount of time that I figured it would take us. I’m less stressed. She’s less stressed. We even got some work done around the house and some fun time in before the public school buses dropped off in front of our house. I even had to stop the kid and slow her down because she was getting too ahead of both of us.

Lesson plans and attendance… not so scary. I just keep a record of the lessons I’m covering and what days I do them on. I need 85 days of attendance between now and the end of my homeschool year. If I go through the end of May, that’s 17 days per month, which isn’t hard, and I do plan to swap to a more year-round schedule maybe for her 5th grade courses. I know what she’s learning as she’s learning it and how she’s doing. I can adjust to her learning style. I can speed things up or slow them down and make sure she actually understands the material. I FREAKING LOVE THIS!!!

I do need to check in with my cover school, which I’m doing tomorrow, to make sure that I’ve gotten all of my paperwork done. Whatever isn’t done, I can see to and then drop off along with our tuition while I’m running errands on Wednesday.