e.l.f. Review: Old Products, New Colors


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As I stated in my previous post, I’ve had some new e.l.f. products on hand for a while, and I’m only now getting around to reviewing them. Because there are so many, I broke it up into separate posts.

These are two products that I’m already a huge fan of, and as a rule of thumb I just end up getting all the colors. As I’ve stated before, e.l.f. is just so darn cheap, you can do that. I won’t get into a full review of these products as they’ve been around for a while. I’m just going to focus on the colors for now, but I will give a small description of what to expect for each.

e.l.f. Matte Lip Color

Link to the product site. I love these. They’re big, moisturizing crayons for your lips that will cost you a grand total of $3 each, and the colors look beautiful. The colored tip on the end also pops off to reveal a sharpener. The only issue I have is that the colors can be completely different from what you see on e.l.f.’s website, so that’s why I’m showing the three newest colors to you here.

Rowdy Rouge

This is an orange red, which was unfortunately missing from the color selection until now. I’m happy to have it.


Mulberry Maven

This was originally out of stock when I ordered the other two here, so I had to wait for it to arrive before I could put up this review. It’s a good holiday lip color, though not the bold purple I’d hoped for. It’s very similar to Wine, and when I first put it on my lips and looked in the mirror, I thought I’d grabbed the wrong color, so I did a swatch (below) to see just how similar they are. There’s a much more obvious difference when seeing them side by side.


Scarlet Night

Brown burgundy. I like my dark shades, so this will definitely get a workout.


Side note… When taking pictures of lipstick swatches, make sure your lips clean and exfoliated. Mine obviously weren’t, and now I’m a little embarrassed.


Here you can see the comparison of Mulberry Maven to Wine. They’re not the EXACT same color, just very similar in the right light. What I’m getting at is this… If e.l.f. runs out of Mulberry Maven again, Wine will suit you just fine for a good holiday lip color. Wine is just a much deeper color than Mulberry Maven.

Here are all four colors on the back of my hand:


e.l.f. Flawless Eyeshadow

Link to the product site. The Flawless Eyeshadow quads are one of my all time favorite things in the world from e.l.f., but then I love their eyeshadows anyway. Like the matte lipsticks, I have one of each, and I grab them a lot. They’re only $2 each, and you get four shadow shades that are typically great all on their own as long as you’re wearing a good primer (and e.l.f. makes one of those). But they also go really well together. I usually take one of these with me while traveling for a quick and easy and portable eye look. These are, to my knowledge the first two fully matte quads that have been released, though e.l.f. does have a matte eyeshadow palette. I’m happy to say I loved them both.

Matte for Plum

Plum is great for fall and can even be carried over into winter, which is why I absolutely adore this quad. The “base” color is so light that it’s a nude for me and won’t even show up on my skin, but as you can see… The colors are just absolutely gorgeous, and again, with a primer they’ll last all day and won’t crease. (Without a primer, you will get creasing.)


Natural Matte

This really lived up to its name for me, as it created a look that was beautiful, matte, and almost natural looking. None of the colors were too harsh at all, and this is my new go-to for every day makeup.


You can see that with the swatches of both quads that the colors are pretty true to what’s in the pot.I know it looks like these have a shimmer on the swatches here, but that’s the lighting in my bathroom. They are in fact mattes.

All in all, I’m happy with the new colors. A couple of them feel a little redundant, but they’ll make good backups. The Natural Matte eyeshadow palette is probably my favorite out of this whole bunch. As always, however, I do recommend you use an eyeshadow primer with e.l.f. shadows. They’re wonderfully pigmented, but they are powdery and crease and fade easily if you don’t use a little insurance first.