My November Stitch Fix

I’m addicted to anything that’s delivered to my door. That’s no secret. Considering I’m a mom and have very little time to myself, that means I also get very little time really getting to shop and try on clothes and find great deals on trendy clothing. After nine years of filling up everyone else’s closet, mine was looking sad. I had maybe four seasonal tops that I could wear to work, a couple pairs of black pants, a couple pairs of jeans, and t-shirts. This was assuming I wasn’t wearing my yoga pants, pajamas, or running clothes. My measurements are weird. I definitely have a mom bod. That makes it even harder for me to find clothes that look good AND fit.

Enter Stitch Fix. (Referral link here.)

For a small $20 styling fee, Stitch fix delivers five items to your doorstep: a mix of shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes, and/or accessories. You can have a fix delivered to your home as little or as often as you like, and you can skip with no problems. When you join up with Stitch Fix, you’ll answer a detailed questionnaire regarding your measurements and personal style as well as any concerns you have. You leave notes for your stylist, and you can link up your social media accounts, including your Pinterest, to give them a better idea of what you like.

When the items come to your door, you try them on on YOUR time. No worries about store closing hours or anything. You try the items with the things already in your closet. Whatever you don’t want you’ll send back in a postage prepaid bag and then you purchase only the items you want. Your $20 styling fee is credited toward the purchase of whatever you keep, and if you keep everything, you get a 25% discount!

There are actually quite a few of these services out there, and I use more than one, but Stitch Fix is definitely my favorite. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on everything I’ve purchased through them so far, and their stylist really seems to get what I want.

I’m also going to issue a warning… Mom bod ahead. In true mommy fashion, I took all of these pics of myself with no makeup (and a bit of a breakout right now), please-wash-me hair, and in front of the only full-length mirror in my home, located in my daughter’s bathroom. This isn’t going to be professional quality photography, and I’m by no means a fashion model. Heck, I’m not even in my best form for me in these pictures. I just wanted to give you some idea as to how these clothes looked and how they worked for me.


When you get your fix, a few different things will be included. You’ll get your clothes, of course, but you’ll also get your prepaid envelope; a letter from your stylist detailing what was picked for you, why it was picked, and how you can wear it; and a breakdown of what everything costs. I love these little suggestion cards the most, I think, and the note from my stylist tells me that she was really paying attention to what I wear and my requests. I asked for something to wear to holiday parties that were coming up. While not everything was a keeper for me, she did give me some fabulous suggestions to work with.


Celeste Brocade Detail Skirt
Cost to Keep: $68
Status: Returned

I loved this skirt. The colors and design are gorgeous, and everything the stylist included would have gone with it. It even paired nicely with a few items already in my closet. Unfortunately, it didn’t zip past my rear end, so it immediately went into the return bag.

With the skirt out of the picture, I grabbed my favorite pair of skinnies and my black boots to try the rest of this on.


Yelvert Lace Detail Blouse
Cost to Keep: $48
Status: Returned

I loved the lace detail on this blouse (not shown because it’s a tank), and the color is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I would only use it for a pop of color under a cardigan. I have keratosis pilaris on my arms, so I like to keep them hidden, and this is a tank. So the detail in the back and on the straps would go pretty much hidden. It was also a tad too small. That said, I’m going to be shopping for a top in this color to wear in November and December.

Jaclynn 3/4 Sleeve Button-Up Cardigan
Cost to Keep: $38
Status: Kept

I’m antsy when it comes to button-up anything because I’m busty. Lots of bust up there, despite what this picture might have you believe. But this cardigan was so soft and stretchy, and I’d wear it as a layer. Plus, it’s black. Who wouldn’t be able to work a black cardigan into their wardrobe? The price point sealed the deal.


Adriana Stone Drop Earrings

Cost to Keep: $28
Status: Kept

These were beautiful and obviously meant to coordinate with the skirt and blouse. I love that color, so these were kept, especially for $28.


Market & Spruce
Dover Sheer Back Knit Top

Cost to Keep: $48
Status: Returned

I love this top. It reminded me a lot of a cranberry one that I purchased from Stitch Fix in my very first box. (I also ended up keeping everything from that box.) I like that it’s two toned and that it has a mix of a jersey-type fabric and a sheer and dressier fabric. The knit portion was very soft and stretchy, though it emphasized the girls a bit too much for my taste. I tried taking this at an angle, but it doesn’t give much justice to the sheer dark blue back. The style creates a nice slimming effect and even plays down my more-than-average derriere. But it was a casual top, and I don’t really need another casual top right now.

Keep in mind that while I didn’t keep everything, my stylist was spot on finding pieces that fit my style. That I had fit issues with some of these things is actually unusual, but keep in mind that this is my third fix. With most clothing boxes it will take 3-4 boxes for your stylist to get to know you better. Since Stitch Fix has a styling fee, I highly recommend you specifically request a piece of jewelry or accessory (like a scarf, and provide pictures of what you like on Pinterest) for your first fixes, that way if you hate the clothes, you can keep the accessory and not lose your styling fee. Try to be as detailed as you can be in your notes regarding what you want.

Final thoughts… I highly recommend this to anyone if you have trouble finding clothes for yourself, whether it’s due to time constraints or weird fitting issues or whatever. It’s easy to fit a $20 styling fee into the budget, and you’ll likely keep something and use that credit anyway. It’s a bit of a risk, but I think it’s worth it. (Be honest. You’d probably spend that much on gas or a restaurant while out shopping at a brick and mortar anyway.)